Spirituality and Philosophy

On The Frontiers Of A New Science

Donna Smith-Moncrieffe

On the Frontiers of a New Science: Medical Spirit Team Shares the Secrets of Healing

Learn about energy healing from Abraham, a spirit entity who lived 3000 years ago on the earth plane. During this extraordinary discussion, Psychic Surgeon Gary Mannion goes into trance allowing the entity Abraham to share the secrets of healing. Inge Crosson, registered nurse and  founder of the Wallacia Development Center  explains why she believes this energy healing from Abraham and Gary Mannion is effective.
Learn the answers to these important questions: How does energy healing work? Is there an energy known as Prana, Chi or Psychic energy that flows through a healer to a patient to enhance healing? Do we need to change our understanding of medicine, illness, symptoms and our intent to be healed?
Learn what work is being done beyond our physical dimension to help prepare humanity for changes in our current medical paradigm.