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Meredith Rhodes Carson

The Roots of Health – Trauma and Somatic Experiencing with Dr. Cathy Shehorn

Trauma is not a modern issue at all. You can imagine that for as long as humans have roamed this planet, they’ve experienced traumatic situations (although they may not be the same sorts of situations as we face in modern times).  In fact, in today’s world, you might even be walking around without recognizing the effects of trauma in your own life, and there’s a distinct possibility that it’s taking a toll on your health.

And even if you are diagnosed with the symptoms of trauma, conventional treatments might be more stressful than the disorder itself.

Here with me to talk about recognizing the symptoms of trauma, and an alternative method of treating it called somatic experiencing, is licensed clinical psychologist Dr. Cathy Shehorn.

Dr. Shehorn and I talk about what trauma is, how it has changed in modern times, how to know if your symptoms are trauma-related, the long-term health effects of trauma, how the human animal is hard-wired to survive in traumatic situations, the conventional treatments for trauma, what somatic experiencing is and how it’s different from conventional treatments. She also gives us an example of what somatic experiencing is all about.

If you’re suffering from trauma, or just realizing that you might be, somatic experiencing is a way to heal that works with your body… not counter to it.