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Philip Comella

Conversations Beyond Science and Religion – Dimensions of the Soul

The modern mind seeks a new story and this story will need a new language.  The story will not be told in the language of materialism — random particles, impersonal forces, and a world without purpose — but instead in the language of consciousness.  Phrases such as “connecting with your soul” and “evolving to a higher level of consciousness” will not be considered new age mumb-jumbo, but instead describe the movement of consciousness to understand itself.  In his book, What My Soul Told Me, this week’s guest, Richard Barrett, writes about how we are really embodied souls on a journey to a higher level of awareness.  But this journey is not into a mystical realm reachable only by great yoga masters, but is available to anyone in their daily lives and at work. Aligning the soul with the role of the body remains the key to a better life.  Listen in as Philip and Richard explore the dimensions of the soul.