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Adam Abraham

Talk For Food – Dr. Wil Spencer, Body Electrician

The practice ~ actually, the business ~ of administering vaccines, particularly to children at the beginning of life, has begun to take on religious proportions, even by scientific proponents, who assert that the “benefits are clear,” and that *no* link exists between the administration of vaccines, and such diseases as autism, and others.

So “confident” they are that “the science” is on their side, public trends in vaccine policy have leaned toward the erosion of a parent’s ability to opt-out of the vaccination program for religious or philosophical reasons.

But is “the science” as cut and dry as vaccine pundits imply? Do we know what it’s like to grow up without increasingly invasive, gene-altering chemical products which *lower* immune system function *by design*?

Adam discusses this and related matters with Dr. Wil Spencer, author of “The Underlying Cause of the Unconscious Conspiracy Against Our Health”.

Known as “the Body Electrician,” Dr. Spencer asserts that we are electrical beings before biological, and when considered from the standpoint of electrical consequences (neurological and more), vaccines are contraindicated.

Pro-vaccine videos featuring the U.S. Surgeon General and Muppet character Elmo begin the conversation, and are analyzed.

This is part of a longer conversation on this important subject that will be presented in its entirety.

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