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The Janet Love Show – What is Shamanic Healing? with Author Stacey Couch

A Shamanic Healing session offers access to the very essence of the authentic self. A Shamanic Journey is experienced through a Shamanic Practitioner. Stacey Couch is such a Shamanic Practitioner with exceptional experience in the realms of the wild. As a Shamanic Healer Stacey offers her clientele the opportunity to experience the mystical. It allows you to experience yourself outside of time and space. This is where the soul is accessed and where your soul resides in the silence and the mystery. A Shamanic Healing Journey allows you to connect with the true power you have forgotten. The inner knowings, the talents and abilities of yourself and your ancestors are potentials within this healing space.

The past, your woundings, your fears, and your doubts have no authority over you in this experience. In a Shamanic Healing you learn that you have created those fears and doubts, and you release the need to know why. All that matters is the wonder and magic that vibrates around you. Shamanism is a worldview, a spiritual practice, and a healing modality.

Stacey Couch offers what led to her experience the Shamanic practice in her book, Wild Gratitude. I highly recommend this well written and beautifully explored world of the wild and how nature and animals have the power to transform us if we will but allow it!