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Philip Comella

Conversations Beyond Science and Religion – The Genie in Your Genes

Quantum physics talks — at times esoterically — about the connection between consciousness and the outside world.  There are no particles “out there;” only probabilities; wave equations; and bits of nothing. Does the mind choose reality, or create reality?  In physics, we tend to consider this topic abstractly, distancing ourselves from the subject matter, which at times seems academic; after all, everyone knows the world is real, right? But when we bring the human body into the equation, we come to understand that, indeed, there is an unbreakable connection between mind and body.  From the placebo effect to energy healing and epigenetics, the truth of quantum theory is right in front of us: the mind does affect the particle –the genes — of the body.  In his book The Genie in Your Genes, this week’s guest, Dawson Church takes the reader on an enlightening cruise through the field of epigenetics, and shows that true healing begins with the genie inside of us.