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Eating Well And Staying Healthy

Jill Skeem

Eating Well and Staying Healthy – Are we Eating like a Science Experiment?

It seems that every day a new study comes out which changes our relationship with food. Should we cut out carbs? Is it healthier to be gluten-free? Is coconut oil the best oil to be using? Are these food trends helping or hurting our health? And what should we be eating to help our bodies thrive in the healthiest way?

This week my guest is Denny Waxman, a world-renown Macrobiotic Health Counselor & Educator, Founder of the Strengthening Health Institute in Philadelphia, PA and an author, with his latest book entitled, The Complete Macrobiotic Diet. We will be discussing the pluses and minuses of the following food trends: protein; probiotics; smoothies; coconut oil; cleanses; gluten-free; and activity vs exercise.
Tune in to find out what Denny believes are the healthiest foods to eat for optimal health.