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Healing From Within

Sheryl Glick

Healing From Within – Afterlife Proof-Spirit Photography

Host: Sheryl Glick R.M.T.
Special Guest: Robyn L. Reynolds
In today’s episode of “Healing from Within” your host Sheryl Glick author of The Living Spirit: Answers for Healing and Infinite Love shares miraculous stories of healing and the afterlife along with insights into the Universal Laws of Energy laws. The benefit for applying this information about your inner spiritual wisdom and empowered intuition is to create health happiness prosperity and love in your physical everyday lives. Sheryl welcomes Robyn L. Reynolds author of Let Them Know…That I am Here which is a story of life after death demonstrated with beautiful spirit photography from around the world. Robyn will share how a devastating loss began a journey to clarity old ideas and some of the mysteries and magic of life itself.
Robyn tells us something of her family life and her son Kyle. “One memory is a trip we took to Hawaii to visit his uncle. The one up top, where he’s eating pineapple, and the one with the conch shell to his ear, are from that trip, as well. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Christmas, Mummy Halloweens, Big Wheel summer days, eating out together, eating in and getting more food on the body than in, helping Mommy mow the lawn, bubble baths, Easter egg hunts, white water rafting, a trip to Europe, trips with his dad, birthday parties, fishing in Brunswick with one side fresh water and the other side salt water, John Deere and mule riding in Montana, prom, graduation, and getting ready for college. Those were the days.”
Robyn mentions that she always had a sense of loss even before it happened..perhaps she is talking about soul contracts or the fact that before we incarnate we choose certain areas of life to study and certain people who will be with us for part of the journey in order for everyone’s souls to be refined and renewed. Robyn tells us that her son Kyle died on June 11, 2003. He was 20 years old and an only child. Connie, Kyle and Robyn became a family when he was five years old. “In the moment Robyn walked around the corner to enter our kitchen, where the Coroner, the Sheriff, and Connie were, I knew. More than just knowing, I knew the moment. I had known that moment my entire life. This knowing of that moment was a constant over the next few months. That moment was a part of who I am. Yes, I lived it, but it was also a part of who I have always been, from the beginning. It was a part of me that was always there, but I did not know, until that moment. I wondered how that moment could have been with me always. If I had known this moment always, then this moment was always to be. Did that mean Connie, Kyle and I decided this moment was to be? Did we all decide Kyle would leave and when? And, if we did, why would we?”
Sheryl Says “It sounds like you are referring to a thought about what is known as the Akashic records or the Quantum informational field where each souls past present and future is recorded. In my new book The Living Spirit I address the fact that Consciousness survives physical death and through the readings I have shared with families by downloading messages of love from that higher life dimension I have hoped to let them know their loved one survives and enjoys a quality of life that is more open minded and expansive than what we have in a physical life experience. I wrote….Spirit allows us to face challenging situations that our energy emotions and thoughts bring into our lives and help us to see that we are on the right or wrong track. Therefore we are co-creating our life by observing what is happening and by seeing how to make the best of any situation. Through our faith and the surrender of some of our personal needs we allow the universe and a higher source to help us find new ways to search and remember our already preconceived destiny and life plan.”
Robyn begins to realize that while Kyle had left the physical world he still existed and Robyn wanted to have some proof or means to feel and access his energy or presence. Robyn tells us that as exciting as the realization was that Kyle still was, she wondered why on earth we would have agreed to let him leave. Robyn writes “Connie and I began to look for the answer to that question — and more importantly, to look for a connection to the Kyle that still was. Neither Connie nor I could feel Kyle’s presence. Each of us only felt the emptiness in our souls that made our bodies feel hollow. I began to ask why I had this knowingness that Kyle still was, but could not feel anything beyond the emptiness. I’m not sure who I began asking, but I know I eventually began asking Kyle. I spoke to him often, asking him to let us feel his presence; to let us feel that knowingness one has of another, whether you are with them or not. There was a time when I began to feel a sensation on my skin, like a feather was lightly crossing over my skin. One afternoon the sensation was stronger, more prevalent. I turned the water off to the dishes I was washing and leaned over to scratch my shin. When I reached down I had a memory fl ash in my mind of Connie’s hand holding Kyle’s face, her thumb on one cheek and her fingers on the other. She would squeeze until his lips popped out like a fish. She would give him a kiss with lots of sound and tell him she loved him. Kyle liked to tease his mother by wiping his lips with the back of his hand. I smiled at this memory. Then I laughed quietly. I had been asking Kyle to let us feel his presence, to let us feel that knowingness one can have of another. He had literally given what I had requested. He touched my skin. He touched my soul. I could feel his presence again — the laughter in his eyes, the playfulness of love, and the gift. There was a time when I began to feel a sensation on my skin of love, and the gift of feeling who he was. I told Kyle I was not wiping off his touch. I was rubbing it in, just as he would do with Connie’s kisses. In that moment with Kyle I decided I would not live without him just because his body had left this world. Once I rubbed Kyle’s touch in I did not feel that sensation on my leg again. However, a new sensation did come about. Connie and I were away from work for almost a month after Kyle’s death. When Connie and I passed a landmark, I would ask Kyle how many times he thought we’d driven past it. About halfway through the trip I realized a hand was on my thigh. I could feel the fingers and the heat emanating from the hand…”
Robyn goes on to mention a non-profit company Child Spirit Institute set up by a couple whose child speaks with Spirit. Connie and Robyn began looking for information on this type of experience. After much investigation they came across a couple that lived a few hours away whose young daughter was speaking to spirit. This couple was concerned for the well-being of their child…If the child wasn’t speaking to spirit, they wanted to find out what was really happening and handle it in a positive, healthy way and if the child was speaking to spirit, this couple wanted to handle it in the same manner. They did not want to harm the child by telling her the reality in which she lived was not real. They began to write down the child’s comments and asked follow-up questions to comments made by spirit. After much documentation and validation of the comments the couple felt the child was, in fact, speaking with spirit.
The family set up a not-for-profit company, Child Spirit Institute, and began looking for other families.
At a meditation group led by a woman named Mary, Robyn closed her eyes and listened as Mary’s voice guided us. Mary told us prior to the meditation the intent of the meditation was to meet one of our Spirit Guides. Mary believes each of us has spirits that are available to us to assist if we ask. Spirits that have a deeper connection to us, that are around us more than others, and teach and guide us are called Spirit Guides. Robyn followed Mary’s directions in her mind’s eye to an entrance to a spirit community. Mary described spirits we might see working on tasks, just as one might do on earth. Robyn walked through the gates leading to the city and saw many spirits working on different tasks just as Mary had described. As a result of this meditation, Robyn began to read many books and discovered Deepak Chopra who like Mary, said everything she needed was within herself..
Robyn then began reading Deepak Chopra and was becoming familiar with the “world is within us” theory (Deepak says, “You see yourself in the world, and I see the whole world in myself.”). Robyn began to understand it.
Sheryl says “The universe is within us and we are within the Universe. We are all connected to Universal Source or the Divine and in the Oneness of Being is the truth of life and why we chose a physical life which is to refine and enlarge our soul energy and become more aware and grateful for our Eternal truth and life.”
Robyn tells us about her spiritual visit from Kyle when she realized nonverbal communication could work and could still get information from Spirit. She writes; “ I heard Kyle’s voice behind me. “Hello.” I turned in slow motion, surprised to see him there, to hear his voice. Kyle was standing 30 feet or so away. As he stood there looking at me, he said, “You’ve been asking how I died.” He paused before continuing, “Do you want to see what happened?” I paused, then nodded slowly. The scenery changed to the spot where Kyle died. Kyle was standing on the side of the road, in the grass, next to my grandfather, watching himself in the car as the accident happened. Kyle had already left his body before any trauma had affected his physical body. Both of us stood there, Grandpa still at Kyle’s side but not saying anything, looking at one another for a long while. The silence was broken when I heard Mother Earth, my spirit guide, say from behind me, “Everything you need to know is within you.”
I have access to all that is. Everything I need is within me. I just need to ask.”
Sheryl relates to Robyn a Reiki story… “I was once asked by Karen, a Reiki student of mine to do a reading for her daughter Jessica whose 19 year old boyfriend Michael had passed that day in a motor cycle accident. As soon as I got off the phone with Karen I immediately went to my office and began a meditation hoping to connect to Michael’s energy. For the next half hour I received images and sensory perceptions from the young man beginning with the sensation of extreme heat pulsating throughout my entire body. It felt like an embrace and I was feeling an overwhelming wave of love Michael had for his life, his parents, and Jessica. Soon I received an image of Michael showing me his memory of the accident. I sensed that he was catapulted over the handlebars of his motor cycle much like and athlete in the pole vault event who lifts himself high into the air twisting and turning up over the bar. Michael’s plunge was met by hard pavement. He hit headfirst and died quickly without any awareness of physical pain. I then sensed the concern of passerby’s, followed by professionals who responded to the 911 calls. They were carefully cushioning Michael’s head with tenderness and respect.”
Much like the way Kyle related his passing to Robyn, Sheryl also felt Michael look back knowing others would be sad but the beauty ahead in his new spiritual life called to him and he knew it was where he needed to be.
Sheryl and Robyn both hope readers would begin to know we are not alone, life survives death as there is no death only transition to a higher dimension of Spiritual life and that all circumstances contain the seeds of our reconnection to Source or the Divine Energy of Creation and there is no duality or separation from love and is only in the illusion of our physical thinking that we allow a disconnection which often brings fear and suffering. So remembering that the choice to accept allow and surrender to All will ultimately return us to a world of peace harmony and balance and that state of heaven or that reality already resides within us. We have only to ask to activate it to become free.
Robyn and Sheryl have shared our experiences with spirit in the most truthful way we can… hoping you will see that nothing is ever lost as we are unfolding through each experience in our physical lives into the deeper more beautiful part of our eternal soul being and in doing that we illuminate our own state of love and bring into the world and beyond the world…. the energy of hope compassion love and ultimately affect the evolution of the Universe into higher states of those vibrations which enrich each of us and all of us equally.
“For it is in giving that we receive; it is in pardoning that we are pardoned; and it is in dying that we are born to eternal life.”
Saint Francis of Assisi