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Lynn Torre, CFP

Mind-Money Connection – Meet the Royal Couple

For this episode I have 2 guests, Karen Covy and her husband Vit Homolka. They will share their story about their successful relationship with one another and money.  In fairytale terms, I describe this ideal financial partnership as The Royal Couple.

Karen is a divorce attorney and advisor as well as a mediator and arbitrator.  Vit is owner of A.A. Roofing Service, Inc and also a Currency Trader.

Not only do they succinctly describe what it takes to be the Royal Couple but they also add “bonus material” as they share how they blended two different marriage models – 1) later in life marriage 2) second marriage with kids at home.

To find out more about Karen, go to her website  You can reach Karen at or 312-236-1670.

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