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The Roots of Health – When Chocolate Equals Love with Christy Hall

I have a very logical mind and I like to think about our health as the cumulative result of how we’ve interacted with our environment for our entire lives. In order to change our health, we need to change our environment going forward. But it turns out that we are more than just physical beings. Our thoughts and beliefs have a lot to do with our physical health. They are instilled upon us at a very early age. Our beliefs are the thoughts that we keep on thinking, and over time, those beliefs become our truth. We act on those thoughts and beliefs on a subconscious level, on autopilot, and that autopilot isn’t serving our health at all.

Bottom line is this: when we are programmed to think that chocolate equals love, we need to figure out how to we re-write our program.

My guest today is Christy Hall of Phoenix Wholistic, and she is a Whole Health and Wellness Transformational Coach, a Certified NLP and Certified FasterEFT Practitioner who helps clients solve emotional issues around food, stress, addiction, weight loss, nutrition, and lifestyle changes. Christy is well-versed in various programming languages, I chatted with her about the language of human programming.

We chat about why we can’t do what we intend to do, about what we learned or perceived from our past experiences, about how we try to control food instead of ourselves, about how to break our autopilot, about Faster EFT and Tapping, and a little science behind tapping. I ask about when would one practice tapping and how do we remove a negative feeling from a memory?, Then Christy walks me through the process of breaking a negative emotion from a memory and then how to adapt this process for your own experience. We hear a simple NLP brain hack to help you elevate your life, and break free from habits that aren’t helping you gain health.

Your job is to recognize your autopilot and to explore the inner meaning behind why you do what you do so that you can create space to change your pattern.


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