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Dr. Christina Hibbert

Motherhood – Keeping (or Finding) Your Style while “Being Mom”: Practical Solutions from a Personal Stylist

“Mom style”—we’ve heard the term, and we all know what it means. Usually, it refers to losing our style when kids come along, because we’re just too busy, exhausted, and worn out to care or keep it up! It’s time to reclaim the term “mom style” as we help you reclaim your personal style! In this fun episode of Motherhood, my guest, Lindsey Shores, personal stylist dressing celebrities for the Emmys, Oscars, & late night talk shows, will inspire your style with simple, practical solutions to help you keep your sense of style while being the mom you desire to be. Whether it’s day-to-day style solutions or easy fixes for date night, an upcoming event, or the holidays, put this episode on your “must do” list, and reap the benefits with a whole new you! Then, stick around for my “Simple Solutions” segment, as Lindsey shares an exciting, online opportunity to help you discover and reclaim your personal style. “Mom style” is about to have a whole new meaning! It’s about time.