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The Roots of Health – Urban Wood with Josh Rice of Baraboo Woodworks

Here on The Roots of Health, I like to explore the disconnect between our health and our modern environment, and it’s no secret that the health of your environment is directly related to the health of yourself. I like to approach the health of our environment from an ancestral perspective. Whereas we used to hunt and gather for our food, today we have a food system that brings us food from all around the world. The disconnect there is that we no longer eat local foods in season year-round, and that may some affect on our health for the long-term.  And even more, the carbon emissions required to ship food around the world increase may be altering our climate in ways that we never predicted. But it’s not just our food system that has had major changes on our modern environment. Once upon a time, we harvested wood from our own land to build homes and furniture. Just as the farm to table movement is infiltrating our economies, so is the ‘wood to table’ movement, also known as the urban wood movement.

I recently talked with Josh Rice of Baraboo Woodworks about the opportunity and importance of harvesting urban wood to put to use locally.  It’s about going back to basics, changing the ways we consume and make things, creating quality, handcrafted artisan heirloom furniture, supporting your local economy, and sustainable environmental practices.

Learn about the modern disconnect with respect to your furniture, a piece from Skinner auctioneers and appraisers, a clip Greenovation TV about urban wood, the Wisconsin Urban Wood group, learn about the emerald ash borer, ideas about how to turn your tree into a table, and locate someone to build you a piece of furniture out of your own tree.

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