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Julie Stiles

Being Well – Toxic Chemicals In Everyday Products: What Can You Do?

Are you aware of how many toxins you come into contact with on a daily basis? Most of us are surrounded by them, coming into contact every day with some of the 87,000 chemicals that are allowed in products we commonly use. We take them in through the air we breathe, our food and drink, and our skin. Everything we use in, on, and around our body is potentially a source for health or for illness.

Rheumatologist and environmental health expert Dr. Aly Cohen joins me to explore how these toxins impact our health and what we can do about it. Though it is easy to get overwhelmed at the scope of the issue, taking a very practical and doable approach of making small changes can still have a large impact on the body. Being aware and choosing unprocessed food and drink (in it’s natural unpackaged state), clean air, and safe products for use around your body and home will support your long-term well-being.

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