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Dr. Christina Hibbert

Motherhood – “The Mommy Plan” for Steady & Balanced Healing after Pregnancy & Childbirth

The physical and emotional changes of pregnancy and postpartum are varied and real, leaving us hormonally off-balance, depleted, and in need of healing. Many cultures have practices that promote the mother’s healing, but too many western traditions contradict it. How can we heal after childbirth in a steady and balanced way? And how can we prepare ahead of time—in pregnancy or before—for a smooth transition to life with our new baby? My guest, author and post-pregnancy wellness coach, Valerie Lynn, shares new insights into how moms can heal after pregnancy and postpartum in a steady and balanced way. Valerie brings time-tested strategies from Eastern culture into “The Mommy Plan,” including diet, activities, personal care, and a “daddy plan.” In my “Dr. Christi’s Simple Solutions” segment, Valerie also shares some of her healing products and resources, including “The New Mommy Wellness Kit—all designed to increase healing and wellness for new moms.