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Healing From Within

Sheryl Glick

Healing From Within – Manifestations of Love from Beyond

Host: Sheryl Glick R.M.T.
Special Guest: Dr. Jamie Turndorf
In today’s episode of “Healing From Within,” your host Sheryl Glick author of The Living Spirit: Answers for Healing and Infinite Love and as an energy practitioner/medium offers stories and proof that Consciousness survives physical death and many of the fears that people hold about that part of life are ungrounded and welcomes Dr. Jamie Turndorf who has observed in her new book Love Never Dies that it is possible to reconnect and make peace with the deceased…
Dr. Jamie Turndorf, known to millions as Dr. Love through her website Ask Dr. Love, an immensely popular relationship advice site since 1995 is the author of several books including Kiss your Fights Good-bye and her newest book Love Never Dies which shares the story of her spiritual reconnection with her deceased husband- internationally renowned Jesuit priest Emile Pin. As a result of her personal experiences she has created a new Trans-Dimensional Grief Therapy, a conflict-resolution method to the world of death communication. She is also the host of Love Never Dies which can be heard on Hay House Radio.
Jamie says that as a result of her deceased husband’s remarkable manifestations, she realized that we don’t die and relationships don’t end in death. She was exposed to healing methods and ideas about the afterlife but her interactions with Jean her husband made that awareness clearer. Jamie reports… What we’ve been told about the afterlife is dead wrong. We don’t need to wait to die to be reunited with loved ones in heaven. Heaven is a state, not a place. Heaven is here and now. This knowledge opens us to the reality that we are meant to say hello not good-bye and stay connected to those in Spirit.
Jaime writes, “My husband Jean Pin had been one of the most famous Jesuit priests in history-a Renaissance man holding a doctorate from the Sorbonne in sociology and degrees in the classics: religion law and economics political science history and philosophy..he captured the attention of Pope Paul VI and was called to Rome to teach….he was one of the founding fathers of the liberation theology movement which was established to fight oppression from within. His struggle for religious freedom gained him international fame when he publicly denounced the Catholic Church for their attempts to block the legalization of divorce in Italy…of course his efforts were eventually successful. He left the priesthood and went to America to teach at Vassar. He was married in a loveless marriage for 10 years and when I meet him I was a freshman ….3 years later I was 21 and he was 58 and despite different cultural backgrounds generations and religions we were beyond twin flames and spiritually and physically compatible.”
Sheryl is most delighted to hear the work and efforts Emile Pin put forward into modernizing and revising certain outdated ideas which existed in the church he loved and indeed in all religious belief systems and for which enlightened and spiritual people know in their hearts to be a restriction for having a personal relationship with Universal Source. Change is always part of evolution and change-makers are the force for greater empathy compassion and love.
Jamie tells us that Jean had a premonition that he would not live to be ultra old and during a vacation to Italy at 84 years old and in good health was stung by a bee sting and died. That same day he passed I felt a gentle caress and glanced over my shoulder. No one was there. This was the first of Jean’s visitations…they continue to this time.
Sheryl Says “ Like you Jamie, you noticed a gradual discovery and realized not only did you hear Jean but other spirit beings were present as an opening to that awareness allowed this communication and as a result developed a grief therapy method. I have had to share my experiences as an intuitive energy healer and medium in my new book The Living Spirit in order to share the most marvelous truth of all time for me and the same truth you discovered that “Consciousness survives physical death and we are indeed spiritual beings having for a time a physical life experience.”
Sheryl shares a story similar to what Jamie experienced with her husband. “After the Twin Towers incident, Sheryl had a woman who lost her husband come to her for a reading and healing session..The day before at the boardwalk while seated in meditation, Sheryl felt someone standing behind her and got surprised..when she opened her eyes no one was there…The next day when she was sharing the messages she had received from her clients husband her client told her she had seen me at the beach but did not wish to disturb me…I told her how I felt someone come up fast behind me and it scared me for a moment and she said her husband always did that to people. We concluded he was so excited to be able to show her that he existed that he came to me a day early.”
Jamie goes on to mention she was raised by two Jewish atheists and the only religion her parents practiced was religiously hating each other. It seems to Sheryl that many people who enter the field of psychology or other mental health practices may be the result of being in utterly dysfunctional families and being sensitive or heart based individuals and aware that life can be lived in a more harmonious and loving state.
Jaime speaks of her Trans Dimensional Grief Therapy and suggests there are certain people who especially need to reconnect and stay connected. Parents who have lost children, children who have lost parents and the elderly who may be reluctant to form another primary attachment all need to reconnect and stay connected. In addition, anyone who has lost someone to sudden tragic illness or death and has been robbed of the chance to say farewell. In all these cases, reconnecting is a lifeline and may be helpful in restoring a sense of balance.
Since Jaime’s husband’s death, she has been sharing this story with therapy clients and radio web and lecture audiences despite being told by some of her professional peer group to be quiet . Jaime determined that there are four distinct camps of reaction to the story. 1. People who are frightened by the prospect of connecting with the spirit realm and afraid of evil spirits. (Jaime offers the analogy of call blocking on a telephone which allows our ability as intelligent human beings to set boundaries and refuse access to unwelcomed calls or unwanted spirit presences…Also note her loved ones in spirit are devoted to protecting her and love always triumphs over evil. 2 This second group is immensely relieved and comforted to know the truth. This truth aids in their healing and reconnecting with their loved ones. 3. The third group experiences a sense of jealousy despair hurt and anger… Why is your husband in touch with you….my loved one never comes to me..Sometimes when signs are shared they realize they are receiving messages and all they have to do is be more open and award of it. Of course some people hid in the shadows fearing others will think them odd or even insane but so many people are sharing their stories worldwide that it is harder to deny that bright and educated people are standing their ground and writing their stories unafraid of any consequences by less aware people. 4. A fourth group simply doesn’t believe in an afterlife..that’s ok…Jamie and I were both part of that group and with an open mind and heart were able to learn the truth.
Jaime’s method diverges from traditional Western grief therapy. The Western approach to grief therapy consists of grieve, let go and move on. And if someone hasn’t snapped out of it in 6 months, he/she is assigned the psychiatric label: Complicated Grief Syndrome.. this to me is appalling there is no time limit on our connections to other souls. Jaime’s method invites the bereaved to reconnect and say hello not good-bye.
Sheryl feels there should not be so much emphasis by the medical community to label people’s reactions to loss as there should be an opening to accept any and all helpful healing modalities that move a person back to their natural desired state of joy and happiness and love of life and that realizing more about Universal Energy Laws and the actual nature of what we think of as death will help people suffer less and accept the natural flow of the life cycle.
Sheryl wonders how Jaime helps the bereaved make a connection and how they are able to heal unfinished business. Jaime writes “I show the bereaved how to literally talk to the dead and keep dialoging until their issues are resolved… Millions of people harbor resentment toward the deceased, often as a result of having been abused or mistreated by a parent, sibling, partner, or spouse who has since died. Unfortunately traditional Western therapy offers no method for resolving this unfinished business. In contrast by being able to communicate with spirit you may transform the negativity into greater love and understanding. One aspect of transformation after death is that the soul has a clearer perspective on the mistakes that he or she made on Earth. This awareness as any new perception or awareness sets the stage for reconciliation.”
Jaime’s three part method for reconnecting to a loved one includes:
  1. Create a state of receptivity
  2. Recognize the signs of spirit presence
  3. Dialogue with the departed
Sheryl knows some spirits come through stronger than others and Jaime says, “Love is what I call the Currency of Connection. The closer the relationship in life, the easier it is for a spirit to come through to you. At the same time when there is unfinished business, spirits will bang down our doors in order to get our attention in order to work it out with us.” That was shown earlier in Sheryl’s story of how a husband came to present himself a day before that the actual session scheduled for his wife.
If we open the door to the spirit realm, do we run the risk of meeting evil spirits? Our hearts know the difference between good and evil…besides our loved ones in spirit act as our gatekeepers. Their goal is to protect us, shower us in love and help us to heal every corner of our souls. If we connect to a deceased lover or spouse, does that prevent us from moving on and finding another life partner? Jamie and Sheryl know our hearts are made to love …there is enough room in our hearts to love those in spirit and those who walk the earth… Sheryl often hears how we must love our family beyond all others but she believes when you open your heart to everyone and love and honor all people everywhere you become more humane and divine and move past separation to embrace age old truths of the power of the human soul and Spirit.
Jamie says the traditional Christian teachings leave the bereaved at an even greater loss. The church says that once in heaven our loved ones are permanently out of reach and that we have to wait to die and enter heaven to reconnect to them. Their theories on afterlife communication, prayer, meditation and the ordinary person being able to achieve this higher state of connection seems reserved for priests ,ministers or other religious people…This is absolutely not true. We are all intuitive and interconnected to Universal energy and Spirit and the divine spark of creation or the life force of God or the divine resides in each of us and Jamie says her husband has shown her that Heaven is here and now and much of these misguided ideas are the result of lingering misguided notions regarding devil worship…inappropriate and incorrect ideas of Universal energy and an unclear view from ancient times and religions of who we are and where we come from. As spiritual beings having a physical life journey our soul energy lives after the physical life and mediums receive information from these living souls …there is no death only a transition of our soul energy to a different state of life force.
Sheryl lets her listeners know often that all people have the ability to access the realm of spiritual communication but it takes a willingness and a dedication and persistence to be able to transcend time and space and tap into the higher vibrations of the Spirit world. As a Reiki Master Teacher she has helped many to be in a state of connection to receive spiritual messages and Reiki energy healing training has helped some of her students to become interested in increasing the connection to higher energy and receiving messages from Spirit.
Sheryl Says, “In The Living Spirit I share my knowingness of this life force and that consciousness survives physical death as proven by the hundreds of readings I provide for clients who have lost sons friends family members and colleagues and I give them information so personal that I could not know … I see them cry in relief to know their children or loved ones are near-by and learning about life in a new dimension of energy. I wrote in one story….As soon as I go off the phone with Karen I immediately went to my office and began a meditation hoping to connect to Michael’s energy as she had asked me to do. For the next hour I received images and sensory perceptions from the young man beginning with the sensation of extreme heat pulsating through my entire body. It felt like an embrace accompanied by a tingling at my root and sacral chakras.
What I was feeling was an overwhelming wave of love Michael had for his life, his parents and girlfriend Jessica. His feelings had all the beauty and purity of first love. The next day when Jessica came for her reading she was extremely moved and through her tears said that it was like Michael was speaking directly to her. The messages validated numerous incidents that had already happened and several that would happen at his funeral. I had not known Michael but all the information I received helped his family and friends know there was indeed a life beyond this one and Michael was safe and alive.”
Jamie shares her awareness of the many signs that we receive from Spirit and writes,”There is an intricate tapestry of signs that herald spirit presence including sounds and scents, odd sensations in your body, electronic devices doing unusual things, waves of love, goose bumps, chills, visions or impressions insects such as butterflies ( Sheryl’s message from her mother is 3 Doves) or animals behaving oddly, dream visitations If you use every moment of this life to perfect your ability to love more fully because love is the Currency of Connection to the spirit realm the easier it will be for you to connect with them in Spirit form. Remember the more you open up your heart and mind the easier it will be to receive and send signals..we are all functioning at different vibratory levels and frequencies and Spirit operates at a higher vibration that is why if we can eliminate our mind chatter and worries we can lift our vibration and get closer to our loved ones in spirit for communicating. If we want to make it easier for our loved ones to communicate and connect with us just BE STILL…It is in the stillness that we hear spirit and inspiration …try not to get too emotionally upset…remain calm and balanced. Intense emotions and fear block receptivity just as atmospheric storms block the reception of radio or TV signals.”
Jamie would like people to take away with them after reading her book Love Never Dies, that perhaps this physical realm is the illusion and the realm beyond where the soul goes is the reality. Understand that when you know that you will know why we avoid loving fully; because losing a loved one is so painful. To protect ourselves; we psychologically keep one emotional foot out the door. However, since Sheryl as a medium and Jamie shares her story of Jean’s survival after death, we know we don’t lose those we love so there is no reason not to love others with all our heart. We must leap off the ledge of love knowing that death ends a physical life but not a relationship.
Dr. Jaime Turndorf and Sheryl have explored a story of love eternal life and energy and the joy that exists in the stillness and faith of our connection to each other and to another dimension or reality of life. As Jamie wrote in response to Jean’s priest who told her “Be prepared. When Jean enters Heaven his manifestations will stop and you only find him again when you are reunited in Heaven.” Jamie says she was so bothered by what the priest had told her but then heard Jean say, Heaven is a state Jamie not a place. Where would I go? I have nowhere to go but to be with you. My full time occupation is to love you.”
In the beauty of that expression of love from a most divine man your husband Jean is what Sheryl has hoped to share in her book The Living Spirit Answers for Healing and Infinite Love… Sheryl wrote….it is not in the doing but in the being of our magnificent soul eternal energy that we learn the true meaning of life….By listening to your heart and the lessons of your soul, you will indeed be aligned with the wisest communication and guidance system of all worlds. In following this wisdom, you will sustain your sense of balance courage integrity and honesty now matter what outside influences reach you….remember you and remember me as one together in unity and love for all time in life, and yes, in death.