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Julie Stiles

Being Well – Are You Outsourcing Your Well-Being?

It’s a common mental habit to think in this way: “When I have enough money, then I’ll be happy.” “When I’m in the right relationship, I’ll be fulfilled.” “After I’m healed, then things will be okay.” We outsource our well-being any time we are looking outside of ourselves to another person or thing for the answers, or anticipating a future time when our life circumstances will match our expectations.

Speaker, coach, trainer, and author Ami Chen Mills-Naim joins Julie to talk about the 10,000 ways we outsource our well-being, and what it takes to change that mental habit. Finding the ways we can stop the momentum of that thinking and tend to what is required without extraneous thoughts about what will be, we allow ourselves to surrender into our innate well-being.

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