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Healing From Within

Sheryl Glick

Healing From Within – Connecting to Benevolent Guidance

Host: Sheryl Glick R.M.T.
Special Guest: Linda Deir

In today’s episode of “Healing from Within”, host Sheryl Glick, author of The Living Spirit: Answers for Healing and Infinite Love which relates stories from her experiences as a Reiki Master Teacher and medium may help readers remember their true inner soul nature and guide them to overcoming fears obstacles and trauma in order to build a healthy joyful life. Sheryl is delighted to welcome Linda Deir author of Guided whose true life story of survival in the face of insurmountable odds shares a template for connecting to the benevolent guidance that surrounds us and that we are eternally connected to Universal Source.

We follow Linda Deir as a frightened baby who had a most unloving early environment and wrote “I can’t remember my mother ever holding me; only beating me for reasons my young mind was unable to comprehend. vowing to beat the spirit out of me, I knew something was drastically wrong with her. So I did the only think I could think of:  I shook the gate latch until it opened and ran away from home at the age of 20 months. I was going to find my daddy because I knew he would save me from her. I never made it.” Today we will discover how she survived and found the help to develop into an accomplished author and businesswoman to share her special gift of communicating with Spirit and her Spirit Guide Angel who materialized in front of her so she could photograph this extraordinary energy and use the picture on the cover of her book “Guided.”
Sheryl tells her memories as a young child being aware of something unusual around her and writes, “I remember being frightened in the night
and feeling strange energy on my arms and thinking there was someone or something at the window and being very aware that what I was often told by the grownups in my life was only part of the truth. I always was looking for a greater answer to understanding why people behaved as they did for often it seemed immature, even primitive to me. One day when I was 3 years old my mother captured a picture of me lying in the grass and crying. and I remember saying to those above “Why did you drop me in this place?? I wasn’t aware then that I was talking to my spirit guides or angels or God, yet within me I knew I was much more than my physical body and more than the restricted social mores my parents family and teachers expected me to believe in. The possibilities for joy and love were immense,my search like yours has lead me to write “The Living Spirit Answers for Healing and Infinite Love” to share with readers my most amazing experience of healing energies available to us, spirit communication and the fact that Consciousness survives physical death, therefore, our lives our experiences and all that surrounds us are part of a divine plan, and at the end of the day, we are not alone.”

Linda experienced the paranormal as normal since she was a small child. These guides that were her teachers and protectors are acutely aware that to learn anything the environment for learning must first be established. The pressure that blocks learning must be released and then they align you with what you are ready to learn at that particular time. They trigger you with events that ignite your passions and set you on your already predetermined life plan or journey, the first thing they insisted Linda learn was knowing who she really was as a spiritual being having a physical life. Linda was lucky the powerful learning experiences from her spirit guides starting early in her life prevented her from having to
unlearn all the wrong things many others have absorbed and must discard later on to find their spiritual focus and life purpose.

Sheryl didn’t understand the concept of energy soul life and guides until much later in life and had to let go of many of her misguided and outdated belief systems and misconceived attitudes to develop and learn energy healing and spiritual communication. However, there is a reason and time for all things under heaven and earth as Shakespeare wrote, and anytime during one’s lifetime that you awaken to the truth and wisdom of this higher evolved thinking is the right time for each of us.

Sheryl tells Linda she did volunteer hospice work for 8 years in order to help those who were ill and their families see the experience as not
something to fear but a way to experience themselves and their life with a clearer perspectiveŠthere was a term they used there when someone was not doing well. “Failure to thrive” we may see many children today experiencing sensory issues autism eating disorders or emotional issues, all leading to their failure to thrive and enjoy life. Linda goes on to describe how when one is a teenager if they can absorb this truth of their spiritual nature it will save them from many experiences that limit their development and personal growth. Linda says that around 19 years of age your spiritual awareness is heightened and many people are encouraged to follow the dreams of that time. Sheryl tells her own story of being told by a medium to remember when she was that age what was important and Sheryl says she saw the Broadway show “Man of La Mancha” and heard the song The Impossible Dream and knew that her journey of helping others to find courage and love in the face of insurmountable odds was possible with faith and hope. Though Sheryl didn’t understand it then her journey and the values and moral fiber of her being have always lead her forward with integrity and trust in a higher view of possibilities for improving the human condition.

Maybe those children who get to meet and know their spirit guides early on as you did and more intimately so they can be raised by them and triumph over extreme adversity is because they are evolved spiritual energies born to hold their wisdom no matter what the physical environment presents them with. Perhaps there is no spiritual growth or refinement of the soul energy without conflict and perhaps the most ennobled souls have the most challenging life events, abuse illness emotional or physical challenges. Since we are souls connected to each other and to the
Universal Life Force or Oneness of Being there is no experience that is either completely bad or good: just opportunities for us to know ourselves
and this higher dimension of Spirit at a new level of perception.

Linda tell us about “The Merry-Go- Round Dream” that started when Linda was about two years old and continued until her mid-thirties. The dream seemed to show Linda that the repetitive life destiny was presented in the dream and set the stage for her entire life. In that dream she was shown her purpose, people’s intentions and their reactions to a world to come and where she first met old friends and spirit guides. She writes, “In the dream I am about 7 years old and on a merry go round that is mounted to the top of the inside of a gold domed ceiling painted in renaissance designs like a cathedral. It was a centuries old, rich architectural masterpiece. I’m holding on with one hand leaning back and feel like I am flying. Everyone I know in the whole wide world is riding on this merry go round with me and then it speeds up. Some of the people start to get scared; one by one they begin giving up and letting go. I see them fly off hitting the side walls; blood everywhere as they scream to their deaths in terror. I don’t understand why they are afraid and why they can’t see how great this ride is; to me it’s the most exciting feeling and a freedom that surpasses anything. I’m always the only one left on this merry go round.”

Linda’s dream showed her that her experiences in this life would be very different from those of other people: sometimes the exact opposite. That
dream made her realize more was going on than she was being told or that they understood themselves. “I began to see through the dream that many people were reacting negatively to what was really a good thing. I understood I would need to help the ones who could be reached The dream also left me able to see through the intentions of people without their ever knowing it. I then realized many people were naturally fear-based: they didn’t have a strong desire to live: they didn’t want things to change and speed up; many people weren’t going to reach their desired destinies and I wasn’t going to be able to change their reaction to that; the most horrifying part of the dream was that those people died
with so much fear; they couldn’t see that every part of their life was the best time as we all ride through it together. I wanted to reach them and
became aware that was my job. The dream put me in touch with my true essence and memories of the other reality before being born .I knew I
would have to go it alone and realized that nothing was wrong with me: it was those who branded me as wrong who didn’t get it. What I and people like me were experiencing was normal;.not paranormal..”  Linda writes, “My mother was sick with endless rage; my father was a saint.
He loved me. My dad was an athlete and very adventuresome. He was a lot like me in that he did not allow the people around him to ruin his life.
He never indulged in inconsequential small talk or drama either. I questioned why my mother was like she was and my trusted guides were not
saying anything so I knew I had to wait. What really was going on was KARMA; where we can’t see the big picture. Linda thought her father didn’t know she was being abused by her mother but says that one time she took you in the bedroom when your father was home and beat you so bad you couldn’t walk? You begged your father to make her stop but he turned his head and allowed her to continue the beating.”

Linda knew her father loved her but he simply could not or would not see what was really going on with her mother and he came to see that this
willful ignorance overlooking what’s going on right in front of her eyes is a defense mechanism people use when they can’t cope with reality or
when the other person has so much power over them that they are afraid to confront them.  Sheryl says: “obviously your parents were damaged in childhood and were functioning from fear or loss and abandonment issues;it seems these controlling and manipulative bullies like your mother are smart and pick out people who will succumb to their behavior without resistance; it’s like they pick someone who is empathetic and sympathetic and who will look for the good in them not the bad. Either these people are extremely good at survival skills and getting what they need or just lucky.”

Sheryl says: “I have seen situations like this and could not understand why people allowed others to get away with damaging and inappropriate
behavior. I think they know they are dealing with a very unhappy and troubled soul; a loose cannon and are just trying to protect everyone
involved in some way from an even more horrible reality. I think your mother showed signs of “borderline personality disorder” due to her own
damaged childhood relationships and people with this disorder are quite capable of covering up the extent of their vile behaviors; and others are
often afraid to deal with them so they try not to engage their fury and wrath and accommodate them in any way they can. This type of disorder is
nearly impossible to change and getting away from people like this is the best option. Of course not getting involved with them at all is also a
good thing. I know you discovered that your dad the hero who you thought could have saved you apparently had no control or feared worst
repercussions if he tried to assert control over your mother. Your mother had the power and she expressed it through her rage. Later on it got worse and she had your father start to administer the beatings; this goes beyond overlooking the problem and becoming an active part of a serious abusive pattern; very sad for us to observe people functioning at this level of DENIAL.” We are sure that the discussion of this type of behavior can help others see this pattern in many of their own family or work related dynamics and may help to get these people to act more effectively to minimize the damage.

Linda writes that her father showed her a more positive side to life and writes “In addition to my father’s adventurous nature and teaching me
water skiing and going on nature trips and dune buggy driving my father and I played music on the weekends. I learned to play the organ and bongos and Dad played the Hawaiian slide guitar, the violin the harmonica and the accordion. He also played spoon. I also cared for and helped my younger brother Larry who was abused as much as I was; it taught me to stand up for those who needed and would accept help.”

Linda shares an “Out of Body Experience” and writes “While playing a game shooting darts onto the ceiling Linda decided to climb up and get them before they fell on her; she realized upon looking down that she was still lying on the bed; that was her first out of body experience and her guides told her.Don’t question it. You can do this as much as you want. Linda’s awareness of this was that these escape techniques were born out of trauma and turned into mind-expanding experiments that many kids do but they often forget them as they grow up. Going out of body teaches you how to fluidly live in two worlds. For that reason, mastering this makes it easier to contact your spirit guides. Sheryl says “I was much older when I became aware of an out of body experience; though it may have happened at other times and I was just not aware yet – Sitting on a bench in Barbados in meditation I felt myself flying across the water to the other side of the island. When I opened my eyes I felt so relaxed and happy. I think our soul energy needs to leave the heaviness of the body and just soar and be free as that is our natural inclination as soul beings. I have discovered through my own experience and research into “out of body experiences” that when we sleep at times everyone’s energy lifts up and visits other locations; when you feel a snap or pull at the neck it is your energy returning; when you are grounded, happy and healthy, your energy does not leak and fits well into your body. Working on any issues that disturb in therapy sessions or receiving body work and energy sessions often help remember past issues and release blockages that then help the body and spirit to be healthier.”

Linda learned a lot about bullying and how to handle dealing with people who harm others. “My mom was a bully; most of all she was unpredictable and took pride in her erratic behavior thinking she could do whatever she wanted; she loved catching us off guard and claimed to be smarter than everyone else and that no one would ever figure her out. Based on what my guides showed me I was seeing what power looked like in the wrong hands of a bully . Perhaps I was being trained for dealing with that issue. What I learned from this abuse of power was that it doesn’t matter how those around you behave: you are not them.However you become like those you associate with so it is good to be in alignment with your guides as they are honest and always act with the highest good in mind.”

At 16 years old Linda became pregnant and ran off with Alex Smith. She wrote “For there are times when taking a risk doesn’t feel like one.
That’s because you are living a bigger risk then the risk you are taking. Fear of other people’s opinions and reactions have no place here. If you
allow any of that to determine your fate, you will wind up living a life of compromise.” When I married Alex life became fantastic. Independence
was amazing and there was no way to go back to that abusive home life. Getting out of an abusive repressive life is a real accomplishment.
Gratitude makes life special at this point”.

Linda and her husband became quite successful in the construction business and eventually Linda’s career was a catalyst for her to work through her anger issues. Although guides are with you to help you make the work easier they aren’t with you to do it for you. If that were the case they would be physically here living their own lives and there wouldn’t be any purpose in your being here. I had come to realize it wasn’t all about the money. I was living an unstoppable life because of all the passion that fueled me and because of being backed by my guides. People working without a compass and not aware of higher help claim they lack energy or focus when really they are struggling against the current and when they see other people flowing and succeeding they often begin to feel jealousy and more lost than ever.

“It was at this time other people began confiding in me and I would help them with their personal needs. I didn’t realize it but this is how our
guides work with us and prepare us for what’s next whether we’re aware of what’s coming or not; my next calling in life was being worked on.Many times it seems you will be sought out for something that has nothing to do with your current career. Pay attention when this happens.In one of the tips Linda gives from her guides, she wrote. “Being a parent doesn’t mean you own your kids. They come in the way they are. It’s really that simple. You can try to give them direction, but it’s their life to do what they want. It they turn out to be someone you are proud of you can’t take credit and if they turn out to be someone who disappoints you; you can’t take the blame either. They don’t come from you they come through you.” It would be wise for parents to remember to honor and respect their children’s needs and talents and not mold them into carbon copies of themselves. Much friction and unhappiness can be avoided if we allow children to express themselves and if we listen.
Linda said she was a part of a group who witnessed a UFO sighting and experienced telepathic communication. It had been 14 years since the
sighting and at that time they told me not to tell anyone about the encounter until 1986; by 1986 having learned a lot an taking dream classes
I realized it could be a dream class, a meditation group a yoga class even a music class with can be an opening to a doorway to meet your guides. Linda mentions during her visit to Southern California you had an experience in your Mother-in-laws house and like in the past saw a blue light in your room; the next morning you were awakened by someone pulling on your legs and realized some sort of energy work had been done to make you this tired. My voice started out normal and then changed to what sounded like a computer-synthesized voice. The messages I was speaking out loud were emotionless and very mechanical. I heard it but the clients didn’t and Alisha my student only heard it intermittently. As I learned these unseen forces don’t always show us why change is happening and why you are receiving these adjustments. There is nothing to fear but expect more interesting encounters going forward.

Sheryl Says “Sometimes during my interview my guests voices go into a type of static voiced speaking like you are describing and I have felt
they are channeling their guides and higher wisdom as a result of their commitment and dedication to improving their understanding of energy and universal life forces of the Seen and Unseen dimensions.” Linda tells of an experience that was a visitation from the guides and
expressed it this way “Shortly after this in the summer of 1990 after one of my events I went swimming and was telepathically guided to lie on the
grass and felt an energy downloading causing my body to vibrate. They said they were raising my vibration and during this time I was transported into a dark cave with a large body of water and wearing an electric dress- a Native American guide was standing over me. After the experience I was physically wiped out.”
Linda goes on to describe her recent marriage to Ray that she believes was predicted by and also partially arranged by her guides. It sounds like
finding a rare connection that transcends reasoning and for the first time you found your likeness and equal in each other. Many hardships were faced by both of you but in finding each other you truly found and accepted yourselves so you write. “It is not so much being in love but feeling you are loved and receiving that love that makes two spirits unite and be empowered.”

Linda has shared her dreams her channeling methods and the successes she has created even though burdened from her earliest days with inhumane and cruel treatment from those who should have protected and loved her. Still she had the guidance and love of higher spiritual beings and not only survived but thrived; and walked a path to self-discovery and the true meaning of a physical lives which is to embrace all challenges and find our way to hear the messages and love from above so we can remember life is precious and valuable and so are each of our interactions with others whether good or bad, as they are the key to self growth.

Linda wrote many messages from her guides that taught her so much about co-creating the life that was best for her and I will read this
one. “There are times when we are not meant to see the signs along the way. Something bigger is in play. As you look back, you may ask yourself why you didn’t do things differently when you knew and felt what you did. The answer is you were “stunned with the divine force to keep you from interfering with a plan that was bigger than you. Guilt has no place here. In fact, at this point, it’s petty. Let all of this thinking go, and
respect this powerful force that’s bigger than any of us.”

Linda and Sheryl would hope our listeners begin to recognize and connect to their helpers in spirit; call them guides angels or loved ones but it
is in the knowing that we are so much more than our physical lives and that we are loved and watched over from beyond that allows us the personal power to conquer fear move past any circumstance of negativity sorrow or suffering to find the divine spark of eternal love and creation that is within and around us helping us create a healthy and loving life experience.