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Dr. Christina Hibbert

Motherhood – How to Help when Someone is in Need (& How to Let Help In!)

What can you do when a friend, family, or community member is in need? We all need help at some point or another, whether in times of trial or loss, with the addition of a new baby, or even just in the midst of “normal” life stress. But when it comes to reaching out to others in their times of need, it can be intimidating to know when, and how to  help in a way that is comfortable, generous, and realistic. Photographer and blogger, Lindsay Ross, had the same question–“What are specific things I can do to help others?” — that prompted her to write her popular blog post, “How to Help When Someone is In Need.” Lindsay created a detailed (and plentiful) list of ideas, gathered from dozens of friends and acquaintances, on how we can reach out, do what is in our power, love those in need, and let help in when we need it, too. We’re sharing the best things we’ve both learned about giving and receiving help in this uplifting episode!
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