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Healing From Within

Sheryl Glick

Healing From Within – Find Your Friggin’ Joy with Belinda Farrell

Host: Sheryl Glick R.M.T.
Special Guest: Belinda Farrell
In today’s episode of Healing from Within, your host Sheryl Glick author of The Living Spirit: Answers for Healing and Infinite Love, which shares a clearer look at the Universal Laws of Energy and how to use the natural order of energy to maximize greater connections to relationships and for your own personal development healing awakening and manifesting your best version of yourself. Sheryl welcomes Belinda Farrell, author of Find Your Friggin’ Joy - a most versatile and courageous woman who invites you to take personal responsibility and unplug from non-productive stories of your mind and step into the frequency of your Higher Self.
Belinda and Sheryl will share how events in our lives both those perceived as positive or good, and those perceived as negative or bad, have led us to many wonderful mentors who have entered our lives opening us up to many new discoveries, possibilities, and ways to reach our full potential and succeed in our relationships, our work experiences and allow us to open our hearts and minds to greater joy peace and love. Belinda is a Cal-Berkeley graduate, almost CIA agent, stunt car driver, writer, hot coal walker, Huna Teacher, wild dolphin swim guide, and a person who makes us want to step out of our comfort level face our demons and really experience life.
Thinking back to her childhood, Belinda says she “never knew her father….lived with mom and grandparents… was a bit of a daredevil with imagination performing Evel Knieval jump tricks and later became a stunt-driving career in her 40’s…went to Catholic school which was not a good fit for me….when I saw the priest reading the comics in the confessional and not taking my confession serious…I decided neither should I…finally attended a public school and my 9th grade teacher encouraged me to audition for acting roles….opportunities to take risks. I did some news coverage and was recruited by the CIA because of my fluency in Spanish to be an agent in Madrid Spain…in Washington DC I realized I was not a good fit with the CIA.. so I got a job working for Senator Charles Percy( R) of Illinois and 3 months later met William who I would marry and have my 2 children with. Married to a physician, Belinda realized that while things may start out as a fairy tale and “The American Dream” due to each other’s path and belief systems, relationships can change. After being married 13 years, her husband snapped and began beating her. He never talked about the outburst, but the experience had lasting effects. Belinda soon realized the lessons learned from this awakening.
The 5 principles Belinda decided to incorporate into her thinking and daily practice as she moved forward into her new life were;
1. I didn’t need to take abuse..I deserve the best.
2. I can do what I need to do and not just what I ‘m told to do.
3. I need not be passive and make everyone else happy but can be active and powerful in my reaching for my dreams.
4. No one can make another happy. It’s our own responsibility.
5. True joy comes from within and your soul’s journey not from outside gifts, trips, and encouraging words only.
Belinda discovered her impressions or phobias were….False Evidence that appears real—from water phobias to swimming with dolphins. She embraced the feeling and the fear and made attempts to move beyond the limitation and restriction to freedom.
Sheryl reports that a recent article in National Geographic emphasized how the brain and developmental and social patterns of dolphins are very similar to human behavior and they may perhaps be the most evolved life form on the planet.
The plague of Belinda’s soul she discovered were the negative emotions and fears that remain imprinted at the cellular level often creating dysfunction illness disease and pain…it is only through releasing these imprints and fears that we can be whole and well again. The plaque of the soul is a metaphor and can be compared to the film that can develop on the teeth if the teeth are not cared for and in like manner negative thoughts and emotions build up in our minds and bodies like plaque and can cause decay, heaviness and depression. To removed this plaque on a daily basis we must connect within to our soul being but we have been taught to focus on the outer world primarily. An Example.. ..Get a good education and get a good job but that is not happening right now as the breakdown of the American Dream is happening right before our eyes…You get sick and advertisers tell you to go to your doctors and take medicines which have so many side effects that might be worse than the condition being treated. Belinda and Sheryl believe in the innate intelligence of the human body to heal itself and Belinda shares her story of healing her back without surgery.
In The Living Spirit Sheryl wrote that our thoughts which are energy or emotional in content affect the physical body and the reality we are creating…… As we move through life, we internalize the belief systems of the physical world around us including those of our families, our physical characteristics, personalities, talents, ailments and so on, so much so, that it is often difficult to figure out where beliefs end and where we begin. One way to do this is to examine our emotions, particularly those we consider negative. While interviewing Dr. Richard Moss on Healing From Within, he described “intelligent feelings” in regard to our “untamed emotions” which are heightened reactions that lead to exaggerated responses. He suggested if we attend to our ordinary emotions to evolve them into feelings that are intelligent they can offer us great insight and give us instructions about how to engage in our experience. But emotions that are interrupted by our ego remain unintelligent and often lead us into unpleasant associations and suffering.
In other words Sheryl suggests to lead with the emotions of your heart or soul being: often a more truthful barometer of what is important for personal growth and pay less attention to the emotions engendered by the conscious mind or illusions of the ego and your physical reality often negative and fearful images…All emotions good or bad should be experienced and transmuted to the most positive form to be beneficial for how to proceed in the most loving healthy and compassionate way when fear and negativity are discarded.
A quote from Mahatma Gandhi which Belinda shares in her book, “The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.” Where a connection is clogged with negative thoughts or emotions we can change how we think about the person or problem…”
Know that you cannot change what happened in the past but you can change the way you look at it as you unplug from your common perception of sadness or fear. Decide with your free will that it’s time to let go and begin again. You know that fear anger sadness hate guilt revenge simply drags you down. Replace these energies with the sweet light energy of love and move forward in life..this is called Ho’oponopono.
The death of Belinda’s son and a complete loss of money motivated her to write her book, Find Your Friggin’ Joy. Sheryl believes one of the reasons Belinda wrote the book is to show how it is possible to go from suffering and to find the soul of all possibilities beyond the soul scars and pain of any and all events and to heal the past and bring a greater vision of joy into this moment and for future generations….to always rise above the traumas to see the world with different eyes and to find the Love that resides within us and restores us to knowing that we are spiritual beings having a physical life so we might renew refine and remember our infinite potential to love without restriction.
As Belinda continued her journey of healing she was lead to Reconnective Healing and this experience played in important part in Belinda’s transformation. Belinda wrote “In order to truly heal my physical disabilities as well as my emotional trauma, I had to take a hard deep look within myself and see where I had to clear up all negative ties and reform any negative self-perceptions. I had to do some intense research and deep soul searching…On my path of healing the first thing I had to accept—as the principle of the great Huna teachings requires is complete responsibility for all areas of my life for If I were the cause for creating the events of my life—even unconsciously created, I also could be responsible for un-creating it.”
Sheryl reminds listeners that Dr. Eric Pearl author of The Reconnection who teaches this method of energy and spiritual healing was one of her first guests on “Healing From Within.” Dr. Pearl is an amazing health facilitator and his system like all energy healing modalities recognizes the truism that we are spiritual beings downloading Universal Healing Energies that are all around and within us. Sheryl, as a Reiki Master Teacher, in her new book The Living Spirit, encourages a merging of traditional alternative healing modalities with allopathic western medical practices to offer patients a multi-dimensional healing process for mind body and spirit She believes that is the only way to achieve Wholeness not merely mask symptoms but to remove the causes. In her book Sheryl wrote…. “There are several types of energy healing. Some like Reiki and acupuncture have been around for thousands of years: others have developed more recently. Their methods may differ as well as certain aspects of their ideologies but they all operate on one basic premise: there is more to us than our physical bodies. Energy sessions focus instead on the life force –or “qi” that flows within all living things—the goal being to release dissolve or transmute negative feelings that block this force and cause imbalance and illness in the body. All of these methods have benefits that range from improving or healing the physical body to clearing past painful memories and negative though patterns.”
Belinda tells us more about her Hawaiian experiences and the Huna healing process in relationship to Reconnective Healing training. Belinda wrote, “During my 20 years of healing I have felt people who came to me were drawn to me to reach a higher purpose. One client in particular John told me he always knew he would one day be in a wheel chair. When John was 19 he was in a car accident and the accident put him in a wheelchair..Thirty six years later he came to me for a Reconnective Healing session. I didn’t have an agenda to give him anything specific in the healing…the more detached I am to the outcome the more light the client receives. The higher frequencies know that John needed to heal at the deepest level of his being. After the session, John admitted to forgiving himself for his broken neck and now feels less of a victim. He says by forgiving himself and not blaming others he feels empowered..his freed up energies are now focused on endeavors that stimulate his enthusiasm for life…”
heryl feels that a look at “The Law of Attraction” an energetic law of cause and effect might be helpful in understanding John’s experience. Sheryl writes in her book that she discusses The Law of Attraction and wrote…”The Law of Attraction is a universal energetic truth of creating our own reality by bringing to us the people and circumstances that our mind and actions generate. What we focus our thoughts, time and energy on whether knowingly or unknowingly whether positively or negatively, whether lovingly or hatefully—sets up a ripple of interaction with other people, places and events that ultimately brings those possibilities into reality. The thought begins on an energetic mental level and sometimes proceeds after days, months or years into a manifestation of a concrete reality. Therefore, I propose that you shall receive what you offer to others and what you wish for or ask for continually from Spirit…everything of both a positive and negative nature is often reflected and given back to you by a universal force that does not judge but simply delivers.”
Belinda had a serious back problem and was able to help it heal without surgery or medication At forty eight Belinda collapsed with herniated discs and spinal nerve damage. Threatened with paralysis by her medical doctors if she didn’t have surgery Belinda opted to apply the ancient Hawaiian healing practices she had been learning for three years and her back completely healed including; childhood scoliosis. Sheryl says that it is known in many cases back surgeries do not work for all patients and as we know any surgery creates conditions which can lead to other changes in the body: scar tissue, residual pain and even death. Many holistic practitioners suggest trying more moderate treatment, less medications which create side effects and working on changing the thoughts and patterns that often have lead to a lowered immune system, depression, emotional suffering and ultimately the physical ailments. in other words cure the soul and heart essence and the body will follow. Sheryl says she wrote the above words about the need to use self healing methods as much as possible before reading that Belinda’s son Brian had committed suicide after struggling for years with back pain and two spinal surgeries. Sheryl says “I am so very sorry but perhaps that is part of Brian’s gift to you and to all the healers and writers who seek to move us from pain to joy or to happiness, and to share the wisdom of natural healing methods that must be honored and aligned to traditional methods so we can find ways to heal at our deepest soul level. Sheryl believes as does Belinda that we have a plan, a destiny, and a time to be here and then beyond in a Higher life form.”
Sheryl relates to Belinda “I recently read an article in Oprah’s magazine which I would like to share with you and our listeners entitled… “The Migraine in My Butt” written by Juno De Melo who after a decade of doctor’s visits figured out how to heal her discomfort from the pulsating pain in the tiny muscle…the piriformis behind the gluteus that no treatment alleviated for very long. What she found was perhaps the pain was in her head. It was suggested she read The Mind-body Prescription written b y John E Sarno MD whose theory focuses on the premise that your mind tells your nervous system to decrease blood flow to your muscles in order to cause painful oxygen deprivation to distract you from anger anxiety and other feelings your subconscious mind doesn’t want to think about. His treatment plan included keeping a journal to record feelings and unearth repressed emotions, meditation and retraining the mind to interpret events with a more positive uplifting viewpoint while not engaging negativity or fearful thinking .Clear your mind and clear your pain.
Belinda tells us to keep clearing or cleaning yourself by saying “I love you…I’m sorry….I forgive you…..Thank you”. Those are words of gratitude and appreciation for your life that make you and others feel well. You can handle emotional baggage by saying these simple phrases.
Healing ancient wounds by correcting past wrongs with all our ancestors relatives and friends by embracing and using the concept of Ho’oponopono can clear a lineage of angry fearful or resentful people so it does not continue into the next generation.
Belinda shares some important insights and teaching from her Hawaiian training practices. Hawaiians talk about negative energy or dialogue with others cords around your aura field that may deplete your energy, an alternating current that may also flow between 2 people and can accumulate in your body and have you feeling all tied up. You know this build up if you would rather pull the covers over your head or sit staring at the TV rather than start a new project. Another way you might feel drained is when you are with someone who drains your energy who can’t access their own energy so they attempt to suck it out of you.
So this process of Ho’oponopono aligns everything inside of us and helps clean up our relationships with people from our past and present by dissolving these cords or false perceptions. Ho’o means to make right so if you have said anything during the day to hurt yourself or harm another, cut the cords that bound you to that event and let all negative thought melt into the water with the sunset as you offer forgiveness through your Higher Self. Such dissolutions will reveal the only truth: For the truth is all there is Love! This is Divine Love as opposed to our own interpretation of what love is based on our past experiences and our Higher Self knows there is nothing to forgive. When you evoke the spirit of love within yourself with the cleaning words, it heals the outer projection of what you are creating with your thoughts.
Many people believe the intellect solves our problems. Belinda suggests it only manages the problems based on painful memories and makes up stories to make things okay, but the intellect or conscious mind is not connected to our Higher Self which is connected to our subconscious or energetic spiritual aspect of Self.
Sheryl has attended many healing workshops and among them was one with Laurie Grant also know as Mother Uri , a Reiki Master Teacher who went to Hawaii almost crippled and was healed by these same healing energies of the ancient Kahuna shamans and wherever we are, in whatever land or culture, Universal Healing Energies may be accessed by those who awaken and recognize the events coincidences or synchronistic opportunities to higher consciousness and to their Higher and true Self… realizing the benefits of working with healing energies from the heart or soul essence allows one to develop a personal connection with Spirit and while working for the highest good of All create a miracle and a blessing.
Belinda and Sheryl would have you remember that sometimes joy may be hard to access when we are hanging on to anything that no longer serves us. As you learn to let go of attachment and flow in the world of your possibilities and dreams for creating your most productive life, you will find quite magically that anything and everything is possible. Love is always the motivating force for our best action and what we hope to draw to ourselves in our daily experiences.