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Lynn Torre, CFP

Mind-Money Connection – Embracing the Millionaire MOM Mindset

Do you ever get down on yourself and wallow in a pity party?  After you listen to the life story of my guest Alicia Bowens ( ), you may be inspired to never wallow again.  Before you listen to this podcast, first say to yourself “there is always someone else who has bigger problems than I”.

Besides being popular in high school, Alicia was also a very good student and a gifted athlete.  Then her world was turned upside-down when she became a single mom at 15.  She shares her inspirational story and her dedication to supporting teen moms.  You will also learn about the Millionaire M.O.M. Mindset.

Alicia is an entrepreneur, life coach, public speaker and prolific author. She can be reached at or 855-254-2421.  Her upcoming book is titled: The Millionaire M.O.M. Mindset.

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