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Dr. Christina Hibbert

Motherhood – How to Boost Physical & Mental Health, Self-Esteem, Family & Happiness Through Exercise!

In honor of my brand new book, 8 Keys to Mental Health Through Exercise,” which is officially out TODAY, I want to share some of the secrets of health, self-esteem, family success, and happiness I have gained through researching and writing this book. We all want to be healthy, happy, to feel good about ourselves, and to build strong family relationships, right? Well, there’s one key ingredient to all these things, and that’s making a habit of exercise! Now, for those who are grimacing just reading about exercise, it’s important to understand that what we’re really talking about is creating a mindset that leads toward lifelong activity, health, and happiness. As we move our body, it quite literally moves our mind, leading to all kinds of benefits like overcoming depression, anxiety and other mental illness, reducing stress, improved sleep, mood, and self-worth, stronger relationships, clearer focus and thinking, greater intuition and creativity, and yes, even a longer, happier life! Who doesn’t want all that?
Today’s “Motherhood” episode explores many of these benefits and shows you how you can not only want to exercise, but actually start moving today, and keep going your whole life long! My two incredible guests are Katherine Althous, single mom, and Beachbody coach, who’s overcome lifelong depression and discovered energy and joy through exercise, and Brielle Kennington, mom of 3 and Diamond Beachbody coach, who has lost 60 pounds this year and has found, and learned to love, her true self through exercise! These two women will inspire you with their experiences of learning to exercise for health and wellness, and their strategies for how to start small and stick with it! And don’t forget to visit my website for “50 Fun Ways to Exercise as a Family” and other tipsand check out 8 Keys to Mental Health Through Exercise” online or at a bookseller near you!