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Dr. Christina Hibbert

Motherhood -Ditch the Guilt & Embrace Adventure—Benefits for Family, Relationships, & Personal Growth!

Last week, I had the opportunity to attend the Zion Ponderosa’s Women’s Adventure Retreat, in southern Utah, along with 10 other women of all ages, locations, and personalities. Together, we tried things we’d never done before—from rappelling to zip-lining to a helicopter tour of the awe-inspiring Zion National Park, to simply spending a week with a group of women we’d never met before! I was inspired by this experience, and it got me thinking about adventure and motherhood. How many times do we say “no” to adventure because we’re “too busy,” “have too many responsibilities,” or are just too swamped with “being mom?” Yet, adventure is an important part of becoming the mom, and person, we desire to be—not only benefitting us but our families, too.

Today, I’m talking with some of the participants from the women’s adventure retreat, to hear their thoughts on adventure, why it’s important, and what we can gain when we ditch the guilt, push ourselves, and just say “yes” to something new. I’m also talking with Mark Wade, marketing director for Zion Ponderosa, to get his take as a father and husband, and Mandy Woodhouse, director of the semi-annual Women’s Adventure Retreat who is a pretty adventurous mom herself. Tune in to hear some powerful and fun testimonies of what adventure has done for each of my guests, and to feel inspired about what adventure can do for you, and how to start putting more adventure into your life today!
Also, in my Dr. Christi’s Simple Solutions segment, I’m talking with Thomas Byers, owner of Thomas Byers Guitar Studio, who has taken on his own new adventure and invites you to come along! Thomas has created “Guitar for all” online guitar lessons for folks of all ages and levels, and his easy-to-use videos allow you to try the adventure of learning guitar in your own home—for you, your kids, or the entire family!
Finally, be sure to check out my blog post related to this topic—“Ditch the Guilt & Embrace Adventure: 8 Tips Gained from the Zion Ponderosa Women’s Retreat,” for more ideas on how to make adventure part of your life and for some incredible pics of some of the adventures I have been fortunate enough to embrace. I hope it will motivate you to get out there, seek adventure, and let it help you grow!