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Dr. Christina Hibbert

Motherhood – Trusting and Following your Intuition

We’ve all heard the phrase, “Mother’s intuition” and “women’s intuition,” but do we really believe in it? Even more importantly, do we know how to listen and trust our own intuition? Call it conscience, a gut feeling, the Spirit, or whatever else, the most important questions is “How do we develop our intuition and learn to trust it?” What benefits can it bring into our lives? And how can following our intuition benefit our families, too? My guest, author and intuition coach Gail Harris says learning to trust and follow our intuition becomes a way of life that can lead us closer to the Divine and to the life we were meant to live. We’re discussing how intuition not only prevents us from potential harm, but how it also leads us to potential good, increasing our life purpose and peace, and benefiting our children and families along the way. And in my Simple Solutions segment, I’m talking with Melina Engel, from SimpliSafe, a revolutionary home security system that puts you and your family first at a fraction of the cost. Using your intuition to keep your family safe? Absolutely. And for more on intuition in motherhood, visit my post, 3 Steps to Enhance & Trust Your Intuition.