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Healing From Within

Sheryl Glick

Healing From Within – Heal with the Wisdom of the Akashic Records

Host: Sheryl Glick R.M.T.
Special Guest: Lisa Barnett
In today’s episode of Healing From Within, your host Sheryl Glick author of The Living Spirit which shares an understanding of our dual nature as both spiritual and physical beings and offers suggestions of how to use The Universal Laws of Energy to transform and heal physically emotionally and spiritually. Sheryl is delighted to welcome Lisa Barnett the author of The Infinite Wisdom of the Akashic Records who has founded the Akashic Knowing School of Wisdom to teach six new Akashic Access Prayers to humanity.
Lisa will guide us through the Akashic Knowing Wisdom Prayer System..a five part system with three vibrational keys to access your own Akashic Record and find out more of what you hope to master in this time place and in this life. You may become more skilled at the art of formulating questions to retrieve life enhancing answers or to release karma or soul contracts that bind you to negative life patterns and to gain confidence and clarity about personal situations that challenge your sense of well-being.
Lisa thinks back to her childhood and writes, “I was born into this body “awake.” I know you are probably wondering What does that mean? Well when I was about 3 years old I had the shocking realization that my spirit had embodied again. I remember looking at my hands and thinking, Oh my gosh, what am I doing here again? I was also flooded with memories of the energies, feelings and even some images of when I was not living in a physical human body but was instead being with the spirits on another plane. I remembered when I was on that other plane, I didn’t have to work so darn hard at talking and communicating with other beings. That was my first remembered experience and it’s not so uncommon for children at a young age to start having memories of when they could communicate energetically or telepathically.”
Sheryl relates her earliest memory also at three years old of lying on the grass in the Catskill mountains crying and thinking…Why did you drop me in this place?….Seems like for some of us the memory of home or beyond is so deeply imprinted in our soul body that life in the physical realm seems limited in many ways.
The Akashic Records are the archives of a soul’s journey, holding all the thoughts, feelings ,actions and deeds from each lifetime; some people imagine them in a library with each book representing a lifetime. Everyone has their own masters, teachers and Beings of Light that keep track of all the information and they will answer questions about current and past lives that affect each of us in the lives we now live.
Perhaps the Akashic Records are a guidebook—a map to consult as humankind unfolds its destiny. Once a sacred practice hidden from the masses and privy only to those in the highest spiritual orders, it has now become accessible to those who seek its wisdom. Its vast realms of the history of the cosmos to the journey of each individual soul include universal principles for living a joyful and abundant life.
In reference to this idea, Lisa wrote…
”Feel like you are carrying too much baggage. Are you spaced out and tired overcome with emotion, depressed, angry, frustrated. Most of us think it has to be a long and painful journey when we’re at a crossroad or faced with a difficult decision, and yet, through the use of these ancient energetic tools, blocks and constrictions that stand in your way can be cleared.”
Sheryl says to Lisa “What you just said is how we may come to know more about ourselves and then search for ways to improve our lives…. As a Reiki energy practitioner and teacher I have discovered many ways to tap into that higher dimension of wisdom and divine guidance and receive messages from guides and teachers in the Unseen world for my clients that help them validate the reasons for some of their most challenging situations.” I also teach Reiki energy healing which opens up channels removes restrictions and blockages and helps to awaken to our own soul inner energy for a clearer way to understand process and balance our life situations.
Sheryl encourages our listeners to get involved in energy work groups with people who can encourage positive development and personal growth and in her book The Living Spirit she writes…. “There are several types of energy healing. Some like Reiki and acupuncture, have been around for thousands of years: others have been developed more recently. Their methods may differ, as well as certain aspects of their ideologies but they all operate on one basic premise: there is more to us than our physical bodies. Energy sessions focus on the life force—or “qi” that flows within all living things, the goal being to release dissolve, or transmute negative feelings that block this force and cause imbalance and illness in the body. All of these methods have benefits that range from improving or healing the physical body to clearing past painful memories and negative thought patterns.” It is my continued hope that we begin to merge the Eastern healing modalities with Western or modern medicine to achieve true healing which is a mind body and spiritual process.”
Many people hope to find a happy supportive relationship and wonder if there is such a thing as a soul mate. Let’s look at the Akashic Records and see how they can be useful in our personal relationships.
Lisa’s Akashic Record is a vast infinite field so it becomes critical to learn to ask useful and efficient questions. There is an art to formulating your questions so practice is encouraged. Many of our clients wish to know when they will meet a guy…Lisa tells a story of a client who asked you this and you saw an image of a man in a red and black plaid shirt with a black pick- up truck…she did met that man but after a few weeks the relationship fell away…She realized he wasn’t a soul mate in terms of being well matched to her values and ideals and so it becomes obvious from this story that the qualities you put your attention on when wishing to create a new relationship or life experience should include those that would bring you and your soul mate the greatest joy. Putting out the thought that you hope to meet a gentleman who is on a spiritual path similar to yours and who will be the highest and best partner to hold you in love and who may display integrity honesty courage and support you on your path would be a powerful way to move towards your desired goals.
Lisa also gives an example for people who may be having difficulties in earning enough money and writes, “My clients often tell me they don’t deserve to charge a fee and make money from the healing work they do. When we go into their personal Akashic Record we see past lives in which they were monks nuns or ascetics who took vows of poverty. Or maybe you feel as though you’ve been too controlling in some areas of your life. Perhaps you lived numerous past lives where you vowed to never relinquish your power again. You could have been in the government—a ruler who had his or her power taken away during a rebellion or revolt—so in this present life you feel fear of losing control. The records can help you release these old energies so they no longer manifest in destructive ways in different parts of your life.”
Some people feel they have nothing in common with their family of origin or their partners. It appears the soul contracts with our family and indeed everyone we met in our lives is arranged before we are born. Lisa suggests we imagine a huge gymnasium where souls come together and discuss what they may want to learn in the next life such as forgiveness and then another soul may step up and say “OK, I will agree to be your grouchy, unbearable father, so you’ll have lots of chances to learn how to forgive me.” And the other soul says, “Sure that would work because I was pretty awful to you in our last lifetime together and this will help complete the karmic circle. Of course once you land on Earth you won’t remember any of this or the contracts.
As a soul, before we come into a body, we often choose to complete karma from a past life. We create soul contracts with a soul we had a complex relationship with in a past life. An example of this might be in this life the soul’s desire is to finish the old karma by supporting a partner from a past life. When the relationship becomes complicated in this life we abandon our partner and leave a mess behind. It might be a traumatic divorce or in a business partnership. When we do this we do not complete our karma as we have not forgiven the partner. We can be very angry and hold on to grudges. We may have harmed people physically or financially. Because we are having a human experience in the dense energy of anger fear guilt or pride we have not been able to move into a place of forgiveness. The good news is that karma is with ourselves or other souls, and it is something we can clear through forgiveness and unconditional love. Lisa goes on to say that karma does not necessarily have to be seen as a punishment or in terms of good or bad. Karma must be seen as a cycle for growth greater vision and improved refined soul behavior.
Many people would love to say goodbye to their confusion around money issues and have more abundance in their lives….so why do some people work really hard all their lives but never make much money,
Money has many layers from a spiritual perspective because we are complex human beings and we complicate money’s meaning and significance in our lives. Lisa has helped people who work so hard at creating their business only to end in a legal battle with a partner and eventually bankruptcy. I’ve helped others who fear leaving the corporate world to follow their hearts on their soul path. This often causes trauma in their everyday life, sometimes leading to divorce or physical illness. Monetary themes come from our families, teachers our cultural social and religious beliefs and also ancestral monetary beliefs from numerous lifetimes when we may have been financially challenged. The Akashic Records can help us tap into these past times and help us with our present beliefs and practices.
Karma is such a big topic for so many people and really is merely a cycle of growth. As souls we come to experience all aspects of life on Earth. When we leave the chosen endeavor for whatever reason karma is created by that incomplete action. In other words we haven’t learned what we came to learn or grown as a soul in the way intended. Lisa uses the example of a pie and that you are nourishing our soul by eating the pie..then something upsets you…it’s so upsetting you decide to jump out of the story leaving the pie uneaten. You can have an accident, illness, divorce, addiction, remove ourselves physically, emotionally, mentally, and then are harming ourselves and others as we may not complete our karma cycle in the way intended. The key to realize is that many of these decisions may be unconscious. That is why as we awaken and realize the true nature and value of life we will make better choices to succeed on a soul level and learn to master our emotions so we can grow and fulfill our soul’s life plan and destiny.
Lisa shares many valuable prayers useful in opening and using the Akashic Records to gather personal soul information to improve relationships, health and business practices. The Prayers are as follows: The Akashic Knowing Wisdom Prayer Akashic prayers of Lineage,(Arcturus, Sirius, Pleiades, Orion and the Galactic Traveler) Calling Back your Energy Meditation, Forgiveness Prayer, Prayer for Physical Clearing, Prayer for Clearing Other’s Energies, Prayer for Clearing Entities and Energy Patterns, Prayer for Aligning with Your Soul, Energy Release Grace Point Clearing. Sheryl tells Lisa at an unfoldment healing group she conducted recently she used the Meditation for “Calling Back Your Energy” and found it to be powerful and helpful to all participants.
Lisa tells us a story about the Akashic Record and how it helped her book. She wrote, “At a retreat in Sedona I met a woman who said she could access my Akashic Record to give me a reading…the Lords of the Akashic Records came through her in a clear loud voice to say,” Finally we’ve consciously gotten your ear. It’s on your soul path to bring this information out into the world and to use this wisdom for humanity.” I had heard the loud booming voice before but had never connected it to the Akashic Field. A day came when the Beings of Light told me it was time to open my own Akashic school and they would give me prayers to be taught through my school. They also told me that my soul lineage is galactic and that I had lived on and traveled through many planets and dimensions. I was told these new prayers will connect to a different lineage of souls that are looking for Akashic access at the present time. “
A soul lineage traces the path your soul has taken throughout time and it supports your soul purpose in this lifetime. Example…If you lived on scientific planets for many of your lifetimes your soul purpose now may be to bring new technology to Earth or develop new scientific information that may change the way we study an illness such as cancer.
When we talk about a person’s Soul Path or Purpose you may know if you are on your path when you begin journaling. Upon looking back on what you have written you could find you are handling similar situations with new focus and intention and not reacting with emotion or pain to what formerly pushed your buttons. You might have more stable and satisfying relationships and feel more positive and joyful about events in your life. You may feel healthier and have greater energy to explore what interests you. You may feel your heart opening and remembering who we are as soul beings having a physical life. You may feel grounded and more comfortable in your physical body.
Lisa Barnett has shared her thoughtful view of an important tool-The Akashic Records for metaphysical seekers who wish to find ways to access and utilize the eternal infinite wisdom of the Universe for an improved soul’s journey.
Lisa and Sheryl have shared experiences that opened up the traditional way they saw the world in a linear way and from purely a physical view… to an awakening of inner potential or soul energy and to the infinite connection each of us has to Universal life forces. We can begin to see the Akashic Records which are so expansive in knowledge like the multi-dimensional beings we are that have layers and layers of life issues with karma attachments from past lifetimes and this lifetime. We can discover the true purpose for this physical life which is to refine our inner energy, grow past traumas and dramas in order to complete our soul contracts and karmic circles. Each relationship affords us the opportunity to learn something about ourselves and gives us the ability to create new thoughts and patterns.
Lisa wrote… “Sometimes when we have a situation with our boss or partner, we might think that he isn’t so bright or nice, but the truth may be that you came to learn something from him about yourself, or to finish some karma, or to complete a vow. Not always, but often, people come into our lives for a reason. Your responsibility is to find out what that reason is. What are the details of this prearranged matter? Is it a soul contract? What is written into this contract? Is it one of completion, growth or support. “
Lisa and Sheryl would suggest you begin to look at repeated events in your life and also the people who you are struggling to understand and work with, and to begin to use all the energetic tools of healing to begin to access a personal communication with the higher beings, loved ones, guides of Spirit, who are waiting for you to awaken and call on them and to answer your questions. Meditate prayer surround yourself with supportive individuals….Just ask your questions..that is the first step and then listen to the wisdom of your Higher Self as it taps into the Universal Laws of Energy.