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Healing From Within

Sheryl Glick

Healing From Within – Energetic Healing and the Oneness Blessing

Host: Sheryl Glick R.M.T.
Special Guest: Paula Rosenfeld
In today’s episode of “Healing From Within” your host Sheryl Glick author of The Living Spirit, a book that shares a look at Universal Energy healing, Spiritual Communication and the way to awaken to your true human and divine potential. Today Sheryl welcomes Paula Rosenfeld author of The Oneness Blessing who brings to her practice of shamanic healing techniques, energy balancing, intuitive consultations, and coaching efforts the experiences at the Oneness University in India which ignited in her an even deeper desire to assist in the transformation of world consciousness.
Paula will share what the Oneness Blessing is and why it is being called a global phenomenon and how awakening and enlightenment are the transitional states many people are now focused on.
Paula was continually looking for happiness through the lens of modern life pursuing exotic vacations a marriage fine dining attractive clothes a beautiful home and forcing my sparkling life force energy into a numbing job in order to bring home a paycheck STILL A SENSE OF SOMETHING MISSING OF AN Inner emptiness. One part of her believed life was meaningless and another part felt it had to find the right job, the right partner, the right home, the right car to believe that she was enough……
Paula has studied and mastered many healing modalities. The global phenomenon of the Oneness Blessing, also known as Deeksha is an energy transmission passed through the hands of one person to another. The mysterious Deeksha works in a neuro-biological way activating the recipient’s frontal lobes of the brain and de-activating the brain’s parietal lobes. This subtle but powerful shift in brain function supports an experience of heightened awareness, joy interconnectedness and authenticity leading to a permanent awakening and growth in consciousness. Once the change in the physical body is achieved by having an Avatar or highly enlightened person transfer energy much like the attunement process Sheryl experienced as a Reiki Master Teacher the initiate is hopeful in serving her own person growth process and helping others refine and develop their own soul essence and spiritual growth. Both processes as all spiritual healing modalities encourage multi-dimensional awareness and an awakening to the mind body and soul eternal nature of life and evolution.
The Oneness Blessing as Reiki is not religious and requires no allegiance to any beliefs doctrines or practices. With surprising simplicity it opens the door for ordinary people to join the extraordinary flow of life’s natural abundance, unity and miracles.
The Oneness Blessing is a global phenomenon and is like meditation hypnosis or Reiki energy healing because it draws from Universal Source or the energy that surrounds us and is within us. It is our connection to our eternal soul essence that is able to make this higher connection Paula describes miracles with an 11 year old chronic back spasm, a beautiful change in her relationship with her mother and an unexpected opportunity to write this book while she discovered the truth: awakening has brought a change in perception that reveals the loving hand of Higher Intelligence in every detail of life.
Sheryl says through her Reiki practice, meditation and other Universal healing modalities, she has discovered a similar level of awareness of everything in life as miraculously perfect even when it seems not to be. Paula wrote “In this state of awakened reality on the earth plane there is very real loss, pain grief hatred and the full range of human emotions, but we come to see the purpose and design in the way life unfolds and learn acceptance to this divine unfolding of life and feel free to be and allow others to just be.
In The Living Spirit Sheryl wrote ”Spiritual transformation is the key to manifesting a better physical experience. It is also necessary to attain life achievements that are not only materially advantageous but are a real reflection of your true Divine Self. Coincidentally a spiritual transformation also allows us to find our higher selves and a connection to Universal energy. ….By seeking deeper knowledge of your soul, your heart energy, and your life’s purpose, you automatically begin to remember that you are more than your body: more than the material or physical world: you are part of a higher life force that is eternal and divine…”
Sheryl personally has found there are many ways to achieve an awakened state…The Oneness Blessing or Deeksha is a way…in Sheryl’s case the Reiki Attunement or blessing which opened the channels to download this higher wisdom and energy for healing was a way to find and develop a deeper and continuing connection to a higher source and the divine. Sheryl also feels we are guided to met the teachers and the interests that best serve our soul development and should allow everyone to move towards what they are ready for and comfortable with.
In our understanding of Deeksha we find it allows people to embrace and fully experience buried charges or wounds a bag of pain that keeps us from experiencing the Divine.. these charges make us feel miserable and separate us from love and peace.. these thoughts are being generated from these unconscious and harmful charges…they play on and on in the outer life relentless patterns that bind us and limit us.
The search for happiness which is our true soul nature and our birthright is often camouflaged by illusions which we think are real and then we can suffer in our craving for more of the illusions and resist what is actually real. Deeksha can help us move towards a deeper level of happiness by bypassing the stories patterns and behaviors that cause us to feel victimized by people and situations and begin to look within to our own truths and what is really going on…then we will not resist life and cause ourselves pain but use conscious effort to face our feelings and approach forgiveness of self and others….Paula affirms that doing inner work which is a recognition of our soul truths and needs and the ego belief structure that can defer these higher vibrations and feelings of love and compassion is the way to grow and mature in alignment to the Universal Laws of Energy
Paula wrote….”Within the flow of “what is” we may experience The Presence. The Presence is the infinite supreme intelligence both in us and around us, Source or Universal Creation. We are that and when we are in this state of being, we are Consciousness itself and thus Self-Aware. Awakening is a shift that allows you to stay with the actual….what is…freed from the grip of a story-making mind. When awakened, there is a awareness of reality. Paula would say that an awakening leads us further on the path of enlightenment With the Oneness Blessing it becomes possible to discover the emotional stories or charges that create pain, not resist these feelings and transform them to reach a state of wellbeing or joy. We can see that our thoughts when the mind takes control moves us to daydreams and perhaps stories of what happened in the past or what could happen in the future taking us away from what is happening now. The energy of current emotions becomes trapped in our bodies if the mind does not resist feeling them These trapped emotions can be set off by one’s chance remark, a situation at work or something that triggers the pain we have been trying to avoid..Until the feelings can move through the body, we are stuck in discomfort or pain and to help alleviate that we develop addictions… The Oneness Blessing supports you in turning inward revisiting these emotions of pain sadness and sorrow and releasing them so you can not react to the same triggers or stimuli as before…”Change the thought, release the fear or illusion and restore yourself to your natural authentic state of divinity.
Paula discusses Authenticity which includes anger sadness and pain and is part of our natural state of love connection peace and joy…it is our soul state aware of our life plan and destiny willing to grow and mature and accept responsibility for creating our best life and being of service to others and to move past the illusions of the mind or outer world to find the soul or divine part of our being. When you function from that state of authenticity you must find a joy in living and appreciate the vast Universal component to creation and you then have found your purpose in life which is to remember who you are as a spiritual being having a physical life”.
Paula also expresses quite importantly that “Life is relationships.” Our world cannot feel right to us unless we are in right relationship with our self, our parents and family, our ancestors friends coworkers and all whom we connect with in life. If any of these relationships are troubled and conflicted than our inner peace and connection is eroded. One of the quintessential teaching of Oneness is that” life equals relationships.” If you want the quality of life to improve make a conscious effort to heal relationships. Move past worrying about who drains your energy and who you can trust and be open-hearted with. When we awaken we can see that we can be as self-absorbed, greedy, defensive and judgmental as the next person and come to accept all parts of our self.…
Until we awaken we are in resistance mode and the fear of being hurt is so strong that we unconsciously experience interpersonal connection through the mind and the minds desire is to avoid pain that is strong……we know separation and only an open heart can help us move past conflict blame and pain to experience the Oneness of Darkness and Light both aspects of Wholeness.
The Oneness Blessing can help with forgiveness which simply means to put yourself in the shoes of someone you may have hurt and feel as another feels, so judgment and defensiveness are replaced by connection, forgiveness and acceptance. In a higher state of awakening one knows on every level there is nothing to forgive. In the Oneness course you are directed to turn your gaze inward to look at the God of your childhood and the fears that God might be a punishing and enforcing being…You don’t even need to use the word God for that term is one of many that refer to that which is sacred, fundamental eternal whole within us surrounding us ever and all present and of a higher intelligence than our small ego based minds…No matter what it is called it’s the one essence. It lives in us and we live in it. It’s that remembering of our essence for which our hearts are yearning. Oneness refers to it as your personal Divine.(Purushothama or Antaryamin)
Paula wrote “Lying at the root of all the poverty, wars, and destruction of the natural world is the consciousness of separation and lack…With a consciousness of Oneness, on the other hand, there is only the abundance of connection and the limitless creativity to discover, negotiate and utilize resources better. With high levels of awakening we come to experience that extreme poverty in Africa is our own inner poverty….the pollution of faraway oceans and waterways is the pollution of our own water….the plundering of rain forests in South America is the defilement of the wildness within us. With high levels of awakening Oneness conscious provides the paradigm shift we need to end the ceaseless greed, destruction and suffering.”
Of Course there is your ego and the ego is necessary for us to live a physical life even after an awakening. After the realization and release of lack of self-acceptance which hinders the personal growth of so many people we realize all the parts of our body, all aspects of our personality, all the mistakes we have made, all the people we have hurt, all the suffering life had brought you, and we can accept it all without judging ourselves..this is what Oneness calls Liberation..Liberation from a Non-acceptance Mind. You will still have parts that don’t like being seen by the Ego and will still do your best to hide those parts from others, but will come to see if you are awakened that you are the sum of all these parts and will see these parts in others with much more compassion and love. You will see you are the same as others. They are no more or less than I am. We are all human.
Sheryl says “I remember after my Reiki attunements I felt so awakened to the fullness of Spirit and a love of life that I asked myself if it was necessary like the many seekers of olden days including Siddhartha who became the Buddha, to leave the life as he knew it and to go into seclusion meditation or prayer to get even closer to Source…I had a book given to me by Michael a man from England who was at a workshop I attended and it gave small messages from the Bible that answered many of our most intimate questions….I simply opened the book and read…. You may think it necessary to retreat and stay in silence and removed from your normal daily life but in your case you are to stay and support the people around you as you are exactly where you need to be. I never asked myself that question again.”
Oneness implies that each individual becomes one within themselves. (We must work on ourselves) Then each person inspires and contributes to society becoming one, and ultimately the world becomes one in this way..contributing to the good of the community honoring the natural ecology of the location and sharing a vision of oneness. It would become a place for awakening, transformation and God-realization bringing the planet into a state of collective Oneness.
Paula and Sheryl have shared the information and practices you may wish to incorporate into your own daily search for fulfillment health prosperity and joy through utilizing energy dynamics, the Oneness Blessings and awakening to your own miraculous view of your human and divine potential… we have seen how changes in our inner perceptions, releasing old fears and patterns result in wonderful changes in relationships prosperity health purpose and happiness. Awakening allows for a deep personal bond with Universal forces of creation and infinite potential.
In The Living Spirit: Answers for Healing and Infinite Love, Sheryl focuses on this transformational process which she feels is the only way to free the soul and mind from the restraints and limitations of our physical world. Sheryl wrote “There can be no spiritual development without as the above quote says, true self remembering, for the two concepts are actually one and the same. We are eternal beings, already perfect in our divinity: therefore there is nothing to develop, only to remember. That said, we must all realize our responsibility for the path of our physical and spiritual lives…… role in my work is to assist clients in realizing that they have ultimate control over their life decisions, while not necessarily over the circumstances that occur. In the moment of awareness, they achieve a sense of completeness and oneness with Spirit that is beyond anything they have felt before.”
Paula and Sheryl encourage you to open to the possibilities of the Oneness Blessing and all our divine sources for growth and expansion and to begin to live in peace harmony balance and love to create a finer reality for yourself and our world communities.