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Healing From Within -TRAPPED SOULS GO HOME

TRAPPED SOULS GO HOME Volume (3) |Episode (82)
September 5, 2016
Host: Sheryl Glick R.M.T.
Special Guest: Amy Major
In today’s episode of Healing From Within, your host Sheryl Glick, a Reiki energy practitioner and medium as well as author of The Living Spirit which shares stories of spiritual awakenings spiritual communication, healing energies, miracles and ways to go within to find your energetic and Higher Self, welcomes Amy Major author of Toward the Light a Light- worker who assists Trapped Souls and Earthbound ghosts to find their way home. Stories of ghosts and haunting have often frightened people in the past but now with a better understanding of the Afterlife by many, and the understanding that earthbound spirits-ghosts are people just like ourselves, in need of help with the problems they face and need to resolve, we can begin to use spirit communication to counsel and aid the deceased in crossing over and to understand the world of spirit from a ghost’s perspective.
Amy will share her unique gift to help rescue spirits who have for many reasons have been unable to make the transition beyond this physical life when it was their time to cross over. Amy is a renowned Spirit Rescue medium who helps souls who have chosen to remain in exile, who are unable or unwilling to cross over into the Afterlife. Amy a trained psychic and medium known for more than 20 years in the paranormal and spiritual fields introduces rescue mediumship and this book is the first and only guide dedicated entirely to spirit rescue and freeing the deceased from their self-imposed exile on earth. There are different specialties that mediums develop over time and choose to work with and we talk about that later in the show.
At a young age, Amy Major learned that she could communicate with her spiritual and animal guides. Eventually she developed astral projection, as well as the ability to see auras and energy surrounding people. Told by her guides at twenty years old that she could connect with spirits, she acquired strong rescue mediumship skills and has dedicated her life to rescue work and educating people about spirit rescue.
Amy writes… “Unlike her father who believed that you no longer existed after you died Amy had a sense of knowing we were not alone in this world and was inquisitive about God angelk00s and the afterlife and led her to explore different religions go to Sunday school to see how God was worshipped and knew I wanted to dedicate my life to serving God but had no idea what to do. I daydreamed a lot and later in life learned I was having out of body experiences through astral projection. Movies opened my mind to the possibilities of life after death and depictions of ghosts. Due to my unknown ability to sense energy my home was always filled with strange energy. However the idea of seeing a ghost scared me so I didn’t see them just felt them around me. Lack of funds for school drove me to spend 4 years in the Navy and then I settled in New Hampshire…My Mother in law who was so open to the spiritual and psychic world made an appointment to see an astrologer who told me I was very psychic and would live my life serving others with my psychic abilities. I began to study and soon learned that communication levels and abilities with spirits varied from one medium to another. Everyone had different abilities and gifts and if they chose to educate themselves could communicate with Spirit. My guides told me I was a different kind of medium and that these heavy energies would be around me and needed my help to find their way to the other side. I was to be a “Rescue Medium.”
It is well known that not all spirits cross over due to several reasons such as traumatic events or emotional blockages that hold them from completing their journey. The truth is earthbound spirits cross over only when they are ready. They have free will and they are either able to make this decision themselves or with the help of a rescue medium. Rescue mediums use a unique style of mediumship that focuses on earthbound energy communication. Rescue mediums communicate counsel and guide earthbound spirits to make the transition to the other side. This is spirit rescue.
Spirit rescue incorporates many different styles techniques and practices. Some are communicating with spirits, clearing away residual energy, clearing attachments and working with guides and angels.
It isn’t always necessary for a spirit to cross over right after death. Some spirits wait a few days after death to make the full transition. They are still feeling the pull to the other side but at very slow pace. This gives them time to connect to loved ones and look back on their lives and it is sometimes helpful for the spirit to release any unfinished business. Rescue mediums are not necessary at this time.
Sheryl shares an intimate moment with Amy and says, “Not long ago my sister passed. At an unfoldment meditation group which I run monthly in my office one member saw my sister at the time of her passing and saw my father calling to her to come…but she had a hard time as she was confused about what was happening… I am happy to say she was able to make the transition and I had a spiritual visitation from her during a dream where I saw her sitting at a large rectangular table looking young and beautiful and she was eating a plate of food and I said to her…”You’re eating” and she nodded her head Yes and smiled….She had difficulty over the course of her illness eating and wanted me to know NOW she was alright again.”
No all ghosts are bad just as not all people are bad. They are simply on their own life plan to experience and respond in certain ways which are necessary for their soul growth and to help others around them validate their own values and truths. Earthbound spirit energy varies and they may reside in areas that are familiar to them Those spirits that are earthbound might find themselves confused frustrated or lonely because they cannot connect to people in the physical world the way they once did before their death. These spirits are the most likely to try to obtain attention from us here in the physical world by moving objects, playing with lights or making sounds through spontaneous psycho kinesis commonly known as a “poltergeist”. These earthbound spirits want to work on unresolved issues or clear up emotional ties that are keeping them from moving on. Not all poltergeist situations are negative even though movies have depicted poltergeist ghosts to be evil or harmful but this is rare….The term poltergeist means noisy ghost: far from being negative rather its more playful or mischievous. Children will commonly attract poltergeist activity because they are more sensitive to spirit activity.
Amy says you can see ghosts in every place… Anywhere and everywhere where spirits feel safe and comfortable… Sheryl says as she teaches Reiki students to sense energy and use energy for healing and to improve life conditions she expresses that Spirits are all around in a higher vibration and can always be accessed when we simply close our eyes and say their name and begin to feel the energy cool and move around our bodies. While they are always around we need to learn ways to experience this soul energy in our physical world.
Amy describes rescue mediums and Sheryl and Amy talk about the various specialties mediums work with. There are mediums who help people discover life survives beyond this plane and help people who have lost someone they love deal with the grieving process( Like International mediums Robert Brown and John Edward) and there are mediums or medical intuitives who help their clients heal on a physical emotional and spiritual level as I do and also help people know “Consciousness survives physical death” and show them ways to access their own spiritual gifts through Reiki training meditation and yoga so they can validate and fulfill their own life plan : there are also mediums who work with law enforcement and help solve criminal investigations ( James Van Praagh) All mediums draw on their life experiences education and family backgrounds to attract the spiritual teachers and guides both here on Earth and above who will work with their abilities and resources. Mediums may work with all the above situations but I have found that most mediums eventually find their unique skills and are guided by Spirit to function to the highest level of their abilities and to serve in the way that best helps others.
In Sheryl’s book The Living Spirit, she wrote…… “Today I am a Reiki Master Practitioner /Teacher as well as a medium albeit a different kind of medium. Before every Reiki session, I go into a meditative state, traveling to other realms and levels of consciousness. The information I retrieve about the client informs the session so that the energy channeled through me goes where it is needed most. As internationally known medium Robert Brown once told me,” It seems you have been touched differently.” Perhaps he meant to share with me that mediums or intuitive healers are unique in the way they serve the public and explore their own life issues. I am able through the channeling of energy and messages to help an individual or a group access their own soul being, leading them to know there is no separation between where we begin or end as energy beings and physical beings.”
It has been thought that a haunted house is the most common type of haunting but that is not the case… Hauntings are actually all around you …as spirits sometimes remain in the places they were most comfortable in home…school business playground grocery store church subway station. Etc.
Some people have experienced earthbound energies in cemeteries. The spirit might be attached to their physical body or their physical life and the vibrational levels of other spirits in the same situation attract them…Like energy attracts like energy. Spirits will find comfort in knowing they are not alone. It has been a strong misconception that ghosts reside in cemeteries…actually NOT. The energy levels in cemeteries is dense making it seem like there is ghost activity. This denseness or residual energy could be the result of such sadness and other lower emotions that are felt by people who bury their loved ones and leave behind these unpleasant vibrations. Most spirits feel at ease with less physical energy (people) around them.
Sometimes a spirit will attach to an individual to harm or harass them. This can happen for many different reasons but the most common would be because the person reminds them of someone they have ill feelings for. A common trait with an individual would be enough to attract the spirit.
An example of this could be a young man married to a woman with long flowing red hair and he has deep love for her unaware that her feelings are not the same for him. He eventually discovers that his wife has been having an affair with his best friend who is a police officer and loses his sanity and kills them and himself..their spirits transition to the other side and because he turns away from his guides and loved ones in spirit out of grief and anger these emotions of pain and resentment are even stronger and he wanders around searching out people that remind him of his life and may remain attached to these people to release his resentment and anger…violent acts such as throwing objects slamming doors or messing with lights may be displayed by this spirit and it may take days months or years until he is ready to move on. This is not so very different from the way living people react to their traumas and life challenges.
Residual energy can be explained in many different ways and has many different terms associated with it. Residual thread or time placement are two common terms used by mediums or psychics in the field. Residual energy unlike an intelligent haunting does not result from the presence of spirit activity: rather, it is the result of an emotionally charged event that leaves its residual energy mark or imprint on a space. This residual mark or vibration is left behind after a moment of high tension or emotional trauma. Residual energy can also be explained as stored energy from an event that gets released through time resulting in a display of the recorded event. Amy explains residual energy by the “hand print” analogy…Slam a hand down on a table…once your hand is removed an infrared thermal camera will clearly show the hand imprint or energy in regard to the force of the trauma. The nature of any event determines the length of time the residual energy will sustain itself before it dissipates….
First discover if there is a ghost or spiritual energy in that space. Ask yourself three questions when faced with an energy or vibration you feel to be a ghost…
1 Does this energy attempt to make contact with you?
2 Has anything been physically moved around you when the energy is around?
3 Does the energy make you feel threatened?
Many areas have residual energy and the severity of the event determines the amount of residual energy you will feel this soul giving off. Just like any energy vibration residual energy can be changed improved and released. Typically people are looking to clear the energy so they no longer sense the vibration of the event that created the imprint. If energy is not intimidating or scary it can become more positive and peaceful over time with certain prayers visualizations and intentions.
Just like in the physical world spirits are governed by laws and rules on the other side. There is a strict understanding that no spirit is allowed to interfere with the free will of others. This means that spirits cannot continue to harm you if it’s against your free will. These laws are enforced by spiritual beings that are designated to oversee all spirit activity within the planes of existence. These spiritual beings are to maintain proper order and remove any spirits that are disrupting free will in the physical world.
Sheryl says this reminds her of the scene in the movie Ghost where the bad guys in the alley who have murdered the character Patrick Swayze is portraying are quickly taken down into the ground by spiritual forces…
Playing with spiritual tools like tipping tables or Ouija boards commonly attract lower level spirits . DO NOT DO IT……Without proper psychic protection techniques the individual becomes vulnerable to attachments… Other ways to have attachments happen are: Calling in unfamiliar spirits without proper training or protection can leave you vulnerable to attachments. Alcohol drugs and poor diet can weaken the immune system and lead to excessive tiredness, despair weakening the body and mind. Surgery or being unconscious due to medical issues substance abuse or trauma makes you susceptible to psychic attack. Criminal acts/violence leads to negativity which can attract negative spirits. Taking pictures or videos in cemeteries can produce an electro -magnetic energy that spirits feel drawn to….Continued exposure to negative movies or shows can lead to dense vibrational levels in your space and attract negative spirits. Exposure to places of extreme human suffering that is mental such as asylums, hospitals, battlefields and prisons through the buildup of residual energy can house negative spirits.
Most rescue mediums will have a specific rescue technique that works well pertaining to their individual gifts and communication styles. Certain rescue techniques require several participants to join together to initiate a rescue.
Direct rescue is the first type of rescue technique used in the television show Ghost Whisperer with Jennifer Love Hewitt which was on for many years…She communicated with Earthbound Spirits and her husband was an Emergency medical technician. She often called in her friend who was a psychologist and could also hear Spirit voices. Like all healing or wellness plans we need a team to support and use their unique talents to achieve the best results.
Rescue mediums may be called to a location where a spirit energy is detected such as a place where many died in an airplane crash or accident.. Rescue mediums may adjust the perception of an environment or scene where negativity is being experienced and create a more stable beautiful positive environment reminding the spirit of perhaps better times. Example a group of soldiers in a dream like state in which they are in the middle of a battle ground…The Rescue Medium can change the energy and show them where they really are by changing the vibration of fear and the spirit will then mimic the vibration of the higher energy and let go of fear.
Sometimes rescue mediums have to shift their energy to best parallel their energy with the spirits. This means to join them in a dream in the Astral Plane and walk into the energy of the spirit and join in on what the spirit is focused on. They can then communicate with the spirit on their level of understanding. The best way to be received by the spirit is by slow gradual communication. The rescue medium needs to come through to the spirit with patience and to comfort. Often the rescue medium needs help from the other side to calm and comfort the Spirit. Rescue mediums call in family and friends through prayer and affirmations. Visualization techniques are also used to help focus our attention to their energy. Mediums can step into the energy of the spirit and connect to all guides angels and loved ones associated with that spirit…All it takes is a thought of their presence and the family member will come through.
Example would be a little boy earthbound due to emotional trauma associated with sexual and physical abuse…You wouldn’t want to bring in the father that sexually abused him or a grandmother who beat him to death… You would want to bring in anyone he felt safest with.
Amy mentions that the spiritual plane is all around us just on a higher vibration. Once an individual crosses over and becomes just an energy source their vibration changes to parallel the energy vibration of the plane it wishes to reside in Our thoughts and intentions guide the way. A bright light has been seen by many people who have had near-death experiences..the white light appears so the spirits attention to the higher spiritual plane can be recognized and followed.
Sheryl and Amy have explored the full range of mediumship skills that help serve people deal with death and dying… or really eternal life and Rescue mediums specialty is to help earthbound souls move past the physical plane when they are ready to make that choice..We have seen other mediums whose specialty helps teach us about the many dimensions of life beyond the physical plane and intuitive healers or empaths who help us deal with challenging health issues and traumas and more information about our life plan. We have also discussed mediums whose specialty is to help law enforcement with criminal investigations to solve crime. Most importantly we have seen how we all have the ability to develop communication with Spirit if we wish to and if we consistently and patiently work to heighten our vibration and dispel fear and personal restrictions which hinder our ability to know our Higher Self.
Amy has given us greater insight into why a soul may choose to become Earthbound and discussed ghosts, how to protect ourselves from unpleasant attachments or involvement with troubled energies and to remember all life while in a body or out of a body allows for free will, growth and the fulfillment of our soul journey.
Amy gave insight into a beautiful truth and wrote… “Though Spirit Rescue is mostly conducted by rescue mediums, anyone has the ability to help earthbound spirits through prayer. Positive prayer is one of the most effective ways to help a spirit if you do not have training or experiences for rescue work. A prayer that is commonly used is this one…Oh God please send angels or spirit guides to help any earthbound spirits to cross over to the spirit planes.” Amy’s next project includes collaboration with CBS who will be producing a drama series Toward The Light to help as Amy and Sheryl do with their work express the truth about Spirit and dispel fear and misconceptions that do not allow us to employ the positive energy and love of Spirit to create or manifest our best lives and a world that transcends darkness and fear to a world of greater compassion understanding and love. All mediums are messengers of hope and healing and are guides to share our enormous human and divine potential.
Amy and Sheryl would have you remember that as long as you create well meaning intentions and good will towards others coming from a state of love and support you can assist any living or departed soul to accomplish the improvement and changes that are needed. We are all connected by bonds of life and love and must always treat each other with respect compassion and kindness.