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Healing From Within

Sheryl Glick

Healing From Within – Spiritual Awakenings, Spiritual Communication, Healing Energies, Miracles and Ways to go Within to Find Your True Self

Host: Sheryl Glick R.M.T.
Special Guest: David Bennett
In today’s episode of “Healing From Within”, your host Sheryl Glick author of The Living Spirit: Answers for Healing and Infinite Love which shares stories of spiritual awakenings, spiritual communication, healing energies, miracles and ways to go Within to find your True Self, welcomes David Bennett author of his new book, A Voice As Old as Time which follows David’s first book Voyage of Purpose that tells the story of his life changing near death experience. David has been a guest on Dr. Oz, Angels Among Us, NBC National News and PBS.
David Bennett is an energy healer and transformational coach who uses contemplations to develop a center of focus in meditation and during daily life. The contemplations we will discuss provide subject matter for serious thought or consideration into the readers divine nature. We will find out how unlike meditation techniques, contemplations focus on an idea while in a state of stillness or while being mindful.David tells us about his own near death experience on the ocean research vessel, Aloha and his second transformative experience in 1994 while in meditation in Sedona, and then the third experience or event in November 2000. While the Chief engineer of the ocean research vessel Aloha, David had a NDE by drowning. In 1994, when in meditation in Sedona Arizona, which was his childhood home, he had a second transformative experience. The third occurred in November 2000 when he was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer that metastasized into his spine causing its collapse. Now in remission, his passion includes volunteering with experiencer groups (mystical experiences) and cancer survivors to help integrate their spiritually transformative experiences.
While posting reflections on David’s Face book Dharma Talks page, he found that other people following his daily contemplations online reported similar experiences. This points to synchronicity and coincidences, as well as the interconnectedness of all beings and life through Universal Energy or Source, pointing towards the direction of an afterlife and the continued help from spirit, guides, teachers, angels and God Source.
David goes on to mention Contemplations. Contemplations are a voice as old as time spoken by our ancestors and the ancients, reflections of what still hold the wisdom of the ages for those ready to listen. Reflections are thoughts, ideas, or remarks that occur as a result of meditation. When a reflection becomes your center of focus, or a subject for serious thought, they become contemplations that lead you on a path into your divine nature.
David then mentions many places he and his wife traveled to over the past years which led to many inspirational and insightful additions to the book. Sheryl Says…. “In my book the Living Spirit I also suggest that nothing is random and that our guides or loved ones in Spirit are helping us fulfill our destiny or life plan and direct us to places and people that might be beneficial to our awakening and a remembrance of our soul essence and Sheryl wrote….”Everyone can recall having at least one flash of intuition. It may have been a strong feeling or as subtle as a breeze on a hot summer day, but it was there. It may have assisted you in making a good decision or prevented you from making a poor one. Perhaps you knew—just knew—that something was going to happen, only to get confirmation an hour, a day, or a week later that it had indeed occurred. Most people write it off as a coincidence or perhaps good luck but that could not be further from the truth. These feelings are whispers from Spirit, the support of our family and friends on the Other Side.”
Sheryl, like David, has traveled to many places she was guided to visit. Most recently, she was interviewing Dr. Richard House who when he was younger, had been aware that a Captain or higher source was guiding him to leave his medical practice and develop a different or more spiritual way of life. He traveled to Hawaii, Australia and India and just before his interview on “Healing From Within”, Sheryl was asked to go to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina unexpectedly and said yes… When she got to the end of Dr. House’s book, the last place described that the Captain directed him to visit was Myrtle Beach and Dr. House then discovered Meher Baba was his spiritual guide and he had opened a center in Myrtle Beach. So, that is how we often discover our connection to each other and those in Spirit who are around and inspiring our journey forward.
David writes, that his daily communications with your Soul family are in the form of reflections…Reflections are thoughts ideas and remarks that occur as a result of meditation. They then become your center of focus in subsequent meditation or a subject for serious thought or consideration for a period of time in your daily life. Now as contemplations, they provide a path into your divine nature. Unlike other meditation techniques designed to empty the mind reflections intensely focus on an idea while in a state of fullness or mindfulness.
Reflection practice can be considered a wake- up call that challenges you to look at yourself and how you influence what is happening in your life and allows you to become aware of the many possibilities before you so you can change the way you live for the better.
David wrote….. “Each of us contains a being that lives forever and a being that will die. Everything must change except the soul. Wouldn’t it be unfortunate to spend an entire lifetime without touching your own soul. It is of utmost importance that we do not become so overwhelmed with living in this physical world that we forget to spend time in silence, getting to know the vital life force that makes up our Being that lives forever. We all have within us an intrinsic wisdom that is linked to the ultimate reality which tells us that everything is interconnected and we are all One…”
So then this knowledge is necessary to proceed along your path of spiritual maturity and awakening.
David mentions “Acceptance” and how it allows a shift from ignorance to a greater reality of Self. Ignorance would have us believe we are absolute separate individuals each independently forging a life with so many other individuals..but am I my job, my family or a conglomerate of many things and personas. But if you think of yourself as a Pillar in the middle of a hurricane with humanity’s madness swirling around you may begin to see yourself as a force of energy that is connected to all of life and that thinking encourages a shift change in focus: a review of sorts, a greater perspective and an awareness and acceptance of the divine nature of your being.
Therefore, acceptance of the past can free us from it and accepting yourself as well as coming to understand your imperfection allows for self-growth and improving yourself. Let love with gratitude and acceptance show you what you are focusing on, what is really important, and let the rest go through its changes.
David wrote “Life is a rolling wave ever moving with incredible force and constantly changing and we all have connection to the Universal Infinite living mind”. How simple it is to see and know that this connection of our soul being to all that is. Eternal is our true state of energetic Being and Life is life whether in or out of a body whether in spiritual energy or living a physical reality…so it seems we can let go of all fears and live with courage and joy in manifesting and creating our life of dreams or the life of our thoughts…
In David’s contemplation of Breaking Free of Separateness, he explains that the state of loneliness is quite common. While you are never really alone because you are connected to the powerful Light of Consciousness, it is a Universal human condition to feel lonely. (REALITY) As many feel disconnected and isolated from Divine Source of the Oneness (SOLUTION) we are all apart of…we can become concerned with becoming whole in body mind and soul, and we must then unite more fully with life in others and nature.
David writes, “We are all in this ocean of consciousness plunged into isolation by our own mental trappings.” We have been on a path of separation but now we are in a state of initiation and are beginning to experience new ways of living in a changing world. If you break away from the illusion of separation and awaken to your true nature you can use your skills of understanding and contemplation to live in a manner that is harmony with your higher self.
We may go beyond this illusion of the ego-mind to reconnect to our true soul or heart essence.
1. Change your perception by knowing your True Nature and do not be distracted by feelings of isolation.
2. Nourish your Being with a retreat from illusion or separation and return to “Stillness” where you touch the love in us that touches the love in others.
3. Join the flow and do not be lost in imagined wanderings.
4. Separateness is a challenge to overcome.
In discussing David’s contemplation on Becoming Aware, we are able to glimpse the love and light of our being and find our purpose in life. Once we have become aware of our true nature, we see it is not just a thought in our minds but a responsibility to be present and open to emerging Consciousness embracing Universal Energy or Light becomes our purpose in life…we have remembered our true self or inner soul and this is the path of the integration of Spirit and psyche becoming one Whole Being. We are then participants and creators in all the interactions of our lives and see that intention and actions change everything. We can control our breath keeping our energy level constant and flow with each situation taking in and giving back in awareness. If you aspire to move beyond the focus of personal needs expand your vision to embrace working with the rest of the world and Universe, you will be on your way to Enlightenment and Self-Actualization.
David has a contemplation based on “Presence” and suggests presence, awareness, and love for ourselves are the way to becoming successful. We use our past experience to help us deal with the present. Heart –centered change starts within each of us and if it cannot be done within us, it cannot be done in collective communities or nations. We know change can come into being by lovingly examining our past experiences which gives us a glimpse into the rhythm of our purpose. Let us change the way we think. Move away from the belief that we are conditioned by the past and turn instead to this moment. Focus on the present with gratitude and with positive intentions. Know that our experiences have shaped us and given us the tools for the present.
David wrote “Are you worried about the world? If so then visualize a world at peace with all its peoples experiencing “a Conscious Awakening.” Peace begins within, so cultivate a loving heart so that you walk a path of peace and love. With each step we are one step closer to world peace. We need a totally different world where hate is not taught…We talk about peace and prepare for war. We talk about brotherhood as we disrespect others…Are we listening to our Truth?…Live in the world with a connection to a greater Oneness. Live with your truth…commit to helping our world become a more peaceful and compassionate place… become a flower of hope unfolding with beauty and grace…Find the calm peace within your stillness…bring it into your day where it can grow.”
David Bennett has shared his poetic graceful contemplations on subjects such as acceptance, truth, separation, awareness, awakening, consciousness, love and compassion, Spirit Communication. Spiritual Maturity and Universal. All are offering tools of focused meditations and mindfulness to be used in living life more purposefully and joyfully every day.
In David’s contemplation on Spirit Communication he writes and Sheryl highly concurs with this statement… “We are all citizens of this world with the ability to speak directly with our higher self. Once we comprehend our being human and connection with our Light, we begin to see the kinship with all things that are born and grow on Earth. Spirit speaks to us in so many ways—from nature, an unknown person, or from a son or daughter. A message or knowing appears to us at the right time and place. Our interconnectedness allows the communication to come from all sources. Allow yourself to be connected…”
David and Sheryl have looked at the nature of our inner being reflecting on ways to expand consciousness, free our mind of past restrictions and find the peace beauty and goodness within which when allowed to thrive offer us Universal guidance and joy that expands beyond the confines of our physical lives reminding us once again of our eternal nature. They would have you remember to find the time to allow your mind to be quiet and in the stillness of that moment listen, connect to Spirit and your own inner essence, and through self-discovery, find your inner balance harmony peace and glorious Being that is Spirit and the Oneness of all life. It is truly within each of you.