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Healing From Within

Sheryl Glick

Healing From Within – Music Inspired From Above

Host: Sheryl Glick R.M.T.
Special Guest: David Young

In today Healing From Within, your host Sheryl Glick an intuitive healer medium and author of The Living Spirit, welcomes David Young , author of Channeling Harrison, who provides the Most Heavenly Music on Earth as he shares how synchronicity faith and destiny propelled him forward to live a life of sharing the magic of life through his music and books.

David will share his musical journey and spiritual awakening process and as I feel all great art is inspired by a powerful higher Universal Energy we may come to see how synchronicity talent hard work and faith led to David Young, musician, producer, artist to become one of the most successful independent artists of his time.

David’s musical experience began in California after getting several jaywalking tickets, a speeding ticket and needing money to pay the fines and with 100 dollars left to his name, David moved out of his apartment and into a friend’s place and was desperate. Earlier that month, he met a girl who played the harp at Venice Beach and invited David to play with her. Soon there was a huge crowd and money was raining down into our basket…..They both recorded a tape and called our music Celestial Winds and sold them at the beach. Later they were sold at festivals all over the country.

Sheryl wonders how being a middle child may have influenced why he began to play two flutes at once. David says, “People were saying, ‘Oh look at that beautiful girl playing the harp’ and he felt invisible which drove him nuts…David was always the lead singer and lead guitarist of his bands and had always been at the center of attention and ALSO was a middle child often who look either for attention or are overachievers. After a couple of months of playing the same 8 or 9 songs about 30 times a day she was still getting all the attention so David began to play the 2 flutes at once and then got ALL the attention.”

David started playing the recorder in the 3rd or 4th grade..Sheryl says she began in College as it was required for a major in education and for becoming a teacher.. Sheryl says, “I was awful at it too. Even though I love music, singing off key and dancing in my own way.” You say by the second year you figured out how to play by ear while listening to the radio….Sheryl Says I am always amazed that people who don’t read music like my grandmother but played the piano beautifully.

David describes his music sounding like elements of Cat Stevens, John Mellencamp and Jethro Tull. Great Music is timeless. Cat Stevens makes you feel and think about life. John Mellencamp writes about our culture and it makes you want to move and have fun. Jethro Tull is instantly recognizable because he plays the flute and there’s not many flute players in rock and roll. David says he doesn’t actually play the flute, it’s a renaissance flute called a recorder.

David wrote a song that Sheryl believes speaks for all of us and our search for Truth…The song is I’m still Missing You.

I wish I really knew what life was all about

Why some people have so much and others live without

I wish I had a dream that really did come true

But I really wish I knew why I’m still missing you

I wish I really knew why this world has so much pain.

Why we live and why we die and then do it all again.

And if I ever understand all the struggles I’ve been through,

Then maybe I’ll understand why I’m still missing you

I wish I really knew why so many people cry,

Oh I wish that I could sing the world a lullaby,

If we helped one person, the good that we could do

And then maybe I’d find a way to stop missing you.

Sheryl says, “For me, that song expresses my journey and search for knowing who we are and discovering that as souls we are spiritual beings having a physical life so we may come to know that the main purpose for living is loving and refining our soul essence to a higher consciousness or awareness. Loneliness is something we all feel at times and is necessary so the heart might awaken and reconnect to Universal Source. The physical world creates a separation from the truth of our being, and is what makes us yearn to be brought together again with our Divine Universal Life Force.”

In Sheryl’s book, The Living Spirit, she writes, “Clearly, I yearned for my real home, the Spiritual realm, rather than this harsh earthly plane. But then I grew up, and as most people do, I allowed myself to be indoctrinated with the third-dimensional thinking, the worries, the fears, and the negativity. This is not to say I was unhappy…..I was simply concerned with the physical world, rather than the Divine, during the earlier stages of my life. It wasn’t until the eve of my father’s death, that my deceased grandfather materialized before me, warning me of the coming sorrow and opening up a miraculous new path.”

David says, “At 19, I was a struggling artist in a rock and roll band in upstate New York and we were literally living on popcorn and ketchup. We decided to dress up like the band AC/DC and do a show like Beatlemania and eventually it caught on. We became a big draw on the East Coast.”

Six months after Paul McCartney’s wife Linda passed away, David was hired to perform at Heather McCartney’s publicized launch of her gift line in Atlanta Georgia. This was a major event and the press were everywhere because it was Paul’s first public appearance in 6 months. Paul was fascinated by the way David played 2 flutes at one time in harmony. He stopped the event to make sure everyone appreciated what he was doing. Afterwards his manager requested some of David’s CD’s and soon Paul was using his music to introduce his appearance on stage.

When asked about miracles, David described how at his Soul Ascension Workshops these past four years since writing his book Channeling Harrison he has found great joy and satisfaction when he sees people go deep into meditation many of them connecting with deceased relatives, some with spiritual teachers, like Jesus Buddha or one of the Archangels and really knowing the nature of our soul essence and eternal nature. As a Reiki energy practitioner and medium Sheryl helps others connect to their own soul energy and receive messages from loved ones in Spirit. When experienced one is never quite the same for you are able to transcend the ordinary thoughts about life and feel with your heart the great wonderment of an eternal possibility for evolution and growth.

. Sheryl tells David of a coincidence.. Sheryl’s first book was Life Is No Coincidence…The Life and Afterlife Connection and it shares her discovery that through coincidences and synchronicities which David also has many of, “We become aware that we are more than our physical bodies and a part of us call it the SOUL… is an energy that is eternal.. I always have coincidences with my guests and while reading your book Channeling Harrison found you mention Gregg a friend, and I have a son Gregg spelled with 3 G’s also. You also mention Scranton, Pennsylvania and my son Gregg went to camp there. You mention your interest in George Harrison and in my next book I am completing, New Life Awaits, I have many references to George Washington and other Georges and experiences with people connected to the philosophy for freedom that he represented. You and I hope people find freedom and finally know that life extends beyond this physical experience and knowing that I believe, makes all the difference in how you live your life.”

David’s deal with the Arcopoedico shoe company helped promote his CDs. He writes, “I always wore these shoes when performing because I like the shine when they are new. The lady in the store asked how I played 2 flutes at one time and I asked her a contact number for the manufacturer… I told him that since 90 percent of my CD’s are sold to women aged 25-55 maybe there was some way that we could cross market our products… we could put up a poster of me wearing the shoes and play the CD’s during store hours. The corporate office in Portugal decide to put their logo on my CD samples and use them as a promotion…buy shoes get a Free David Young CD Sampler….”

David has travelled extensively and loved many women. He tells us what he had discovered about himself and others in these experiences. David writes something very beautiful and honest about love….You wrote….”We choose our destiny by our decisions. I’ve been trying to stop you from making the mistake of turning your back on real love from a good man, but you couldn’t stop yourself. Far more than you have hurt me, you have hurt yourself because you won’t allow yourself to love someone who adores you and only wants to make you happy and be a wonderful dad to your child. That’s much sadder than anything I am experiencing. You can change your destiny but you won’t. There’s a good saying that love and fear cannot occupy the same space, so choose carefully, because that is what you will be left with…”

Sheryl says that all our experiences are always trying to move us from fear or unpleasantness to love, but often we simply can’t get pass our ego or mind’s interpretation of life and simply feel with our heart.

We can see that often becoming aware of synchronicity, creativity and a love of music, can open passages for connecting to one’s deepest thoughts and help us know the truth of life. The truth is that each life is a miraculous journey and no matter what events transpire, if we see pass the momentary stagnation or lack of clarity, we will be assisted by those friends here and those in Spirit, who have our best interests at heart. These same people may help us refine our soul energy, bringing greater compassion into our friendships and work experiences.

As David Young wrote, “After I started blending spirituality and rock music some have commented that some of my music is reminiscent of George Harrison. People have actually written to me saying I was carrying the torch that George Harrison carried. That is such a meaningful, beautiful compliment and a deep honor. This has happened so many times over the last few years that I actually started to listen to his music so I could understand why. I guess if there was anything we had in common, besides dark hair and dark eyes, it’s that we both started out playing rock music with electric guitars, and somewhere down the road of life, we each found spirituality and meditation, and then tried to communicate something deeper or spiritual through our music.”

At the conclusion of Channeling Harrison, David wrote, “Great and wonderful beings are always in this world and beyond in and out of the physical—angels , if you will. I believe they will always be here. Not just for me, but for you, too. Why else would there be heroes of legend, spiritual guides and masters, and something in the way that music moves us?”

David and Sheryl would have you remember that the physical world and beyond is a truly miraculous unfolding of many dimensions of life for us to journey through and to experience friendship, creativity and unconditional love and much like music the flow elicits much joy in our inner essence leading to greater levels of consciousness peace and harmony.