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Sheryl Glick

Healing From Within – New Found Powers After Near Death Experiences

Host: Sheryl Glick R.M.T.
Special Guest: Debra Diamond

In today’s episode of “Healing From Within”, your host Sheryl Glick author of The Living Spirit which shares stories of spiritual awakenings, spiritual communication healing energies miracles and ways to relate better to our spirit and physical needs by understanding reality in a broadened metaphysical sense, welcomes Debra Diamond author of Life After Near Death who will share stories of transformation and healing in the extraordinary lives of people with newfound powers, the aftereffects of their near death experiences.

Sheryl and Debra discuss the specific cognitive and physiological near death aftereffects including newfound musical and artistic talents, mathematical gifts, enhanced hearing, elevated IQ, improved eyesight, spontaneous healing, and electrical sensitivity. We will also explore the circumstances and conditions that give rise to a Near Death experience and our assumptions regarding the Afterlife.

Debra studied at the Holistic Studies Institute of New York has completed mediumship training at the Arthur Findlay College in the UK and trained at the Carl Jung Institute in Zurich Switzerland….Sheryl says “I always get delighted when I hear one of my guests is associated or interested in Carl Jung and his work as I am aware he had a near death experience and brought back a wonderful description of that event by writing, “What happens after death is so unspeakably glorious that our imagination and feelings do not suffice to form even an appropriate conception of it.”

Debra suggests her interest in the spiritual realm was a result of a profound experience that lead to a more metaphysical life and prior to this shift was limited to the material world as a mother and Wall Street executive. Debra says she had a spiritual experience that left her as a clairvoyant…in this other worldly experience she found she could communicate with people who had passed over. She became aware of this gift at a class she attended in New York City near Penn station. During the séance part of the meditation which Sheryl also says is sometimes referred to as an Afterlife Circle or Unfoldment group, you actually physically saw many spirits Sheryl Says…. Only 4 percent of mediums see it that way. Debra writes, “I knew I was dealing with a power that was not conventional. More meaningful coincidences occurred and through the studies of NDE. I encountered the complex ideas of Consciousness and Intent that evolved into larger insights of the universe in all our lives.”

Dr. Raymond Moody, a former guest of “Healing From Within” coined the term Near-death Experience in his ground breaking book Life after Life in 1975 in which he outlined nine elements of the NDE, including a life review, an out of body experience, encounters with deceased loved ones, and a decision to return to one’s body. Eight years later Bruce Greyson a professor at the University of Virginia expanded the list to encompass 16 elements including a sudden insight, experiencing scenes from the future, and arriving at a point of no return. Other after-effects might be a feeling of peace with the Universe, a sense of profound love and a connection with a brilliant white light. Regardless of the common elements a lack of consensus of a single definition of the near-death experience still exists. However, the emotional intensity of an NDE is unlike any experience a person can encounter on earth. You do not have to die to have an NDE. Some people experience a near death experiences as the results of accidents, heart attacks and other experiences that are often but not always, fatal.

Sheryl says she has never thought she actually had a NDE but in 1993 but was very sick with the flu when she had an awakening or spiritually motivated event. Sheryl tells us… “I was trying to sleep and suddenly felt my grandfather near my right side..I couldn’t see him but knew it was him and couldn’t quite hear him yet knew he said “You have to write something for your father”…I awoke but couldn’t quite understand what had transpired. The next afternoon I received a call from my mother who announced my father had died that morning…I wrote his eulogy in which I expressed the complex nature of life and spirit though I had not been taught by my family of the possibilities of an Afterlife, Universal energy, or been actively aware of my spiritual nature. Life as I knew it ended as a result of death, and since that night I have spent the last 23 years in exploration of the truth about the force of Life and death, and have in the process become a spiritual healer and medium. I took my Reiki training class at the Association for Research and Enlightenment also not far from Penn Station and it sounds a lot like the class you took. The question is, “Did I need that event to remember my soul purpose and develop my abilities? Or were these spiritual gifts always there or just materialize after this experience. It really doesn’t matter, but now I regularly travel to higher dimensions and retrieve information for clients that are inspiring, validating, and help in the development of that person’s higher consciousness and awareness of their soul and human potential.”

Debra tells the story of Javier who seemed to be transported to another realm when his grandmother passed. At that time of her passing, he encountered a higher frequency of energy allowing him to absorb otherworldly sensations and when Debra read his energy she saw his aura was black closest to his body, which represented his physical life on earth: his difficulties or traumas in childhood. However, above that was violet and white, a new layer of spirituality or protection from his encounter with his grandmother who he was very close to. His grandmother passed the tremendous energetic force that made a strong connection between the two realms..the link, that energy Debra found in other cases suggests consciousness survives the physical body, and that energy can be directed and focused to transmit information and messages from other realms.

Sheryl says it sounds similar to her spiritual visitation from her grandfather that changed the direction and focus of her life and ignited the psychic ability she had from childhood but was not using at its highest level.

Millions have admitted to experiencing an NDE and it is estimated that roughly five percent of the population report near death experiences according to the University of Liege in Belgium, but only a few are successful at living life at a higher level afterwards. A lot has to happen for the experience to be successful.

Sheryl tells about several movies regarding children who had near death experiences. The first one was entitled, “Heaven is for Real” and was about a four year old boy where the boy was never clinically pronounced dead, but had an out of body experience, journeyed to another dimension, spoke with Jesus, and returned with the story which he told his father who was a Minister. This is a true not fictional tale and while even his father had difficulty believing his son, the son offered evidence that he had seen the grandfather while in Heaven who he had never met while alive and described him accurately to his father. There is a new movie out right now “Miracles From Heaven” about a ten year old girl who has an incurable disease, falls out of a tree, reports a similar NDE experience and the doctors find her disease completely gone after the event.

Sheryl Says, “I would think the quality of your life and what you focus your thoughts and attention on may be important and shares the story of a former guest on “Healing From Within” Anita Moorjani a woman who spoke five languages, grew up in several different religious and cultural backgrounds that presented many challenges for her, had a deep and abiding love for her husband, was battling cancer for four years, and now was found to be terminal. She died while in the hospital and had an NDE where she saw her father and was offered a choice to either remain with Spirit or go back to her life completely healed. Her mission if she lived would then be to tell her story. She did chose life and was later found by the author Dr Wayne Dyer also suffering from cancer who offered her help in getting her book published…At another time I interviewed Dr. Eben Alexander author of “Proof of Heaven” Dr. Alexander, a neurosurgeon, was adopted and always wondered about his birth family. So while he had a loving adoptive family, there was a sensitivity and perhaps sadness in that aspect of his childhood. With no particular belief in an afterlife while close to death after contracting meningitis he had a marvelous NDE which transformed his beliefs and offered him concrete proof of an afterlife which he describes most eloquently in his book.”

Sheryl would say the quality of one’s life and the way you wish to bring greater love and hope to yourself and others many may actually contribute to the odds for having an NDE.

Electrical sensitivity was one NDE after effect Debra describes which change the magnetic field and affect energy…lights flickered on and off when some people who have survived a Near death experieince enter a room: computers and electronics malfunctioned: light bulbs exploded, watch batteries died. These seemed to happen most frequently when a high anxiety situation was present or when the NDE survivor was emotionally stimulated excited or upset. Lewis had a car crash and died and heard a male voice say, “It is not my work you will do, but your work.” Lewis was confused…What was he supposed to do? Lewis realized he had never been able to bridge the gap between himself and anyone from a different background. After his NDE he learned that who he is goes beyond the ego mind or body…The essential core of all of us is the Individual Soul. Now his purpose on earth is to let people know that we are all One and unique at the same time.

Sheryl says “In my book The Living Spirit I address that thought and how my life has changed since absorbing these energies: higher vibrations or frequencies and wrote…” Through meditation and practicing Reiki I have enabled my intuitive abilities to expand to the point where I now see and feel a dimension beyond this earthly plane. That is how I know beyond the shadow of a doubt that we are all part of God’s spiritual energy. It is also how I know that the most ennobled and enlightened souls walk with us sharing messages of love and joy to all who are ready to hear them.”

There may be an underlying biology or upbringing that makes some people a better candidate for an NDE than others…People who have emotional trauma are more malleable as if there is a switch that’s waiting to be activated making the person more open and ready. Emotional vulnerability may make someone a willing candidate to exit this plane and experience another more beautiful more complete reality. Our earth bodies are too heavy to experience that entrance to another plane. Our consciousness needs to completely separate from our physical body to experience that higher frequency..the Universal All.

Life After Near Death is the only book to explore the deeper meaning of the near death experience through the prism of its miraculous after-effects. The book also profiles a dozen cases of specific near-death after effects or powers including newfound musical and artistic talents, mathematical gifts enhanced hearing elevated IQ improved eyesight spontaneous healing and electrical sensitivity. It explores new evidence to shed light on this phenomenon and reveal for the first time…the link between predisposition and the NDE…the role that consciousness and energetic phenomenon play in our lives….our connection to the Universe and Cosmos through the lens of the NDE…the role of manifestation and intent in the creation of the NDE and the unmistakable connection between the energetic world, frequency, and the NDE and also the circumstances and conditions that may give rise to a near death experience. In pursuit of understanding these questions our assumptions about the afterlife are affected.

Perhaps some people are selected for a NDE because they have certain qualities and can become a missionary on earth. Compassion and the ability to empathize could be heightened by someone who had experienced trauma both physical and emotional and might make a person yearn for an alternative existence at the soul level. Barbara a woman Debra describes in her book had a near death experience and remarked that her current work as a therapist and thanatologist: someone who works with the dying, would not have happened if she hadn’t experienced a NDE.

Sheryl says “Years ago I met Dannion Blinkley, an author and survivor of a near death experience who was burnt inside and out after being struck by lightning while talking on the telephone in his house. He was declared dead and while being wheeled to the morgue someone discovered he was still breathing. His newfound gift after a very long recovery time was that when he hugged someone he could see a running movie of their life and as a result of his NDE dedicated himself to work with an organization “Compassionate Care” which help people who have lost children. When I saw him after the lecture, I had an opportunity to talk to him privately and I told him how energetically he told his story and that he was a great teacher. He hugged me and told me that I was also a great teacher. As I do energy healing and readings from Spirit for my clients, I certainly enjoyed hearing such a generous comment from him.”

Perhaps people who have an NDE are now aware that our consciousness absorbs everything during our lifetime, yet, beyond the physical body Consciousness occupies a realm of no time and no space…there is no past present or future. We can experience hyper-real perception and ultra clarity in that dimension. Our consciousness is able to register everything happening in the Universe with total clarity unencumbered by our physicality.

Not everyone experiences the same elements of a near death experience but each individual experiences what they need to, in the most effective way for them to maximize the event and the outcome… For example Barbara did not need the white light in her experience, but met her grandmother, had an out of body experience, and a life review. Her NDE did leave her as it leaves everyone who has such an experience, profoundly changed and affected. Sheryl always say to her clients when they come for a reading and healing session that it will not address all their concerns or issues at once, but, the Universe knows what it is doing and will give them what is best for them at that moment in time.

We all have the potential to have a transformative experience..perhaps not an NDE but an STE…a Spiritually Transformative Experience that can lead to an improvement in the quality and purposefulness of our lives.

Sheryl and Debra have discussed Life after Near Death experiences and in the process have actually come to know our state of being as energy beings having a physical life and discovering once again that “Conscious survives physical death.” Energy life just transforms and transcends multi-dimensional realms of life and reality and can never be destroyed. We have discovered that some people may have a predisposition to having an NDE as their emotional and spiritual sensitivities might make them good candidates to become healers and visionaries that might help them and others.

We have talked about the white light that some people experiencing a near death experience might see and Debra described it and wrote…. “When experiencers see the white light they might have different names for it, but, many encounter it as they enter this other realm. It was their essence they took with them as they left their physical body behind. Some call it God: others recognize it as their soul families. Most describe it as all encompassing love. Or the Universal All. It’s there to greet us. It is what remains, the good, the true and pure, after we leave behind our earth bodies.”

Debra and Sheryl would hope you begin to remember the beauty of your own life force and develop your great spiritual gifts while here on earth. Even if you do not have a near death experience you may begin to go within, listen to your intuition, allow that to enhance your physical life needs and experiences. It is in utilizing the best of both Worlds, the Seen and the Unseen, that we may achieve peace health and well being. Pay attention and you will begin to see the possibilities for your own growth.