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Healing From Within

Sheryl Glick

Healing From Within – Spiritual Insights to your Divine Self

Host: Sheryl Glick R.M.T.
Special Guest: Paul Selig
In today’s episode of Healing From Within, your host Sheryl Glick author of The Living Spirit: Answers for Healing and Infinite Love which shares stories of spiritual awakenings spiritual communication healing energies miracles and ways to go within to find wisdom and peace. Today I am delighted to welcome Paul Selig author of his newest book and the first in a trilogy entitled The Book of Mastery which may lead you on a journey of self-development and self mastery of your energies emotions and dreams.
Paul Selig, who is considered one of the foremost contributors to the field of channeled literature, working today, and who is the former director of MFA Creative Writing program of Goddard College and served on the faculty of New York University for more than 25 years will share a spiritual experience that happened in 1987 that left him clairvoyant. Selig maintains a practice as an intuitive in New York City. He is the author of I Am the Word, The Book of Love and Creation, and The Book of Knowing and Worth.
The Tenets that are required to do the work of a Master include:
  • First and foremost….”I Am Here” The Divine Self as you who already knows her name, I Am is here, can only be here, can never be anywhere else but where you are.
  • The second thing we wish you to know is that you must not suffer. The life you live should be seen with a good sense of humor and the mountains out of molehills reduced to the level of sand they come from so you can claim your true destiny as the master that you are.
  • The final thing you need to know is that you are not alone in this teaching. Those of you who attend to the text will be supported and attending to each other as well on the higher levels of frequency that you now exist in.
As Jeffrey J. Kripal, author of Authors of the Impossible wrote in the Foreword to Paul’s book “Paul demonstrates the central teaching of the Guides about mastery that we have yet to claim who we really are, what we really are, and how we can truly serve. …..” to be a master, we are told, means to change matter through your own conscious manifestation and expression.” This is done through a new personal alignment with the higher dimensions of the self “up the mountain and a particular kind of out picturing, which we might reframe as a kind of Divine imagination whose spiritual and material manifestations are anything but imaginary. Such mastery is not accomplished at the level of the personality. Again it is not about divining or inflating the ego.
… It is done at the level of the Divine Self and Its union with all.”
When Paul asks “What is the work?” The answer he receives is “The work is mastery and this is the text of mastery, and what mastery means is that you can no longer blame another for your own lives, for your own dilemmas, for your own physical self, for your own creations. It means you claim purview of every area of your life and you walk the boulevard that is before you as the Divine One you are.”
The following is taken from Paul’s channeled text in The Book of Mastery,“When we discuss the work we actually don’t mean just reading the text but putting the teachings into action in your lives…”when we come to the place of being of realization and understand life is a construct of shared creation a manifestation of consciousness made into form and by claiming our True Self knowing you have always been loved prospered and achieved happiness based on who and what you are and not the fabrication or what was taught to us by others…we will find peace.’
“ Like it or not you are all Divine Beings the eyes that you see through have been glazed over by the things of this world, by what you have been taught to seek out, but if you climb the mountain the world that you see will be vastly different .”
This is the teaching that will change your world and it will change your world in manifestation not just ideology.
Theme 1 When something is true, it is always true. When something is true, at its essence it will live a long life, it will be an eternal teaching. This teaching has always been there, will always be and will be operational whenever you return to it.
You could not comprehend it at the time it was first given…Mankind was not in a place of comprehension and the limitation and distortion that was overlaid upon it, which has become the world’s religions in a tampered-with way will support your understanding….We will pull away the cloth and debris and use the language that will support you the most….
Theme 2 Another very important theme and guiding concept is an understanding of one’s True Being or the Divine Self or the True Self as opposed to the false self or personality self: an identity that you have used to navigate a life that supports you in some ways, but has a deep investment in denying the truth of who you are to protect your status as the ruler of the kingdom or world you live in.
The Divine Self understands who or what they are as an infinite being not informed by the involvement or crisis of the physical world. The Divine Infinite Self holds no history and sense of consequence and whatever happened when you were a child or ten lifetimes ago or what your therapist told you may be something you contend with in your consciousness but it is not REAL!
Theme 3 Nothing is Real… Everything you see is a creation of consciousness and that of all that have come before you in shared agreement about what things should be and you have invested in all those beliefs..what it means to be a man or woman a father, or a judge or criminal and so on. When you stop identifying to your physical self, you see you are so much more than the magnification of your labeling process.
Theme 4 Fear was put into place to keep you in obedience to the laws of man. The laws of man keep you in a sense of Separation from your own divinity personal power and excellence and the truth. I address this idea of separation and the role of consciousness and our adherence to the rules of man society religion and the material world as blinding us from the truth of our Being.
Sheryl Says… “In support of this view of Separation and True self I wrote in my book, The Living Spirit…”Loving ourselves and all of humanity is made even more difficult by the man made inventions that seek to separate us. While we can be separated by political or socioeconomic difference, there has been no more divisive an issue than religion. Please do not take this as a disparagement of religious beliefs. Only when we use our beliefs to exclude others, then we may be ignoring the central message of God and his messengers: that we are all connected to Universal Energy and to each other.”
Sheryl thinks Paul fondly embraces this awareness of Divinity…. Paul says as we claim it the Word is the energy of the Creator in action and Paul wrote… “ I am Word through my body, Word I am Word. I am Word through my vibration, Word I am Word. I am Word through my knowing of myself as Word. Word I am Word.”
When you claim these things you align the systems that you hold, the physical body, the auric field, the claim of identity as the True Self. You are then aligned to the Creator in Action or the God force within you as it has always been.
Paul says, “What you are in truth, what each of you are in truth, is an aspect of the Creator manifested in form and the knowing of this will begin to transform you and all that you see. The violation of the self to deny the self, her own True Self, which is the Creator informing you as you, is to deny the Creator…”
Sheryl says…… “In my book The Living Spirit I expressed this though this way…”Spirit and the divine spark of God within gives us all the time in this world and this life and other lives and beyond to find our greater means for developing levels of infinite love and healing as evolving compassionate expressions of the Divine.”
To begin to see the life that you live as a teacher, as a way of knowing the self, some ways to turn your lives upside down, doesn’t mean you become self-absorbed and that everything is about you. It simply means that when you claim yourself in mastery, you are no longer subject to a sense of self who would like to cry for help and say, “Oh, poor me…Now we have all known too many people who behave this way and blame others for any crisis or even small disagreeable matters….Here is the way we may request the support of the teachers of this text..the guides…Ask for help in learning your Divine worth and propel me forward in the most perfect way for the highest benefit of my True Self’s expression. Allow my life to be my teacher and claim authority in all situations or PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY….
Many believe happiness to be the goal in life but that is not the real focus for achieving mastery. In fact it might be a ridiculous concept… The true effect of Mastery is that the life that you live exhibits worth in all ways and recognizes the worth of all regardless of what they present. Understanding this helps you lift higher on the mountainside and escalates your frequency. In essence you have been gifted with a landscape that will give you varied experiences to learn through and if happiness were the goal there would be no need to continue the trek forward….The real goal is your own worth manifested as you. The action of the Divine operates as and through you to lift in frequency all that you encounter. Your very own consciousness will call to you everything you need so that she can be in her full manifestation.
Paul wrote…And we have said that everything you see before you in any way is a manifestation of consciousness and consequently, what we mean is your consciousness, the vehicle you operate as and through, has a calling for you and SHE will be heard, He will be heard and you will know what it means to sing your own song, to be expressed in fullness as the Christed Self that you are in truth. Now there are different levels of truth I am in a man’s body in this lifetime is a true statement for Paul but” I am not only a man is also a true statement that anyone of you could make. You know you are vastly more than your gender. As you begin to operate as the one in perception expressing your consciousness, what you perceive will be brought to you and the levels of knowing, or the operation of truth through you in what you encounter, will be revealed to you in ways you may know.
“We will tell you this. There is nothing taken from you. You disregard what is true and put your weight into things that are not true. The truth of who you are, and the vibration of the True Self will support you. The relationships you’ve had and the things that you require to manifest to keep you safe may continue as long as they are in accordance with your true self and congruent to the journey you are calling to yourself. Remember your Soul is with you. Remember the token of esteem we give you is this “You are here, you are here, you are here….and the here we speak of is now and the you we speak of is the Divine Self.” (As channeled by the guides to Paul)
Paul also suggests to begin each morning or awakening and say “I am in alignment with truth in all that I perceive. This is a way of being in manifestation.”
Paul Selig shows readers ways to realize that everything that has ever happened to them, good or bad, is happening for them in special alignment with the Universe so they may remember ultimately their True Self and their potential for Self-Actualization.
Paul and Sheryl have taken you on a journey of truth attempting to offer you the wisdom of both, now and forever, which is there for the person who wishes to go beyond the mundane, societal, familial, and patterns of childhood impressions, to find the world in its entirety and our essence in its magnificent Soul Being.
As Paul writes..” Now if you decide this, “ I have the right to be where I stand, to know myself as I am, and to decide for myself that the path I walk is the path required for me to learn my own needs, my own way, my own truth,” as you align to this, “I have the right to be where I stand,’ you make a very important decision: that no matter what has happened to you, you are still meritful.
Paul and Sheryl would have you know that it is in the Asking that we are answered, and in the Seeking that we come to know, and that in Being we are the reflection of Universal Energy and may claim our awareness of the eternal nature of Creation.