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Healing From Within

Sheryl Glick

Healing From Within – Personality Types Based on the Four Elements

Host: Sheryl Glick R.M.T.
Special Guest: Debra Silverman

In today’s episode of Healing From Within, your host Sheryl Glick
Intuitive Healing Medium and author of The Living Spirit: Answers for
Healing and Infinite Love which shares stories of spiritual awakenings,
spiritual communication, healing energies miracles and ways to rediscover
your true essence and the meaning of your life, welcomes Debra Silverman
author of The Missing Element. Debra has been the psychologist and
astrologer that celebrities turn to when things aren’t going quite
according to plan. As Sting wrote in his endorsement of her book, Debra
Silverman reminds you what fun it is to be YOU: the singular freakish
awkward YOU, and she also reminds you of your unique potential, your gifts
to the world and your place in it.

Debra will help us look at our physical and emotional being as seen
through personality types exemplified by the four elements: Water, Earth,
Air and Fire for understanding that part of your essence can help your
spirit heal, overcome addictions or personal limitations, and bring about
welcomed changes in your life.
Debra shares a vision of the Elders in past and contemporary societies and
the value of their wisdom. The Elders is a body of wisdom that is based on
many ancient cultures..American Indians prayed to the Four Directions.
Kabalistic Jews spoke of the Four Worlds. The Hawaiian Hula culture spoke
of the Four Elements. Buddhists wrote of the Four Noble Truths. And the
Egyptians passed on to us their version of the Four Elements which is
steeped in astrology‹the oldest science on earth. These cultures offered a
long view of seeing the world with clarity and used a distant Observer
position to avoid becoming mired in the myopic vantage point we call EGO.
As an astrologer Debra suggests we are living in a time period that the
prophets foresaw The Mayans- the Eastern Indians who wrote about the Kali,
Yuga the Hopis and the IncasŠOne of the largest problems is that as a
modern species we¹ve become accustomed to a much easier life. We are
addicted to comfort and convenience. We do not like change nor want it,
and yet we must.

Debra says we do not have enough oil, clean air, water and gas to support
the number of people on our planet. We do not know how to distribute
wealth or food to those in need. We do not know how to banish genocide
child slavery drug cartels sex wars or evil. These are big problems
overwhelming for sensitive souls to think about. The biggest job for each
of us is to make peace with the wonderful person inside you and allow the
negativity fear and shame that block our authentic expression to lift and
disperse. Then we may become more powerful effective human beings on this
planet. We have mountains of research that inform us how to be healthy and
how to heal our planet Organizations everywhere are inspiring a different
future and just as many government agencies are dinosaurs resisting these
ideas. The hard truthŠThe glaciers are shrinking. The planet is getting
hotterŠa scientific fact we must address or will we pass the possibility
for reversing these effects..Crisis such as earthquakes, heartbreaks,
health issues and financial problems present opportunities for change.

Understanding the four elements and how they affect our interaction with
the world are very telling.

The Four Elements are;
WATER: we begin surrounded by the awesome feminine power of a womb filled
with fluid..Herein lies the wisdom of silence and trust
AIR: It¹s everywhere the universal source of breath and languageno one
can live without breathing or communicating. Herein lies the wisdom of
wonder and consciousness.
EARTH: The patience of a mountain, the generosity of a tree. Earth the
immovable rock tirelessly waiting for our respect. Here lies the wisdom of
respect and balance
FIRE: The heat of your heart and the fire of the Sun drive your destiny
each dayWe cannot live without either..Herein lies the wisdom of
accepting your mission with full conviction

You suggest that everything we may have been told is wrong with us those
shameful hidden parts might be what is necessary to heal the world and
live an authentic life. The parts that are eccentric or rebellious the
parts that laugh too loud or cry too much if held in will have unpleasant
side effects we need to be who we are and this is the key to your freedom.

By discovering what personality type you are: the Watery emotional feeling
kind of person who doesn¹t always feel comfortable with her voice‹her Air.
Or maybe you¹re an Earthy type who needs to clean and organize before you
ever leave the house in order to feel sane, and who misses the fun in
life‹your Fire.

It doesn’t matter what personality type you have. The Key is to become the
Observer‹to activate the aspect of yourself that just witnesses, who
doesn¹t sit in self-judgment but who can notice who you are without trying
to change you one bit.

Each element expresses how we will be seen by others as we interact. For
exampleŠ The Fire Personality is a big outgoing bubbly person with a huge
personality inherently shy and who struggles with her bigness. Can take
over the room and suck all the energy in the room and others may run to
escape her energy. This personality often shuts down in relationships and
had so perfected the art of holding back in many situations as a
protective and necessary way to avoid rejection.

Debra says ³Over the years as a therapist‹astrologer I noticed that many
of her clients wanted to rid themselves of the parts of their personality
that they disliked..It became clear to me that the extent of their grief
and pain was equal to how much they stifled the most natural parts of
themselvesŠWe are who we areŠ you cannot change your stripes so embracing
all your traits those conceived as good or bad are necessary for living
life authentically to appreciate and love yourself.²
When you love yourself as you are in your most natural state this allows
you to have compassion for others and see why they are so sensitive
talkative or shy or outgoingŠBecoming the Observer inspires compassion and
acceptance of others and when we aren¹t judging ourselves and others we
become more loving.

Debra goes on to add another important part of the equation for
Self-discovery and self improvement. We can identify two voices that make
you human; your ego and its chatty self-serving endless quirkiness and
what can be called the Observer that is patient non-judgmental and loving
(Inner being or Soul). The Observer waits patiently in the wings waiting
for an invitation to enter whispering softly only when it has something
meaningful to say. The Observer the witness our soul, our higher self
helps us to see things objectively as they really are. and is one of the
Missing Elements the part of yourself that enables you to understand your
quirky personality beyond judgment and the witness the wise quiet soulful
voice that has the ability to teach tame and support your ruthless egoŠ
Now the ego is well meaning just a little disoriented and totally fearfulŠ.

³Sad but true, we all grow out of the soil of painŠThe crisis that arise
in our lives are here to serve us, not to hurt usŠ.Crisis is nothing more
than your own soul trying to get your attention to show you your path.
Life doesn¹t care how hard your lessons are, or if you can handle them.
Life just wants you to learn and to grow and to keep your heart wide open.²

Debra observes and writes, ³From watching the younger generation I see
them sufferingŠCollege graduates are expected to go out into the world and
be successful, loyal reliable kind knowledgeable respectful on time
beautiful and richŠWe expect you to get married pay taxes buy a house go
to church never have a sexual thought about anyone but your partner and to
raise perfect children.What we ought to say to our children is: Be
prepared You will fail at times, you will break down at some point and
become overweight, addicted and aged.²

We all started out determined to love our mother father and siblings. We
accepted our childhood upbringing as normal. It didn¹t matter what the
story line was how crazy or straight we all had to eat sleep go to school
look for love and hope that someone cared. We were forced by circumstance
to accept our parent¹s reality‹until we were able to leave home and begin
our journeys as individuals. NO MATTER WHERE WE WENT WE CARRIED THE

One of the purposes of this book is to help you understand your earlier
childhood story, the nature of your unique personality and if you have
patterns that repeat over and over again that cause you to be broken
hearted, short on cash, feeling unappreciated. It’s not about changing
your nature or personality but becoming conscious of who you are and
rewriting your story, embracing your shadow with compassion, and blessing
this life in gratitude as a kind loving being. YOUR PAIN AND YOUR PURPOSE

Take a moment to reflectŠEvery time you have experienced real pain you
have entered a phase of growth. Let us consider the example of the Dali
LamaŠIf you look at his life you will see he was set up to learn and teach
us about letting goŠ. At the age of three he was recognized as a Rinpoches
and was taken away from his family and trained as a leader. His Holiness
began his lifelong practice of ³letting go² as a toddlerŠAs an adult he
and his monks had to leave Tibet when the Chinese took overŠThe Dali Lama
wrote ³ Most of our troubles are due to the passionate desire for
attachment to thingsŠ.² Motto of Story: Each of us has a life built on a
series of lessons. Should we learn the lessons, we become healers and
teachers. If not we remain victims and students. Destined to repeat our
need to learn the same lesson over again

Debra writes ³Heartbreak, illness financial despair death abandonment ­you
name it Your job in this life is to polish and refine your story or soul,
to grind up the hard to swallow, chunky bits and turn them into digestible
nutrients not just for our own evolution but also for our entire species.
That is why we are here to grow into our humanness without judgment so we
can live and contribute and love more fully.²

Sometimes there are no answers to why we are spared and friends dieŠit is
then difficult for the ego that wants to make up stories so that things
make sense and we don¹t feel pain. So Debra tells the story of Charlie
whose main element is Water and who had to face his own ability to make
sense of what happened during 9/11 and learn surrender and to stay open to
his feelingsŠhe had to become a student of life and had to learn
FORGIVENESS. Forgiveness is a big part of the challenge of WaterŠ 9/11
changed Charlie. After the trauma he became a Yoga teacher.. Healthy water
is learning to heal, release the pain, to ask for forgiveness and to
create a new storylineŠ.

Debra shares what inspired her to write this book, ³One teacher who I
studied with said that once you develop your ³Observer² or inner presence,
nothing can hurt you as the ego will be quieted and calm, however, it is
necessary to live both a physical and spiritual life and to merge the best
of both for our refinement and personal development. We must also accept
the fact that everyone is a flawed humble human or in other words, No one
is perfectŠWe all grow up wounded in some way: we weren¹t seen, we felt
ashamed because of the way we looked or the things we said. We were
punished for upsetting our parents when all we wanted was to be loved.
Then we think we are unlovable and the punishment goes on in our minds and
a bit of our Spirit is lost or dampened and needs to be retrieved through
new insights. Human nature is a reactive machine often impulsive and
emotional. So I wrote this book to show that everything exists for the
purpose of discovering our soul or Observer presence which enables us to
deal more effectively with the challenges in our lives.²

Debra Silverman shows us a unique way to think of personality types as
aligned to the 4 elements Water Earth Air and fire and showing us still
another way to appreciate the journey of the soul as it is affected by the
world karma and Universal source. The point of this book is to help you
have all four necessary elements in equal proportions and properly
expressed. In describing The Observer or witness which is our soul you are
helped to integrate your human or ego based mind reality and to work with
the part of yourself that enables you to understand yourself and human
nature so you may accept life in all its quirkiness. You will love the
stories and awesome photographic pictures in The Missing Element.

Debra wroteŠ. ³Once we begin to wake up to the compassionate Observer in
ourselves, the part of us who worships the privilege to be in a body alive
and service to humanity, then we can move beyond our personal drama and
tend to selfless acts of service in a world that needs help so badly. Our
purpose on Earth is to accept our humanness with an open tender heart and
evolve the species by remembering that you are a healing agent evolving
for all of us. As you do your independent work of truly being yourself, we
all benefit.²

Debra and Sheryl would have you realize that at this critical tipping
point in our human history we can find our way to a positive future by
beginning with the investment of time and energy into accepting ourselves,
surrendering to life with love and compassion for others, and utilizing
the energies of Water Air Earth and Fire to be a more balanced highly
functioning and happy person.

Guest: Debra Silverman