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Healing From Within

Sheryl Glick

Healing From Within – Focused Life Energy Force

Host: Sheryl Glick R.M.T.
Special Guest: Jeff Stegman And Clayten Stedmann
In today’s episode of “Healing From Within”, your host Sheryl Glick, author of The Living Spirit which shares stories of spiritual awakenings, spiritual communication, healing energies and miracles, as we come to know Universal Source and how it influences our physical world welcomes Jeff Stegman and Clayten Stedmann who will describe Focused Life Force Energy and how it may improve the quality of your work health and spiritual practice.

Jeffrey Stegman whose focus has been in creating a high consciousness culture in his businesses which parallels his own spiritual growth patterns shows how by using Focused Life Force Energy in his manufacturing engineering businesses he has made astonishing discoveries. Clayten Stedmann his associate, has worked in education, training and coaching businesses for over 30 years, and since discovering Conscious Kinesiology in 2004 has done over 5 million CK calibrations and created over 10
consciousness assessments and several energetic medical protocols which he will discuss with us.

Jeff and Clayten met in 2000, both working on accessing and utilizing higher consciousness. They came together with an inventor working to create free energy for humanity..did not make a free energy device, but found a way to redirect large amount of life force energy (subtle energy) on an object.

Focused Life Force Energy is the ability to measure truth. Jeff and Clayten have multiple machines that focus on subtle energy and act upon written programs essential for specific prayers directing blessings, such as raising consciousness of a location. A high conscious field is created at the home or business. The Focused Life Force Energy, of FLFE provides a very beneficial environment that is energy rich for our body and supports those in the field to rise in consciousness. FLFE does not interfere with out free will. Jeff and Clayten use multiple methods to measure the truth and the level of consciousness of the field.

A high consciousness field are places around the world that people migrate towards. These loving and healing places have high conscious fields similar to the FLFE field. The level of FLFE is 555-575 and higher on the Hawkins Map. The average level of consciousness in our homes is 420 on the Hawkins Map. Each point upwards on the scale has ten times more energy available and a ten times higher vibration. The change of energy increase went up 135 points, which is a very high number. This subtle energy has varies degrees of sensitivity to the energy among people.

There are many benefits of being in a high conscious field such as;

  1. A fresh start every day (FLFE clears the negative history)
  2. Personal energy is increased (the flow of high vibration and high consciousness brings positive energy into everything which increases your personal energy)
  3. Support your relationships (the flow of this vibration supports loving interactions and communication between people)
  4. Improve long term health (the regeneration of cells increases when time is spent in the FLFE high consciousness field)
  5. Sleep better (the FLFE has specific sleep programs that support deep and restful sleep)
  6. Enhance focus and ability to concentrate (Supports the mind to be clearer of distracting thoughts and negative energetic influences in the environment are cleared)
  7. Mediation and creative pursuits (The clarity of the mind supports deeper meditations and deeper states of creative expressions)

FLFE Mobile offers a 300 degree radius high consciousness field around you at all times. This means travel and hotel rooms feel more like your home. It also improves long-term health. Living in a high consciousness energy all the time, gives your body  access to the energy for healing. When the body has access to the energy all the time, long-term healing projects are supported to happen.

There are also many health benefits. The extraordinary amount of energy available gives the body resources for healing. FLFE is not a health service but a consciousness raising experience. FLFE increases positive cellular regeneration. GI tract id also more efficient and runs better.

Our nervous systems don’t have to work as hard either. Not having to manage lower environmental energies.

Our personal level of consciousness rises in the field but there is free will. For example, if you want to be grumpy, you have to work at it. Lower vibrating aspects of ourselves from our history are supported to rise. On average, FLFE customers rise 8 points on the Hawkins Map in 90 days. The FLFE field brings about inner peace, better communication between people in the FLFE space, and better relaxation.

There is a no cost, or obligation to try the FLFE. The free experience is 15 days long.

Jeff Stegman and Clayten Stedmann have given a detailed and very interesting look at energy and its application to the work place and to our spiritual practices and to see what happens to the human body when we spend more time in the creation and maintenance of a high conscious field.

In summarizing today’s episode of Healing from Within we have discussed that the body naturally absorbs higher available energy in a higher conscious field. Using the Hawkins Map of Consciousness it is possible to measure the energy in specific places and also increase that energy for the body to benefit from. The body pulls from this now deep well of energy on a property that has been exposed to Focused Life Energy Force. It may be found that people in these heightened consciousness fields rise up to a higher level of consciousness which may improve relationships by creating effective communication openness and love.

There are many ways to raise the level of consciousness of a space, Reiki, prayer grids, feng sui and of course there are sacred spots on Earth that people travel to for the benefit of a high conscious field like Stonehenge in England, Hawaii, places in Mexico Peru and France. Jeff and Clayten suggest ways that people can bring this energy into their homes and workplaces. For as long
as we can remember people such as Albert Einstein, Nikola Telsa, Massaru Emoto and Buckminster Fuller are a few of the better known of hundreds of researchers who understand that the greatest contribution to humanity’s evolution is to raise our own consciousness and find ways to accelerate that process.

Jeff, Clayten and Sheryl would have you explore the world of energy to discover how knowing our thoughts actions and words express energy and create whether we are comfortable or uncomfortable in our decisions. Also an awareness of how the body feels in each moment of interacting with people and the environment shows us ways to create the best interaction possible for well being and self-development.