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Healing From Within

Sheryl Glick

Healing From Within – Karma and Past Life Clues to Present Day Challenges

Host: Sheryl Glick R.M.T.
Special Guest: Joanne DiMaggio

Sheryl Glick host of Healing From Within and author of The Living Spirit which shares stories of awakening, energy techniques and tools for transforming and manifesting clear thinking for a healthier life is delighted to welcome Joanne Di Maggio author of Karma can be a real Pain.

Joanne and Sheryl share their experiences and views on metaphysical interests going beyond the physical world to observe the Universal Laws of Energy discovering our dual nature as energetic beings exploring a physical world and reality. By knowing our true soul heart essence we can value ourselves and others from a less physical perspective to create a purposeful, healthy, happy life experience. The goal is to let go of limited thinking and fear from our minds and embrace the unknown world of spiritual possibilities.

In today’s episode of “Healing From Within” Joanne Di Maggio shares her discovery that physical and mental illnesses may be the result of karma acquired in a past life, and if so, uncovering that lifetime may help to resolve the problems and allow for healing now. Joanne has been actively involved with Edgar Cayce’s Association for Research and Enlightenment (ARE) since 1987, has a Masters Degree in Transpersonal Studies and is a graduate of the Eastern Institute of Hypnotherapy. Usually Sheryl has many coincidences with her guests and today she shares a similar journey to Joanne’s as Sheryl began her Reiki Training at A.R.E. in New York, studied hypnotherapy, reflexology, cranio-sacral therapy, and psychic communication searching for healing for her clients through greater self awareness of soul life, and the understanding Universal Energy.

Joanne goes on to tell us about Soul Writing and how it is connected to Edgar Cayce’s ideas on inspirational writing. Cayce considered inspirational or soul writing as coming from the divine source within, and as such it is a means for soul development. Automatic writing on the other hand, comes from an outside source which is comprised of other influences.

The differences in the two are shown in the chart below:

Includes mediation No meditation
Total awareness No awareness
Allow and consciously watch writing proceed No control of hand-happens by itself
Handwriting the same Handwriting different
Prayer of Protection Prayer Omitted
Writing guides soul Writing directs or impels


Joanne goes on to give us the FOUR STEPS TO BEGIN YOUR SOUL WRITING

1. Find a Sacred Place
2. Set the stage( music candles chimes incense etc.)
3. Same time, same place: whether first thing in morning, mid day, or before bedtime. Establish a pattern
4. Pen vs keyboard
5. Focus on an ideal such as to be a catalyst for change, to be a truth seeker, to attract prosperity, to manifest love. Then step aside and allow the response in accordance with that ideal
6. Meditation is key Soul Writing is a written form of meditation.
7. Say a prayer of protection

Joanne tells us how the idea of combining soul writing with past life work come about. She always had an uncanny feel for the 18th century and did not attribute it to reincarnation though she had read books about reincarnation in her teenage years. Curious why she felt a kinship to this time period after graduating college she and a friend traveled from Virginia to Massachusetts. In Virginia she began to feel heart palpitations and shortness of breath accompanied by a strong sense of déjà vu. She filed away this feeling for later down the road. Joanne felt such a strong kinship to 18th century that she returned to Virginia in 1993 and this time had such a sharp burning sensation in her lower spine. X-rays showed nothing. Pain killers did no good. Finally, she consulted with a gifted channeler who read soul stories from the Akashic Record.The Akashic Record is the Universe’s super computer containing every thought, word, deed, of our soul since creation. I was told in that lifetime long ago, I was hit in the back with a fireplace poker and later, Betty Riley another gifted intuitive confirmed this scenario. After learning this I was able to release the pain.

While I never forgot that incident I did not yet think about it in the context of physical karma.

Eventually my interest in reincarnation brought me to become a past life therapist and hypnotherapist. During regression sessions Joanne paid attention to synchronistic events as Carl Jung had called them meaningful coincidences. During these sessions clients who suspected that their present life ailments were rooted in previous lives started to make connections that implied present life conditions were the result of karma. As a student of Edgar Cayce the most renowned psychic of the 20th century and the father of holistic medicine Joanne began researching hundreds of readings with people who came to him with physical complaints. These people had life readings which explained their present life condition was the result of actions they took in a previous life. Joanne also heard talk of spontaneous healings that occurred as a result of past life regression. It’s like once the cause of the physical malady was known it was if Spirit was saying, “So now you know, and now it’s OVER.” Joanne’s skeptical side thought this not possible so she decided to begin an investigation using volunteers.

Joanne studied the work of C Norman Shealy MD one of the world’s leading experts in holistic medicine and Caroline Myss a medical intuitive believed that all disease or illness was past-life related and karmic in nature. When Joanne decided that physical karma would be the topic for this book she thought about how to create a research project that would include case histories to prove that the subject’s current physical condition was indeed the manifestation of karma acquired in a prior lifetime. To do this, the project was divided into three parts. The first involved a screening process of volunteers with a questionnaire asking about their chronic condition, and why they felt they were a good fit for the project. Those who qualified came to Joanne’s office for a consultation, followed by a past-life regression session and soul writing session.

Joanne used a body scan as part of the preparation before sessions. The purpose of a body scan is for the client and practitioner to see where excessive pain or energy is located. Michael Talbot, author of Your Past Lives, A Reincarnation Handbook wrote: “Unusual sensitivities about certain parts of your body can indicate body karma”. He wrote, “An aversion to things pointed to your eyes or head may indicate a latent past-life memory of a head injury. If you are especially sensitive about wearing scarves or  items of clothing which fit snuggly around your neck you may have suffered a neck injury; or if there is a slight nervousness about a certain part of your body it may be a clue to a past life memory.” Dr Ian Stevenson suggested that physical as well as emotional conditions could be transferred from one life to another.

Some highlights of the sessions Joanne found most compelling showed Consciousness is at the highest point of intensity at the time of death with the results that thoughts and feelings that occur in this transition are deeply imprinted on the transmigrating consciousness. Case in point A young woman came to me wanting to know the origin of her psoriasis that covered nearly every part of her body. Her soul showed us that in the old west she was a prostitute and her last thought at the time of her death was that she did not want to be touched. Her karma in this life would focus on her sexuality.Quite literally, she had put out to the Universe that she did not want to be touched. So she came back with a condition that kept people at a distance. Francine after losing her finance thought “I’ll never be happy.” Jack after being crucified died thinking.”I could trust nobody” and Meg who died of a drug overdose said her last thoughts were, “My life was worthless.” These thoughts planted seeds that blossomed in their current lives. We can also discover in past life regression sessions similar behavior patterns and if we focus on the individuals in the previous life and get in touch with the essence of their souls we can see the same energy in someone in our present life.

Joanne shows us how physical conditions often change for a client after their regression sessions. Dr Harold Reilly a world renowned physiotherapist and pioneer in the field of massage addressed the topic of physical karma and wrote: “if a man continues to dissipate for an entire life without taking corrective measures you would not expect to see him emerging in another life with a brand new perfect body in all parts and functioning as if it had never been misused. Then if you believe in reincarnation with its law of karma, an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth as you sow so you shall reap – you must include the body in that plan.” Can chronic conditions heal after a past life regression ABSOLUTELY. Marilyn Ferguson quotes an anatomist “The Healer inside us is the wisest most complex integrated entity in the universe. It became so wise perhaps because it is the efflorescence of numerous lives of experience. If so there is always a doctor in the house.”

Overall volunteers in Joanne’s studies found conclusively yes Karma is tricky but there is a cure. Understand your deeper sense or soul and that you have brought into this life certain challenges which you now have the opportunity to face and conquer. In describing many of the common ailments and their causes from our past lives it becomes easier to let go and create a state of well being hope and joy for our life NOW take for example Arthritis and joint disease; over 50 million Americans have it. One of the underlying reasons is brought about by attitude; many admit to being rigid in their thinking, unable to show flexibility when having their beliefs challenged. They do not allow their minds to expand and this immobility manifests in the body too.

Joanne DiMaggio author of Karma Can Be A Real Pain shares her journey towards true healing which is ultimately the collaboration of mind body spirit to remember its eternal essence and to refine our soul as we experience events in the physical world, in real time, bringing out in our thinking past life experiences and using this knowledge as an opportunity to release fears, and the limitations of our past life experiences. Joanne has been able to share with us the details of a regression session, the transcript of the soul writing and the results of the follow-up interview to determine whether the session resulted in the condition being healed, improved or remained the same. We have seen how ordinary men and women met their past life aspects and discovered the karmic origin of their chronic conditions resulting in a healthier happier life in these present times that will be carried beyond into the next life. Karma can be challenging but learning that there is a cure can be life altering.

Joanne shares in her book a quote by Mary Ann Woodward author of Healing Your Past Lives, Exploring the Many Lives of the Soul which said “past life memories become embedded in the subtle body, defined as layers of energy that surround and penetrate the physical body – they re-imprint in the living body as rashes, deformities birthmarks weaknesses in certain limbs, or organic disorders such as weak bladder, heart, gynecological problems etc.; examining attitudes from a previous life takes introspective work and over time, once the connection is made, healing can occur.”

Joanne and I would have you remember that this life is a chance to repair and improve your soul essence and the relationships you have with those who share some of your karmic residue. If we can live our most loving compassionate and hopeful life today, we do not need to create new karma for us to take with us into our New Life which awaits us. Put your thoughts and energy into living boldly and courageously, rightfully, and create good karma in this lifetime. We are the sum total of all of our life experiences and our past lives and are only present in a new life so we can refine, refresh, and renew the greatest truth of life which is Love.