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ONE SPIRIT FLOWING WITHIN Volume (4) |Episode (81)

ONE SPIRIT FLOWING WITHIN Volume (4) |Episode (81)
April 30, 2018
Special Guest: Eileen Workman
In today’s episode of Healing From Within your host Sheryl Glick author of The Living Spirit Answers to Healing and Infinite Love is delighted to welcome Eileen Workman author of a completely unique story of love in all its seemingly complicated aspects while in reality much like her title Simply Raindrops of Love for a Thirsty World suggests, love in any form is all that is needed for us to recognize our divine and magnificent Being.
As listeners of Healing From Within are well aware Sheryl and her guests share intimate experiences of both a physical and metaphysical nature in hopes of discovering the truth of our actual BEING which many people still believe to be a separation from Universal Energy or the duality of our physical and spiritual life. In today’s episode of “Healing From Within” we explore ways to realize that We—you and I are One Spirit flowing within and throughout the infinite realm of matter and energy and that our unity has always and ever been so. In our journey of personal self-realization we will discuss Soft Love Tough Love Self Love and Life Love. Eileen Workman spent sixteen years in the financial industry on Wall Street which to some may not seem a spiritual place encouraging the remembrance of who we are and how empowered we are when moving beyond only a materialistic approach to life. Eileen shares her profound spiritual awakening that encouraged her to leave that industry. She then wrote Sacred Economics the Currency of Life. That first book is about directing our attention toward the purposeful design of a more compassionate, cooperative and abundantly flowing economic system for a spiritually driven perspective.
Eileen shares with listeners the message of Raindrops of Love For A Thirsty World and the promise it makes. Workman summons the wisdom of the Life Force that flows within us all and invites it to speak with us in its own words. The book inspires a healthy sense of self-love in the reader in order to propel them beyond suffering and into the fullest most beautiful expression of themselves. It also acknowledges the natural limits of human self-consciousness and honors the rising natural impulse within our species to evolve beyond present limited consciousness and becoming more LIFE aware. As we gradually re- contextualize ourselves through an appreciation of ourselves as life—rather than viewing ourselves as creatures in possession of a thing or idea we call life, we gain an ability to perceive the truth of who we are..Spiritual energetic beings having a physical life and interconnected to all energy and life forms throughout Universal Source or eternal infinitely creative alive and intelligent universe.
Sheryl shares with Eileen how her exposure to Source and energy as a practicing Reiki Master Teacher connecting to this life force within and all around us, sustaining life in all forms can easily be felt during energy sessions when a client is able to connect to it and become profoundly aware that they are indeed more than their body. The challenge becomes to respond to this inner connection and guidance and to realize that often our ego or fear motivated physical life can deceive us and create suffering. But we do not have to embrace or live in that unreliable fantasy.
Eileen’s book hints at the human journey. And she writes, “I know how confused you have felt at times as you’ve traveled in the world of form and how on occasion you’ve struggled to find your proper place in the world. I’ve also watched you grow lost now and then in the dramas of human society. Even so, in this precious now moment you can reclaim your native tongue and commune with me in our mutual language for the language of Life has been ever your birthright. Beloved. The doorway that leads directly to me is unlocked and will always stand open. The only key you need is simple willingness to listen to the cosmic melody that plays inside you so you can dance your way home to your higher Self through the gateway within your own hear.”
Sheryl responds to this beautiful passage and downloaded message from Spirit and says, ”That passage sounds like the messages I receive for my clients: almost poetry, love and beauty, goodness and creation, all in motion to lead us to our true Life form or reality: our connection to Eternal Life and unending opportunities to love more fully and engage in this exquisite dialogue with as you say “Life” itself.
For those who wish to begin their conversation with Spirit, Eileen and Sheryl suggest that they remain open minded and open hearted free from the mind chatter of the ego and the belief systems of the past which hold us back from remembering our inner soul wisdom and our desire to participate in Life by creating a dance and song which expresses the very beauty and divine nature of eternal life. Being of service to others, being in nature, meditating, finding like minded people. who share this energy of trust and faith in a higher evolved universe that whispers to us and urges us ever so gently to explore the language of Spirit and Love. Ground this material and these thoughts into the quiet intimate moments of peace that you allow yourself to find, no matter what circumstances or conditions the outside world sends your way. It becomes easier to let go of distracting thoughts and remain more fully present in the truth of your own life.
In regard to what is happening for humanity in coming years, especially with regards to technology, Eileen writes, “Therefore I invite you to become a living invitation to all others to explore what awaits humanity on the ground of beingness similar to the way that your ancestors descended from Earth’s trees so they could explore the ground of the Earth in their long ago age. In other words we ascend into higher thinking living more cooperatively, and relinquishing the primitive values of an ego- based survivalist mentality. We will function more as a cooperative humanity and the differences and separations between religions, nations and cultures will fade away.
As we elaborate on the role of the masculine and feminine and how that relationship is changing over time. Eileen wrote “Beloved I invite you to notice the large number of men who are embracing their feminine qualities at this time. Notice too how many women are embracing their masculine qualities. What good news this is. Know that this internal rebalancing of human energy will enable you to trust and work more intimately and cooperatively with all others even as your species draws upon the vast and potent powers of creation. The divine masculine power of creation when channeled through the divine feminine energy of love, produces a strong enough foundation to support affirm and perpetually advance the whole of the living reality. However, the time has arrived for you to focus on calling forth much more of the loving power of the divine feminine so that your divine masculine powers of creation can finally mature. In this way you will become fully integrated self-actualized and free to create—from a stance of love –all that your passions skills and capacities are inspiring you to deliver into the world.
Sheryl says…. In relation to those thoughts we come to know that this time in the physical world is filled with separation and there is never separation from our Living Life Force, but there is fear as expressed at times by political judgments, religion, science, the male- female dichotomy. Almost everything we hear and see through this divided view from our eternal source of life hinders us from knowing our divine essence.
Sheryl wrote in The Living Spirit “Each human being builds through unity and purpose of experiences an indivisible ONENESS of the finest aspect of divine blessings which are love humility forgiveness and the generosity of merging ourselves with All that is. The purpose must be to prepare and refine our souls through our choices made in our physical lives for an eternal soul life worthy of divine introspection….. Remember to stand firmly in these safe feelings delivered to you now in life and also long before your earthly existence, and feel all those souls who walk and stand in your presence and who honor your divine soul being. Remember you and remember me as one together in unity and love for all time in life, and yes, in death.”
If some feel that the book is a repudiation of God and religion in the traditional sense of those words Sheryl feels it is exactly the opposite. The religious beliefs of Christianity Buddhism Wicca Hindus, New Age and so on seek to express the eternal continuing interaction of Source Spirit or the Divine in an evolving human creation that knows and discovers at the same time their unique soul being and the connection to all of life. Eileen wrote “By answering the questions What can I best bring forth through myself? And how can I best apply my gifts to advance the cause of all life? you will find you may relax into your own existence and allow the inner seed to burst forth and to flower beautifully as it possibly can. If you do that you will flood the world with the light of your own luscious fragrant perfection….I invite you to realize what I already know…you are a wondrously grand, orgasmic expression of the Formless One life, in eternal love with itself. Know that only you shall ever be you throughout eternity and beyond the boundlessness of infinity. Therefore appreciate the awesomeness of your precious form self, and feel me flowing inside you as endless love.”
Sheryl says so you may see God, Universal Source, the Divine, as a creative force of endless energy swirling within forever, and allowing all life forms to communicate with this energy and Oneness. This thought does not repudiate any of the religious structured forms of understanding life: only reinforces the truth of creation and an eternal force of life which is within and around of each of us therefore the Universe is within us and we are within the Universe. We are in the place we began and still in new places as we create with our thoughts and intentions new worlds of experience to empower the love that is ever expanding.
Eileen talks more about self-love and though it might at times feel like a nebulous concept you can make it real in your own life. She writes, “Beloved I invite you to notice that when you are at peace with me; the power of unconditional love arises naturally with you. It then flows through you and out into the world like an energetic current. This current is made up of living energy. I further invite you to realize that the energy of love contains seven basic aspects: trust, openness courage compassion kindness patience and peace. Together they merge to create a single flow of Unconditional Love. Trust enables you to send yourself as life in the living world…continued are life and know you exist eternally within me and I do in you. Openness invites you to draw into yourself: from all that surrounds you whatever nourishment you may need to carry on. Courage enables you to explore the entire universe with curiosity as you learn to master yourself and your wondrous skills.
Compassion encourages you to connect with others beating heart to heart. Kindness aids you in establishing more useful lines of communication not matter another’s language of what they believe. Patience empowers you to remain attentive so you can absorb what you need to know about your current surroundings. Peacefulness inspires you to move through the world in a state of acceptance for whatever happens.
Eileen in her book offers a more inclusive definition of Life than what modern science proposes life to be. Life is consciousness which projects the biological and physical world but is not only the physical world. She writes, “There is a a powerful thought that the natural limits of human self consciousness hinder the rising impulse within each of us to evolve beyond human or earthly thinking and to raise to a higher level of awareness, mindfulness, and consciousness so we may become more life-aware. Beyond viewing ourselves as creatures in possession of a thing or idea of life, we may gain the ability to perceive we are unique, precious and an integral aspect within an eternal infinite creative alive and intelligent Universe. This realization that we are not separate from this force or God allows us to move past abandonment entrapment meaninglessness fear insecurity and despair during humanities lengthy adolescence. As we move into our species adulthood encouraged to trust that we are creations of regenerative eternal love made of flesh and bone and heart and mind through the infinite creativity that is life itself. In this moment humanity stands poised on a threshold the threshold of species adulthood. To cross it humanity will need to go through a rite of passage which asks two things of you: to demonstrate proficiency in using your enhanced capacities to think and to feel. And by extension to use these tools to extend your entire energy force to serve into grateful and loving service to all of life. Even the earth is supporting you with love as you begin to understand the connection to this living force.”
Remember realism not only accepts that change is possible: it recognizes and honors change as the singular constant with the living force. While you cannot alter your biology you can alter your thinking and how you treat one another. Know that wherever you are in this particular leap forward you are exactly where you need to be for the benefit health and advancement of the entire living field. Remember separation is the illusion you are relinquishing at this tie in the living story.
Eileen Workman author of Raindrops of Love for A Thirsty World has shared her amazing story of transition and transformation opening up to the true eternal force of Life and love and the benefits that are there for all of us to discover beyond an ordinary, limiting, physical view of individual and collective reality. This divinely channeled story of Life in its infinite wisdom and beauty reflects the grace that is achieved by listening to the beautiful words and thoughts of Life within both the eternal Spirit of creation, and by becoming more in alignment to Self and endless love so we begin to honor our time in a physical life allowing us to create learning experiences for greater compassion in all the daily aspects of our challenges in these changing times.
As Eileen wrote, “Beloved, I invite you to release your dreams from the prison of your own subconscious. Share your deepest truth with others so they too may intuit what Spirit hungers to birth in the world through them….. and because form and formlessness are forever entwined and unified, I already know what you dream, when you dream, for I dream your dreams with you.”
Eileen and Sheryl would have you Know… you do live in a world filled with love and natural beauty, creativity and the means to appreciate yourself and others, and can elevate others to greater joy and positivity by allowing, accepting, and embracing Life just as it is.