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Healing From Within

Sheryl Glick


June 4, 2018
Special Guest: Rashmi Khilnani
Sheryl Glick host of Healing From Within and author of Life Is No Coincidence The Life and Afterlife Connection and The Living Spirit which is a tale of healing, spiritual communication, miracles, and a guide to your inner soul being. Today we welcome Rashmi Khilnani the executive producer of a new documentary film, IGod which features spiritual authors, heads of various religious denominations and people at all levels of soul journeying. Rashmi is known worldwide for her channeling of the Ascended Masters. In her book Buddha Speaks she brings the words of Buddha to her followers and beyond.
In today’s show we share intimate experiences and an expanding view of the metaphysical world of spirit and true healing in hopes of answering age old questions such as, “What is the meaning of Life?,” and “How can we find ways to reach and expand our inner awareness of life?”
Rashmi Khilnani who was born in Chan di garh India and spent the first six years of her life in Cairo Egypt became a specialist in energy medicine and the ancient mystery school teachings of Egypt India Tibet and China. Rashmi practices several healing modalities and has taught Reiki Masters. She has also hosted numerous radio shows and will address the wisdom we can obtain from channeled messages of leading spiritual teachers and the love of enlightened Ascended Masters.
Rashmi begins by thinking back to her childhood and her awareness of spiritual beings always near to was quite natural for her to study metaphysical subjects and was always comfortable in the energy of her spiritual guides and teachers. Rashmi and Sheryl share an amusing coincidence for as they were often told by people of events or projects they would work on they often responded quite seriously, “Oh I don’t think so.” When the opportunity presented itself soon after hearing about it with a smile and good nature they accepted the challenge and achieved wonderful results.
Rashmi is the executive producer of a new documentary film IGod and one of the speakers along with leading spiritual authors, heads of various religions The film is also produced by Robert Friedman and Neal Donald Walsh and directed by Jonathan Friedman The film stars Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, Neal Donald Walsh, Rabbi Michael Lerner, James Van Praagh, Amit Goswami, Alan Cohen and Barbara Marx Hubbard. They all share a greater love for the unity of life, an understanding of universal energy laws and the belief that In fact…. “Love just is. Love is who you are. Love is all there is.”
Sheryl talks to Rashmi of her Reiki Master training explaining how the ancient healing art and the Reiki principles give us a way to relate calmly and lovingly to challenges and to explore our emotions from the lowest vibrations of pain, fear, jealously, and greed to the higher vibrational emotions of love, joy and compassion for true healing and to resonate in silence with Universal Spirit allowing for unity and oneness and the recognition of our interconnectedness to all of life.
No matter what religion or spiritual practice or teacher one follows, the belief that you are a soul having a physical life encourages a more complete view of knowing we do have the personal power and free will to make conscious choices. When we become aware of our divine essence and innate abilities we can find harmony and peace within… no matter what is happening in the world around us. It is not the outside world that limits our life, but only our perception and those thoughts are manifesting into reality in our everyday life. We are the creators of our destiny.
In Rashmi’s book Shiva Speaks she describes conversations with Maha Avatar Babaju known to the west in the famous classic, Autobiography of a Yogi. He is known as the Christ Yogi and the Guru of Gurus. Maha Avatar Babajis role as the Christ Yogi is to oversee the ascension of humanity and Mother Earth to the fifth dimension and beyond….Rashmi has also channeled many of humanities greatest ascended masters from Quan in to Buddha to Jesus. Rashmi tells us Maha Avatar Babaji has assumed many forms over the centuries but for his followers he is All and in all, the Christ Yogi who will remain with us until all of humanity has achieved Enlightenment or the moving out of consciousness of linear time and space into the Eternal Now. The coming Age Of Light requires many changes within us that must start by releasing all dysfunctional attachments and illusions. As the illusion of control becomes harder to sustain with what many sense to be the collapse of the world order Shiva’s instructions becomes even more critical: if we are to transform ourselves and enter the Age Of Light. Love is at the core of Babajis’ teachings. And with this core teaching we are lead to a deeper understanding of our true relationship with the universe and the nature of the god/goddess that resides within each of us. He speaks of the importance of self-love and its role in understanding how all things are connected and of the courage needed to uncover life-acquired attachments and learn to let them go. Judgment, evaluation and analysis are all products of the dysfunctional aspects of our lives and leaving them behind opens us up to the beauty and love of the universe.
Rashmi tells us what the book’s subtitle, To the Buddha Within means. She was asked by her publisher Bob Friedman several times how she could be so sure that this information she channeled came from the Buddha himself. As the book so beautifully explains such a question comes from the mind which seeks division, separation and definition. In unity consciousness which is where Buddha resides and in which Rashmi slips into during each session, she becomes her Buddha Self which is one with the All and then this becomes a dialogue with her own Buddha nature as the subtitle of this book suggests. When people say,”The Buddha within me recognizes the Buddha within you” we are suggesting our interconnectedness to all of life and just tapping into the soul source of wisdom available to everyone.
Sheryl tells Rashmi that long ago she was told she could channel any historical figure if she needed information or clarification of any idea, but as she did readings only for those who asked her for a reading, she was not sure she should channel someone for her own purposes. However, recently she channeled George Washington as she has many stories about him in her next book, New Life Awaits and his messages will be in the Epilogue of the book. Sheryl had such a wonderful experience during that exchange of energy that she then decided to channel Jesus as she wished to clarify her own personal feelings rather than those expressed by others and he showed her what your subtitle expresses when Jesus said…. “I serve still and Always and with the light of Love flowing from me to all who Ask for it, and those that find me, find themselves and our Father. Who am I? I am you and you are mine Blessed forever.”
In trying to discuss the difference between absolute and relative reality it becomes clear that a true spiritual warrior peacefully continues with strong determination to face fear after fear perhaps because they know that nothing is absolute and life is only a relative reality not the whole picture. You might say finding the Unified Field of Consciousness that holds every human truth and thought, beyond illusion and the restrictions of the mind, or the incessant process of labeling all that is known to the ego, while often failing to clearly know your eternal soul and the oneness of being which is absolute. Therefore, the material world of physical life is perhaps like a dream, only a relative reality. Beyond clinging to your terrified ego lies the way to align to peace and serenity that comes after a layer of so called fear is faced and transcended.
From Buddha’s viewpoint as ascended consciousness, those in spirit feel great compassion and some amusement as they watch us acting as individuals like the air in a jam jar clinging to the reality of being a jam jar when the limitless skies upon skies are who we really are. Why not allow the jam jar of your beingness to shatter, so that you may become limitless space, limitless being.
Rashmi goes on to explain Buddha’s practice of neti neti (“neither this nor that”). Buddha recognized the challenges that we all face as we try to achieve permanent inner peace and enlightenment. We are human and we experience all of the human frailties as we try to bridge the spiritual with the mundane. The main focus is to achieve permanent detachment and still live in the real world. As Buddha says at one point “Stop seeing yourself as this or that. (Forget Labels) Make your practice of neti neti= neither this nor that, stronger. It no longer behooves you to see yourself just as a particular nationality, a particular person, or a particular family. and so on… Sheryl says as we are all conscious citizens of the universe..souls evolving and refining our energies we cannot limit ourselves to the imagined duality of life, find unity and oneness and must move past the restrictions, labels and falseness that restricts your soul’s potential to manifest and create miracles.
Rashmi has been influenced by the Buddha’s life and she wrote, “Through channeling Ascended Masters I have come to remember that great beings are forces of energy and they can come and go in many different bodies and therefore may not always look or sound like a previous incarnation of themselves. Or to use the Buddha words, From where I am now which is beyond time and space and everywhere and nowhere, I can tap into the wisdom of all times, I can don any energy that I so please.” She has been able to connect her higher soul self with her lower physical needs. And when the powerful white Lotus for deeper meditation and simultaneous groundedness is strengthened, this is possible.
In asking about the meaning of life Buddha responded and said. “I highly recommend your celebration of life and the watching of your mind which tends to be very serious and judgmental. This can lead to righteousness, self-pity and other undesirable states of being while compassion gets thrown out the window. Celebration brings you immediately into a state of gratitude, into a state of your childhood nature, and it brings you powerfully into a state of innocence that helps you create from a space of detachment and fun. This detachment is not forced when it comes from celebration: it just arises naturally .” How beautifully we see that our real focus on life needs to be a joyful pursuit of the goodness and beauty in life while dealing in the best way possible with the complicated happenings that affect us all. Remain diligent observant and see that help is available when you truly ask…
Wanting to know a connection between Buddhism and the Mayan Calendar ending led Sheryl to an important meditation group lead by International medium Robert Brown where during a deep mediation she asked the question What is the Mayan prophesy really about…What major change will happen? Will civilization survive? Sheryl found herself as a small atom of life in a dark quiet vastness and knew she still existed without her body…it was Sheryl yet not in this world….Upon reflection she thought the prophesy showed a time beyond time and space when we would as enlightened humans exist in many dimensions at one time: in eternal life. Perhaps it is the Fifth dimension that Rashmi speaks of in her book, Buddha Speaks of simply knowing who we are as spiritual beings having a physical life and living eventually without war in a more peaceful and cooperative fashion.
These understandings of energy and Universal Laws are important during this time of challenging political and social changes worldwide and can be applied in a practical day to day sense. Buddha says…”My child of the stars here on earth now, I do love you, love all of humanity so, as do the ascended masters, archangels and other beings of light and love that are here at this ending of time and beginning of heaven on earth. We love you and totally feel your pain and struggle now to wake up fully to who you are—pure agape, pure lotus love. Earth is a school and it has been a school for 13,000 years—for you to learn to explore consciousness creativity and awareness. When you graduate fully from this school you come into a state of transcendence of alchemy of oneness—you become your Buddha nature within you. You can become Christ consciousness which is the frequency of Unity.
….Buddha goes on to say—“Forgive yourself each time you slip from peace to destructive thought.
Watch it……..Embrace it…… Even allow the emotions of anger for example to bubble up and express them in ways that are safe for you and others. Maybe you could write out the anger, paint out the anger, dance out the anger, chant out the anger. Celebrate your life and your eternal soul…
The important thing is the detached watching, without judgment repression and suppression of what is. Once you watch it, you become aware and you realize that perhaps you would like to choose differently. This brings us to the most important tool on the spiritual path: heightened awareness: that is meditation. When you make it a regular practice to be the detached witness of your mind, body, and emotions, there is no question of losing your center.”
The lesson for all of humanity now—this issue of acceptance. Closely tied to unconditional acceptance is the energy of patience and tolerance. The Dali Lama exemplifies these energies on earth here now. He has to deal with the world, with politics and oppression on a daily basis. If you come into a state of supreme silence and non-doer-ship as the bedrock of your awareness, the personality can continue to talk walk and engage in the world in multifarious ways and you remain centered. Sheryl says How vey true…The cure for this mental turmoil is a reorientation of the psyche to your heart (soul) awareness. Another key to patience in this time of accelerated change on your planet is slowing down.
We balance individuality with oneness and all paths are ultimately one. Buddha says, “Dear Ones, ….not just I, but all the great enlightened beings and saints that have walked know that the many different paths to the top of the mountain come to the same peak. The names of the paths are different, the peak that they come to is the same. But most of you forget the Unity of the One Unified Field of Consciousness that has split up to become many universes, worlds and many subjects and objects. To be stuck on just one path to the top of the mountain without acknowledging that other paths exist to the same mountain peak is pure folly. As you know my beloveds, prayer, chanting of the sacred names of the Divine, meditation, sacred initiation and divine ceremony are all powerful instruments to arrive at the Inner Space where all is peace, all is one, and all is therefore whole and healed.
We have hopefully discovered that we are all spiritual beings having a physical life and the gift of Source is to fully awaken and remember the Oneness and unity we share as human and divine energetic soul beings. As Rashmi channeled from Budda the following words, “Once the individual begins to embark on a journey of self inquiry asking powerful questions such as. Who am I and What is the nature of reality? then one slowly begins as a spiritual seeker to unravel the fear of death through an anchoring of one’s consciousness in the unified field of awareness. One becomes more like a tree that knows that it is whole and complete as opposed to being separate individual leaves, branches and roots. …As this awareness of oneness increases the fear of death which comes from separation decreases.”
As Buddha suggested “In this time now wisdom lies in enjoying whatever comes to within the flow of the river of your life. Whatever comes to you easily, effortlessly and organically, enjoy it. Wisdom now lies in enjoying things, people and places that arise from the Divine Principles…Highest good of all concerned. Within the free will of all concerned. Of course mastering detachment, non-identification or avoiding labeling and detached witnessing along with meditation, prayer, silence, are all ways to transcend the three dimensional world on the way to the Fifth Dimension. We are headed to the dimension of Unity Consciousness that Buddha calls Nirvana where there is no separation between the Buddha and the Buddha within.
Rashmi and Sheryl would have you learn to allow accept and surrender to all as you find you can learn to live in the moment, change and transform your fears of past present and future, and find calmness, peace, joy, and celebration for life and for love.