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Special Guest: Ellen Tadd
Welcome to “Healing From Within.” I am your host Sheryl Glick author of The Living Spirit which is a real life tale of spiritual communication, healing, miracles and of course, a guide to our inner Soul Awareness and am delighted to welcome Ellen Tadd author of The Infinite View which may help you connect to your own inner guidance connecting a spiritual and human presence while offering ways to go within the silence of being and hear the hum of your heart and the Universe.
Listeners of “Healing From Within” are well aware my guests and I explore a metaphysical range of possibilities for understanding life in its complex duality of mind based or physical life, and soul based or energetic life, discovering that they are not separate. With awareness through higher conscious states we may achieve oneness and unity of being.
Ellen Tadd a revered clairvoyant counselor for 40 years whose work has been supported by the Edgar Cayce Foundation, the Marion Institute, Deepak Chopra, and the Institute of Noetic Sciences among others, advises readers that instead of relying on intellect or instinct, they should learn to perceive their circumstances through an objective lens which she refers to as the “third eye.” We will see how by developing skills of deep focus and deep listening we can tune into others in order to understand their perspectives and needs and learn to integrate spiritual practices into our normal daily. We can build on genuine positivity in order to protect ourselves from negative surroundings nurturing ways to clear away distorted perceptions, beliefs, and engrained limiting childhood patterns of behavior.
Ellen thinks back to her childhood to show us how her sensitivity to energy and her environment eventually lead her to develop her intuitive gifts. Ellen wrote, “As a child I had experiences that no one else around me seemed to share. At night I saw faces in the dark and although my father tried to reassure me they were merely the work of a vivid imagination I begged him to let me sleep with my light on. Sometimes I had out of body experiences. I’d be lying on my bed when suddenly the room would start to spin and I was on the ceiling looking down at my body still on the bed. How can this be I wondered. Am I the body on the bed or am I on the ceiling? Who am I? Sometimes I saw light around people…..Other times I was so overwhelmed by so many feelings and impressions that I couldn’t even begin to sort them out much less interpret them.. One time I remember missing an entire math test because I was so absorbed by the images and insights I was picking up page2 I always felt loved by my family but realized they were not have similar experiences so I learned to keep quiet about ming and felt misunderstood and confused spending time alone in nature. But as time passed I grew increasingly anxious.
Ellen tells us about the shock that hit her family when she was young and how it impacted her personal growth and her awareness of life and death.
Ellen’s mom was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis when she was thirty two years old and the disease progressed rapidly affecting both her mind and body. Ellen feared that she might get sick too. She wanted to understand why her mother who was a good person and loved us all so much suffered so. Though Ellen was raised without religion and felt agnostic, she took a tour of churches to see if religion could offer any answers to her questions. When she was seventeen her mother died paralyzed and unable to talk. The following year she went to college where she studied psychology and philosophy hoping to find a better understanding of life’s meaning. She was headed to Mexico where a friend had told her he had a mystical experience and before leaving she visited one of her brothers friend Catherine who he was dating. Catherine called herself a trance medium and though I had been a sensitive kid, the purpose of life, mediums and clairvoyants didn’t really resonate yet with me. In a session with this woman she lied down in what looked to be a paralyzed state and to Ellen’s surprise she saw her mother’s face superimposed over hers ..the difference in appearance between this woman and my mother was unmistakable. My mother said to me..”Do not mourn for me for I chose what I endured.” She went on to say that no matter how things appear on the surface, if you look deep enough, you will see there are always reasons and justice. Ellen’s mother spoke to her about the process of reincarnation and told her in previous lives she’d been selfish and arrogant. She had learned that we were all connected and if we ignored the struggles of others we ignore our own. Through her illness she’d acquired the capacity to experience and express genuine compassion.
Ellen goes on to explain that from her statement, “If you look deep enough there are always reasons and justice” was a revelation. It meant that life had order: it wasn’t just chaos and cruelty…Faced so immediately with reincarnation and the opportunity for learning that comes with it—Ellen found that life made sense. She began to feel more pleasure in life…Communicating with her mother on a spiritual plane also brought into sharp and dramatic focus the sensitivity she had experienced as a child when surrounded by spiritual energies. After the session Ellen realized she wasn’t alone and entities and spirits could be all around me… Sheryl says that at times in Reiki energy sessions she has experienced seeing spirit superimpose their image and essence on people lying on her table and offers a story of this process in her next book New Life Awaits…Create your Best Afterlife with Conscious Living Now. Sheryl also says that John Edward a medium has called this phenomenon “Spiritual Overlay.”
When a person is aware of the God force that animates and empowers us they can begin to use this wisdom for enriching their awareness of their true purpose for having a physical life which allows us to engage life with greater clarity even when it tests us through illness, death loneliness anxiety or fear.
Sheryl responds by saying, “As a certified Reiki energy practitioner I channel this Universal Energy or God Force that helps clients relax and allow for self-healing, as well as becoming more aware of their inner soul essence which helps one to remember their soul needs which are uniquely different than the ego based societal training and physical life often imposed upon us. Knowing who you are as a spiritual being having a physical life helps to balance your decision making process, respecting the full human and divine potential for happiness and well being.
Readers of The Infinite View can learn to attune their conscious minds with Spirit and receive many benefits from this effort. Meditation, prayer, greater time in silence and nature, yoga, energy sessions such as Reiki, Craniosacral treatments, chiropractic, massage, polarity healing, reflexology acupuncture among others, help to balance the body making people more aware of how the body is a tool or barometer which helps one to know what feels good or right, as opposed to what makes you feel uncomfortable. Every interaction is one where energy is exchanged via thought or action and knowing what choices to make based on how these interactions affect us, who and what you should invest time in, all awakens and attunes your mind and body to receiving more positive experiences.
The italicized passages at the beginning of each chapter in The Infinite View are direct quotations from spiritual sources or guides. Ellen tells us more about her guides and receiving messages for clients as well as channeling or trance mediumship which offer a clearer view of the process of a clairvoyant or medium. Sheryl shares with Ellen her own development and the synchronicity of her childhood that she shares with her. Many years ago when Sheryl first began to be aware of coincidences and synchronicity she also began to question how psychics or mediums received their information. Never been exposed to this way of thinking or the language of spiritual ideology and not having done an inquiry into metaphysics or quantum physics though she always thought there was something more than this physical life led her to understand the difficulties of her childhood as a sensitive… child and empathy: one who can deeply feel other people’s emotions and pain and who often is able to intuitively function with truth and an inability to buy into much of what was offered to her by others living in a more materialistic physical approach to living..
In her book The Living Spirit Sheryl wrote “In order to embrace our connectedness with our loves ones in spirit we must also embrace the oneness of all creatures. My experiences are not merely a collection of coincidences and synchronicities but proof that we all spring from the same Divine Source and are part of the same Divine Story. Yet this realization is only one part of our earthly education: the other part is learning to feel—and generate –a great love for life. This Divine spiritual awakening and feeling real love without expectations or controls is very different from what I experienced earlier in my life thanks to my incessant need to achieve be perfect and be in control. My life as yours, is the result of choices, as well as the result of the Divine plan we were born with. I have surrendered many illusionary fears and asked Spirit to direct and guide me towards the fulfillment of my spiritual purpose. I’m willing to accept the consequences of my actions regardless of how other people feel or think. I say no if it doesn’t feel good or right for my development. Even after a lot of study and hard work, this is sometimes hard to do. Nonetheless, I strongly believe that this is how the soul matures. I believe just as strongly that it is the mission of all spiritually conscious individuals to help empower themselves to share their creative soul expression as they walk their own soul path.”
Ellen tells us about the out of body experience she had while trying to connect to Ruth Montgomery a medium who a young man Ellen knew wished to find as he wanted to make a movie about her book Ellen writes, “Gradually I noticed that I was floating close to the ceiling in a room I didn’t recognize looking down at a woman in bed wearing a bed jacket and nestled against her pillows reading a book. (Years later I saw a photograph of Montgomery and I’m convinced she was the woman I saw.) A man in a body less solid than the woman’s hovered near me. I had learned that Ruth Montgomery’s book was based partly on her communications with her friend and mentor Arthur Ford who served as a spirit guide to her after his death. I thought this floating man might be Ford although I was never able to confirm that. When I approached him, full of curiosity, he surprised me by reprimanding me, very sternly, saying, “You don’t know what you’re doing: you’re playing with fire. I was so startled. I abruptly found myself back in my body, sitting on the bench in the garden. I got the message: Just because I had an ability didn’t mean I knew how to use it. My education would need to be meticulous, rigorous, and thorough. It was not to be separate, either from my life lesson, but woven into everyday living.” Sheryl shares with Ellen that over years of training with many different mediums healers and spiritual teachers which was necessary to develop an ethical moral approach to doing such sensitive work and truly being committed consistent devoted and dedicated to working with Spirit.
One of Ellen’s guides offered her an initial philosophical teaching about the difference between acceptance and complacency which many listeners may wish to understand more fully. “Ellen was taught that many people are uncomfortable with the notion of acceptance, equating it with a kind of laziness or avoidance of experiences or ideas that appear too challenging or confusing. My guides however stress that acceptance is simply the acknowledgment of what is because it is. It’s a spiritual principle that brings us peace: When we stop fighting or avoiding, turbulent emotions cease, and in the calm that follows, insights spontaneously emerge and appropriate responses become more apparent.”
Ellen tells us of the first visit physically of an Asian man with a broad smile who she saw above. Another guide came in a vision off to the right of a Native American man coming toward her and she writes, “As I watched him move closer I suddenly—for the first time—felt my consciousness pushed aside over to the left, while the man used my body to speak. He spoke eloquently about the power of nature as a spiritual teacher. I wasn’t able to hear all his words, but when I returned to my body my friends were in awe. They heard a voice that was not mine coming from me and it was clear that my body had been inhabited by a spirit guide. This is the channeling of another soul’s essence.
Sheryl tells a story that happened at a healing workshop many years ago with a Hawaiian spiritual shaman teaching the course. While in meditation, Sheryl saw off to her left side a clear vision of a young handsome Hawaiian man and thought perhaps he was a guide or perhaps Sheryl in another incarnation. I had over the many years of working with energy experienced many visions of spiritual teachers, and souls that may have been connected to me in other times and places, but who I have not known in this lifetime. Like Ellen it has been a tremendous relief and gift to discover that the challenges of my childhood, feelings of stomach aches and sorrows: being an emotional sponge, as a result of being extremely empathic could be trained and transformed from a liability into as you say a precise skill for understanding human complexity. And it was also wonderful to experience learning a new language: the language of spirit and many ways to receive information from that “Unified Field of Information of souls” living in a spiritual life after life.
Ellen decided not to work exclusively as a trance medium as she wished to work in a different way with receiving messages from spirit. She tells us that for a while after the channeling of the Native American Indian she became a trance medium. She still has this gift but she began to feel too much like a telephone, mechanically transmitting information. She longed to participate more fully in receiving the knowledge being conveyed. I didn’t want people to see me as an authority figure either, because I knew I was a student learning and striving to learn more. Ellen asked her guides and teachers from the spiritual realm to work with her more regularly through clairvoyance and clairaudience
Ellen tells us her father was a scientist, trained to seek empirical evidence to support ideas and Sheryl’s father was a podiatrist so they both grew up in the same type of homes with parents who believed in methodical training and since Sheryl’s first book is Life Is No Coincidence which suggests that nothing is random and we are never alone, perhaps two souls like us with similar destinies were placed in their earlier life with some similarities in their families and experiences for a purpose. Perhaps the purpose was so they could understand very well that our culture gives little credence to many of the subjects mediums and healers discuss such as the existence and influence of past lives, and the idea that each of us is on a path of evolution that extends through many lifetimes toward a future of enlightenment. Like others Ellen and Sheryl would have their doubts were it not for the confirmation and validation that has come from their own experiences and the experiences of people they trust and also from the fact that thousands of students have trained themselves to become sensitive to what we call the reality of Spirit. To skeptics Ellen would say, ”Try the practices I present and see what happens…let your own life or transformation be your testing ground.”
Ellen tells a wonderful experience confirming the fact we are all spiritual beings manifesting temporarily on earth when your son was born. Ellen writes, “At the beginning of my labor, I had a vivid external vision of three men in etheric form standing at the foot of my bed: a tall thin young man dressed in pants and a jacket stood between the two older men dressed in robes. All three were surrounded by shimmering golden light. Somehow I knew the young man was my unborn son. The belief that we were all spiritual beings manifesting temporarily on earth was confirmed when I watched my son incarnate…after this vision they disappeared and I thought I was going to have a considerate son and a short labor. In fact I was wrong in one respect. I had a long labor and ended up going to the hospital twice.. On the way to the hospital for the second time my son appeared again in the car in etheric form. Suddenly his form began to dissolve and all that remained was a beam of light which entered the physical form of the baby I was carrying. It became clear to me that though I was providing a vehicle the essence of my son’s being existed before the creation of his body and would exist after the physical death of his body. He was an individual on his own life path. During Reiki 1 classes Sheryl always reads the poem “The Prophet” by Kahil Gibran where he asserts our children flow from us, but are souls in their own entirety and while they come through us they maintain their own soul wisdom and needs for their destiny in this life, and we must not imprint our own opinions and dreams upon them.
Ellen says that her guides have confirmed that identity or who we are which is actually made up of three aspects: the Spirit the soul, and the personality. Ellen wrote, “The core of our being is Spirit: the essence of life, the consciousness and communicative force present in all things, even those we ordinarily perceive as inanimate. This aspect of our being is always wise, and creative. It is the only constant continuing from one life to the next and one dimension to the next. It is the infinite interconnected life force, the Oneness that pervades everything yet manifests as the essence of the individual which the guides refer to as the “Spirit within.” No two expressions of Spirit are identical. Light and color help to understand the relationship between the Oneness and Spirit within. White light is made up of all the colors of the visible spectrum which appear separately when dispersed through a prism. The Oneness is the combination of all that empowers all things and is the white light. When expressed as an individual spirit a person’s essence correspond to a tint or shade of a particular color. Ellen’s guides emphasize the importance of learning to connect both with the Oneness and with our own inner Spirit. Ellen goes on to share an experience in the Catskill Mountains when she saw glowing light around every rock and leaf and heard a choral symphony singing, “I am alive!” Later looking into a mirror she realized she was Spirit and was more than a brain and a body and in that moment was part of the oneness and also aware of simply being Ellen. This transcended intellectual comprehension. Ellen could feel the power and purity of flowing in an infinite interconnected whole and yet at the same time recognize herself as just one small individual. It suddenly felt easier to love myself and see beyond our mistakes or accomplishments as we are all magnificent. “
The second aspect of our identity is the soul: the container of our Spirit through which our distinct nature retains its uniqueness with the Oneness. The soul holds the records of all of our past life patterns, experiences fears and traumas as well as the talents and skills we’ve accumulated. When we incarnate we are guided towards parents and circumstances that activate and arouse our soul’s patterns both our strengths and weaknesses in order to move us toward learning the lessons we need so we can heal past imbalances.
The third aspect of identity is personality: the characteristic patterns of thought feeling and behavior that mark each person as unique. Factors affecting the development of personality include genetics social and environmental conditioning and specific events and experiences that occur at different stages of our life. Past life experiences and individual expressions of our spiritual essence also play important roles.
Two challenges make it difficult for us to actualize our spiritual nature: unresolved traumas and fears from previous lives that are rooted in our first error and cultures conditioning that doesn’t support actualization of our enlightened selves. According to my guides the more challenging is the barrage of cultural messages we receive that are contrary to the wisdom of spiritual principles. If our cultural norms embraced and encouraged our spiritual nature, we would gradually unravel the negative patterns of our souls. Ellen’s guides say “The Spirit heals the soul.” As we feel, express, and manifest the spiritual qualities in our essence, we heal the fears and traumas from our previous incarnations that radically affect the quality of our current life.
Ellen shares with us how her guides tell us we may experience true fulfillment as we manifest our spiritual nature and bring forth the qualities of our Spirit in daily living. This is a vital point. We’ve been trained and accept the idea that happiness comes from getting what we want-a fancy new coat or world peace: if our desires aren’t met, we’re justified in feeling sad angry or hurt. When we change the definition of happiness to my guides description of true fulfillment then we cease being victims of circumstances. If we put our focus on actualizing our spiritual nature and bring our best self to a situation we can develop a resilient confident inner life and become strong forces in the world. My guides refer to this process of healing our soul and learning to sustain the experience and expression of spiritual principles a Attunement, an alignment of our conscious minds with the spiritual essence of life. Attunement can be compared to learning to play our individual instruments in harmony with the whole orchestra. Spirit is unlimited: human beings are limited—partly dues to manifestation in physical form and also as a result of our errors wounds and warped perceptions.
Many people seek to understand the human condition and the confusion of many souls to understand that the material and spiritual realms don’t function the same.
A common confusion for many souls manifesting in this world is that the material and spiritual realms don’t function in an identical way. In the spiritual real, individuals with similar attitudes and vibrations are drawn together Beings who are more deeply connected to spiritual principles reside in the outer or higher realms while those transfixed by negative attitudes inhabit the lower realms and experience far less light and joy. This mingling of individuals of different stages of development accounts for the complexity of the human condition. This denser physical life provides for different creative opportunities for instance the ability to experience physical senses.
When we are able to acknowledge and accept the dichotomy of the human condition from the infinite view of spiritual consciousness, we can begin to let go our habits of reaction. We can move past blame judgment anger and negativity and transform ourselves. An example Ellen gives is of her daughter who because she was dyslexic struggles in elementary school. In meditation my guides said in a former life she was a French magistrate who flaunted his intelligence by reading flamboyantly to the peasants under his watch and now she had to endure the teasing of her classmate. Does this have to go on forever. The option is to feel compassion for your classmates who tease you who don’t understand what it is like to be dyslexic and then you won’t take their behavior personally, which will heal your hurt and the chain of reaction will be broken.
Ellen writes,” I have had visions of human suffering on a scale that completely surpasses my personal heartache. People who are starving and lonely: people mired in war: people who wish their troubled lives of addiction illness poverty to be different. We weep for the misery and anguish that humanity has endured through the ages and for individual lives marked by brutality, grief betrayal and loss. When the visions finally stopped Ellen was left with a deep abiding peace and an unshakeable knowledge that we are more than human. Beneath the surface appearance of physical form, Spirit shines undimmed as it always has. At the same time we must embrace the full range of human experience and emotion accepting tragedies alongside the triumphs. We must help alleviate suffering in the world and give compassion freely and completely to all people in all places. We are all on our individual life paths and must look beyond seeing people as good or bad right or wrong beautiful or not and see the Spirit of Magnificence in all of us. We are all chosen to know ourselves as both the Spirit soul and human that we are.”
In summarizing today’s episode of Healing From Within Ellen has shown us her own remarkable journey from her challenging childhood to working with a host of spiritual guides developing and recognizing her spiritual gifts to realize that while life in the spiritual realms is different from life in the physical world, we can begin to realize there is no dichotomy..or duality between the two, ultimately simply Oneness. Our physical world offers us the experiences and challenges to acknowledge and accept the dichotomy of our human fragile life so we can gain a greater view of the infinite possibilities of spiritual consciousness and once again remember we are spirit having a physical life so we can refine our energy and develop greater compassion and love. Ellen writes, “The point is that feeling and expressing spiritual principles—in other words actualizing our spiritual nature—frees us from reaction and breaks the momentum of the karmic snowball. Through spiritual attunement we can maintain our human individuality while retaining our connection to the Oneness, loosening the grip of fear and turmoil that results from a perspective of dichotomy.
Ellen and I would have you remember to see the soul in others beyond their physical attributes and know that while our personality life training, and physical restrictions make it seem like there are those who have more, in essence, we are all part of the same energy and eternal life force and there is beauty within each person’s soul expression…to observe it and detach from the stories of your ego and societal training is perhaps the blessing of our spiritual energy and soul.. TO FEEL and TO LOVE is our task on earth and to remember our spiritual Oneness while in our human life.
Guest: Ellen Tadd