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Alice in Political Land: Facts and Fantasy

Peggy Wireman,Ph.D.

Alice in Political Land: Facts and Fantasy – The One Question to Ask about Race

If everyone in the country asked Dr. Richard Davis’ question, it might shift how we look at each other and respond to the news. This show is a dialogue on black and white but the issues raised apply to Hispanics, Asians and us all.

Alice in Political Land: Facts and Fantasy – Keep Them Out of Jail

The Director of a faith-based prisoner re-entry program explains how her program works.

Most people in prison eventually return to the community, but some 60% end up back in jail. The Madison Urban Ministry operates a program that reduces that rate to 10%. Learn how they do it and consider whether your church or organization could operate a similar program.

For more information see the Madison Urban Ministry website,, International Community Corrections Association:, National Institute on Corrections:, Bureau of Justice Statistics:

Alice in Political Land: Facts and Fantasy – Will Your State Face This?

Wisconsin State Senator Mark Miller talks about the problems of out-of-state money flowing into the state, the effects of policies that shift resources from the poor to the wealthy and how budget cuts affect family health, education and the environment.

Alice in Political Land: Facts and Fantasy – Are Republicans conducting a war on women?

Wisconsin State Representative Chris Taylor gives details on actions by Republicans, like Governor Scott Walker, that will hurt women. For more information visit Wisconsin’s Planned Parenthood website or the Wisconsin Counsel on Children and Families

Alice in Political Land: Facts and Fantasy – Will New Voting Laws Determine the Fall Election?

Many states are passing new requirements for voting. Are they preventing fraud or disenfranchising voters? Some estimate that 20  million voters could lose their right to vote. Andrea Kaminski, Executive Director of the Wisconsin League of Women Voters claims that the laws are unfair, unnecessary and too expensive for taxpayers. They have sued to stop the law. See
The Florida League of Women Voters has also sued. Moreover, for the first time in decades, they will not longer undertake voter  registration drives because the Florida law is so confusing people could inadvertently commit a felony. (this is a national LWV website for voters.)