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Conscious Manifesting

Conscious Manifesting – DIRECT LINE TO GOD

Kimberly has a heart-to-heart with internationally renowned Irish vocalist and mystic Noirin Ni Riain, author of “Listen with the Ear of the Heart,” about her experience of God as an intimate friend and the way sound, music and silence connect us with the Divine that is present in every moment. You’ll hear selections from Noirin’s newest CD, Celtic Joy, and also enjoy Noirin’s unique and exquisite voice live on the show.

Conscious Manifesting – TRUST YOUR VIBES

Kimberly and Sonia Choquette, best-selling author of Trust Your Vibes, talk about what you can do to start accessing on intuition today to manifest synchronicities and miracles in your life.

Conscious Manifesting – DO YOU NEED A SIN EATER?

Kimberly and Ross Heaven, author of Walking with The Sin Eater, have a fascinating discussion about Sin Eating (an ancient Celtic practice of healing), shamanism, breaking free from institutional dogma and more!

Conscious Manifesting – A NEW FOOD PYRAMID: DO YOU NEED ONE?

Kimberly and Becky Bishop, The Healthy Food Fashionista, discuss why what the “experts” are telling you about healthy eating is wrong, what the real agenda is behind the official food pyramid…and what you want to be eating instead!

Conscious Manifesting – Butterfat Is Good for You (& other Happy Food Surprises)

Kimberly and Becky Bishop, The Healthy Food Fashionista, discuss healthy eating myths, “traffic light eating,” and the 3 Things You Want to REMOVE from Your Kitchen (right now).

Conscious Manifesting – Channel Your Higher Self

Kimberly and Celeste Hammon, author of Channel Your Higher Self, reveal how tapping into your inner wisdom can be the key to manifesting the life you want.

Conscious Manifesting – Parenting as a Path to Awareness

Join Kimberly and guests Ria Sharon and Suzanne Tucker of Yoga Pareting to talk about how being present in parenting (and any aspect of your life) can be a powerful tool for growth. Also find out how to create harmony in your home tonight…whether or not you have kids living there!

Conscious Manifesting – What’s Getting in Your Way?

Kimberly reveals the 3 Big Blocks to Conscious Manifestation that she often sees in her clients. Discover what they are and how they could be keeping you from creating what you want (and, of course find out what to do instead!)

Conscious Manifesting – Is there Trauma Hidden in Your Fat?

Join Kimberly & Dr. Samantha St. Julian to find out the real scoop on why it can be such a challenge to lose weight (there’s more to it than just calories…maybe old trauma is sabotaging your best laid plans!) Also get the scoop on the HCG weight loss craze. Does HCG work? Is it safe? And what do you need to know if you decide to try it?

Conscious Manifesting – How Does Change Happen?

Join Kimberly to find out the “3 R’s” of true and lasting change so you can step into transformation! Also hear one woman’s true story of how change happened for her…in an instant!