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Get Buttoned Up

Get Buttoned Up – Organize a Free Range Summer

This year, take back your children’s summer vacation, force yourself to be a little less structured, and figure out how to schedule in an adequate amount of free play.

Today, Sarah & Alicia discuss the importance of slowing down this summer and help you get organized in a way that enables you (& your family) to be more free-form for the next few months.

Studies have shown that unstructured, creative play is crucial for optimal child development. Play is so important to optimal child development that it has even been recognized by the United Nations High Commission for Human Rights as a right of every child. Unfortunately, many children are being raised in an increasingly hurried and pressured style by well-intentioned parents that may limit the protective benefits they would gain from child-driven play. Listen in as the Get Buttoned Up co-hosts sit down with Lenore Skenazy, author of Free Range Kids. She’s dedicated to waking modern parents up to the importance of letting kids be, well, kids.

In addition, Alicia and Sarah share their own “worst summers ever” – summers where they didn’t slow down and regret it to this day – in the hopes that you don’t make the same mistakes they did.

Their challenge will have you clearing the decks and setting yourself up for a truly relaxing summer. The fact is, it does take some organization to ensure you have blocked off enough down time.

This show will get you ready to truly relax and make the most out of your summer. Don’t miss it.

Get Buttoned Up – Organization Tips from Road Warriors

Going somewhere this summer? If you are, you don’t want to buy a ticket or hit the road without listening to this podcast first.

Today, Sarah & Alicia are talking about how to get organized in a way that minimizes travel-related headaches.

Traveling, especially by air, with or without children can be stressful – and more expensive than it needs to be. Listen in as the Get Buttoned Up co-hosts sit down with Robert Jolles, author of The Way of the Road Warrior. As someone with over a million miles flow, he knows the tricks for traveling without hassle and for getting a head-start on other passengers whenever an inevitable delay pops up. In addition, Alicia and Sarah share their top tips for getting yourself organized to survive travel with toddlers and small children. Sarah and Alicia will cover the key factors of planning a successful trip – whether you’re traveling by plane, train or automobile.

In addition, they have put together a very important “Challenge” for you this week. With the summer months comes bad weather and an increase in the need for emergency preparedness. They’ll take you step-by-step through the process of organizing your important information and get you on your way to organizing your own binder.

This show will get you ready to hit the road and deal with any extreme weather this summer. Don’t miss it.

Get Buttoned Up – Resolution Rescue!

Did you start the year with good intentions to lose weight, get organized, or spend less/save more? And how are you doing so far? Did you fall off the wagon sometime between January 1st and today? If you have, don’t fret, you’re in good company. Fewer than 2% of people actually follow-through on their New Year’s Resolutions.

But this year is going to be different.

Today, Sarah & Alicia are talking about how to rescue your New Year’s resolutions.

Listen in as the Get Buttoned Up co-hosts sit down with three experts who will tell you how to get back on track to realizing the goals you set for yourself at the beginning of the year (fueled by champagne or not). Their first guest is Chris Coash from Jenny Craig, who shares tips and strategies for jump starting your diet and, more importantly, keeping the good work up over the long haul. Next up is Deb Allison Lee, a certified professional organizer in the Washington DC area and woman behind the website She’s got great perspective on the biggest organizational pitfalls and how you can overcome them. And finally, they’ll speak with Amy Suardi, the woman behind the fabulous blog, and frequent contributor to on all things frugal.

Sarah and Alicia will summarize the three biggest secrets for getting your resolution mo-jo back and sticking to it. They’ll also push you to get back on the wagon in this week’s “Challenge.”

If you’ve ever had an intention to change but failed to follow through, this is a great podcast to listen to. Put the strategies they uncover in this episode to work for you and come December 31st, you’ll be able to count yourself as one of the elite few who actually stuck to their resolutions this year.

Get Buttoned Up – Organize Your Very Own Staycation Sensation!

What are you doing to maximize your vacation time this summer? With gas prices hovering around $4 (or higher in some necks of the woods) and an economy that’s still not on firm footing means that, for many, taking an elaborate, far-flung vacation just isn’t feasible this summer. But rather than wallow in despair, know that with a little planning, you can have an awesome vacation right in your own home town. The kicker, you can do it without spending much money either!

Today, Sarah & Alicia are talking about how to organize a staycation on a dime. One that’s actually memorable and packed full of fun!

Listen in as the Get Buttoned Up co-hosts sit down with not one, not two, but three guests who have some fantastic ideas on what you can do on the cheap to make your vacation amazing. Their first guest is Valerie Deneen, the creator of the Frugal Family Fun Blog, who shares ideas that will get your imagination turning. Next up is Eric V. Orange, the founder of the worldwide food & wine event website: He’s got some great ideas on how to find free food and wine events going on in your town. And finally, they’ll speak with Jen O’Neal, the founder and CEO of, an online service that connects you with foreign travelers in your area.

Sarah and Alicia will cover the key factors of planning a successful staycation. They’ll also help you strengthen your own planning muscle in this week’s “Challenge.”

If you’re not going anywhere this summer, this is one show you won’t want to miss. And even if you’ve got a big vacation planned, you will still benefit from the excellent ideas covered here. You won’t be bored this summer if you put one or two tips into practice.

Get Buttoned Up – The Key to Finding More Time in Your Day

What’s your typical day like? Do you feel like you’re stuck on a treadmill going slightly too fast? Always wishing there were more hours in the day? How about your priorities – do you feel like they’re getting tended to, or are you always putting out fires, one step behind?

Today Alicia and Sarah discuss that elusive thing we ALL want more of: time and specifically, how to get more of it.

Listen in as the Get Buttoned Up co-hosts sit down with two women who have a unique perspective on this issue. Their first guest is Laura Vandekam, the author of 168 Hours: you have more time than you think, who shares ideas you can use to find and reclaim pockets of “lost” time. Then a little later they check in with Leah Busque, founder and CEO of, an online service that connects you with others in your community who can do tasks for you, like grocery shopping or taking that bag of clothes to Goodwill.

Since delegating is also a core principle of Buttoned Up, Sarah and Alicia will cover the key factors of enlisting the help of others effectively and highlight the mistakes to avoid. They’ll also help you strengthen your own delegating muscle in this week’s “Challenge.”

So, if you’ve recently wished you had more hours in the day, this is a show you won’t want to miss. It’s time to stop reacting to everything else and take control of your time so that you spend your time and energy on what you think is important, not what everyone else says is urgent.

Get Buttoned Up – Tales from a Maid

Have you ever wondered what your maid thought of you? Ever wished you could clean up your mess faster? Want to help someone with cancer get their house cleaned for free? In this fun show you will hear directly from two women on the front lines of the cleaning industry. One will dish about her worst horror stories along with secrets for speedier cleaning. The other will share the story of the incredible non-profit she started to help women undergoing treatment for Cancer have their homes professionally cleaned for free – and tell listeners how they can help too.

Get Buttoned Up – The “Right Sized” Wedding

Life is hectic. But when you throw a major life event, like a wedding or new baby in the mix, it can get downright nutty. In this show, Alicia and Sarah interview a wedding planner to the stars and pimp him for his secrets (and he’s got some good ones). They also gather a round table of women who have been married anywhere from 11 to 63 years to share their perspective on what really matters in the long run. Listen and discover what really matters and how you can have your dream wedding with a fraction of the stress.

Get Buttoned Up – Do You Organize Like Your Mother?

Chances are you think there’s a “right” way to organize something. But who defined the “right way” in the first place? In this show, Alicia and Sarah look into the source of so many of our organizational habits (and quirks): our moms. Listen and discover what habits of your mother’s you may be subconsciously repeating, why we have it easier…and harder…than our moms did when it comes staying organized, and what you should be doing for all mothers on May 7th.

Get Buttoned Up – Considering Email Bankruptcy? Listen to This First!

Are you an email addict? Are you drowning in your inbox? If you’re a “knowledge worker,” chances are you are suffering on one, if not both, of those fronts, which is why you should listen in as we talk with two experts about taming our addiction to email and regaining control of our inboxes. Our first guest, Marsha Egan, certified professional coach and author of Inbox Detox sheds light on the problem of email addiction and shares some practical solutions for getting bad email habits under control. Then we switch gears a bit and talk to onetime Microsoft employee Alex Kovalchuk who struck out on his own to start TechHit, a company that makes Outlook utilities like Simply File that dramatically improve productivity (not to mention sanity) levels. Learn why an algorithm may be better at taming your inbox than you are.

Get Buttoned Up – Procrastination Busting

Join hosts Sarah Welch and Alicia Rockmore as they talk with Professor Piers Steel from the University of Calgary, the “World’s most foremost expert on putting off for tomorrow what should be done today,” and author of The Procrastination Equation: How to Stop Putting Things Off and Getting Stuff Done.

In this episode, Sarah and Alicia subject themselves to Professor Steel’s procrastination survey—with intriguing results!  How bad a procrastinator are you?  Sarah and Alicia, with the help of Professor Steel, will help you find out how bad a procrastinator you actually are and “where your foibles might actually be.”

An alarming 95% of us admit to doing it (and is the other 5% of the population really not procrastinating, or are they simply lying about it?).  Are we biologically “hardwired” to procrastinate?  Who’s worse at procrastinating: Women or men?  When does procrastination become self-destructive (and can it ruin relationships?)?  Is disorganization in children helpful or harmful?  The Get Buttoned Up team examines all this and more!

In this mentally-stimulating interview, Professor Piers Steel elaborates on what got him interested in the subject of procrastination, and why our collective problem with procrastination has experienced a five-fold increase over the past twenty years.  Steel also examines the three leading causes of procrastination, and expertly defines what procrastination really is.

Most importantly, you’ll learn practical strategies for breaking the bad habit of putting things off.  You’ll learn how to know your own limitations (“Are you doing too much?”), which computer programs are the most helpful for the severe procrastinator, how to differentiate between “what matters and what doesn’t,” and how to get over “the Big But Syndrome.”  Stop putting off deadlines!  Listen to this interview and start taking measures to keep yourself focused today!