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Dr. Eric Schneider

Modern Love – Your relationship is NOT OVER!

It’s just at a crossroads. Are you wondering why you are in this relationship anymore? Well then listen up. You are not alone. In the evolution of relationships, coming to a crossroads is a natural aspect of being in one. On today’s show, Dr. Daniela Roher, PhD., co-author of the book “Couples at the Crossroads: Five Steps to Finding Your Way Back to Love,” and Dr. Eric will be discussing how relationships sour and how you can use this crossroads as a springboard for deeper intimacy, deeper connection and a more meaningful relationship.

Your host of Modern Love, Dr. Eric, is the dating and relationship guy who has worked with thousands of people and couples helping them have more rewarding relationships with themselves and those they love and care about.

Modern Love – Dating success; you CAN make it work

Are there things that you really can do to increase the odds in your favor when it comes to dating? YOU BET there are. join me, Dr. Eric and my guest, Bela Ghandi of the Smart Dating Academy and find out what you can do to make your dating efforts more productive and successful. Bela and I discuss what some of the current challenges daters face and what they can do about them including a real focus on how to get some bona fide returns on your online dating endeavors.

Your host of Modern love, Dr. Eric, is the dating and relationship guy who has worked with thousands of singles and couples helping them have more rewarding relationships with themselves as well as those they love and care about.

Modern Love – “I need some space!”

Wanting space in your relationship can be dangerous territory but still a very important part of a healthy relationship. So how do you ask without your partner thinking the worst? Well, that’s what today’s show is all about. Dr. Terri L. Orbuch, PhD, research scientist at the Institute for Social Research at the University of Michigan, psychologist, and Oakland University professor, author of 5 books on relationships and 40 professional articles on love, sex and intimacy, joins me today to discuss the important of space in a relationship. Our conversation takes some interesting twists and turns as we reveal some of the secrets of communication and the differences between alone time and keeping secrets.

Modern Love – Is she/he the one?

How do you know if the person you are dating is the right person for you? In a culture fueled by passion, lust and romance, one can be hard pressed to reach a decision. After all, good on paper is not enough. But perhaps we need to temper our hearts with reason. There are many more ingredients required to have a good relationship with someone than just passion alone! My guest, nationally syndicated writer and author of the book “The Maxims of Manhood”, Jeff Wilser, and I will look at this issue in depth and share some of the important things to consider in your evaluations.

Modern Love – To live together or not to live together…that is the question!

The “trial” live in relationship may lead to more problems than you might think. According to my guest, Dr. Galena Rhoads, “Cohabiting to test a relationship turns out to be associated with the most problems in relationships.” On today’s show, we are going to explore this topic as well as look at one of the core reasons as to why this may lead to so many problems for a couple in the future.

Modern Love – You are such a FLIRT!

Flirting is an essential form of communication however there is not a one size fits all and miss reading the advances of others and being miss read by others can create some real challenges to your dating life. Today I will be discussing the 5 types of flirting styles with researcher and assistant professor of communications at the university of Kansas Dr. Jeffery Hall, Ph.D. Click here to take the flirting style inventory.

Modern Love – Love and loss

The loss of a partner can be one of the most significant losses anyone can face. It is a life changing and life challenging experience. Another aspect of this experience is love after loss. It is these areas, when it comes to the phases of a relationship, that we are often afraid to talk about or discuss. Today, in order to shed some light on this important life experience, I am joined by educator and author of the books “The Heart of Grief: Death and the Search for Lasting Love” and “How We Grieve: Relearning the World“, Dr. Tom Attig, Ph.D.

Modern Love – Dating challenges; What some of them are and what you can do about them

Dating challenges can be a source of great frustration and while there are environmental circumstances that may contribute to making it even more challenging, there is only one variable you can do anything about and that’s you and your programing. Our past has an impact on our present and our future. We are all beings that learn and learning is something that becomes wired into our brains (becomes our programing) and then acted upon. Our thoughts, beliefs and feelings influence our behavior. Sometimes we need to clean house a bit and upgrade our internal software. My guest today is Brad Yates, hypnotherapist and expert in the use of emotional freedom technique (EFT). Together we’ll explore how the mind works, learns and needs to unlearn in order to enhance our chances for dating success and relationship success.

Modern Love – It’s all about communication, except when it’s not!

You gotta communicate! This is the advice touted by many of the relationship gurus out there and yet this wonderful advice has done little to curb the divorce rate. Obviously communication is overrated. Joining me today to explore my favorite pet peeve is Chair of the Department of Communication at the University of Kentucky, Dr. Laura Stafford, Ph.D., whose research interests focus on interpersonal communication, relational communication, relationship maintenance, and long-distance relationships.

Modern Love – Sex, love and relationships: the science of love

There are more books on sex, dating and relationships than any one person can ever read, however most of the information in them is NOT worth reading in the first place. Lurking in the background are thousands of researchers probing the mysteries of love, sex, dating and relationships and, while informative, can give us very little in terms of life-changing information. That being said, it can open a doorway to awe and wonder. Join me today with my guest Kayte Sukel author of the book, “Dirty Minds” as we get acquainted with the science of love and explore some of the fascinating research that is taking place in this never-ending exploration.