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Ready For Love?

Ready For Love – Fun, Play and Toys in Your Relationship

There is little doubt that most people have many things that need their attention in their everyday lives. Work, bills, family, children and so many other things make it so easy to let life crowd out all personal time with a partner. Whether you’re preparing for a relationship or are in a relationship, host Nikki Leigh and guest Paula (editor in chief of the Evolved World website) share tips and suggestions to help you keep the fun, play and toys in your relationship. For additional tips to keep the fun in your relationship, download the Kissing From Head to Toe report. You are invited to join Ready for Love Radio on Facebook.

Ready For Love – Importance of Touch in a Healthy Relationship

There are various types of touch – gentle, subtle, sensual, intimate and erotic. Learn why touch is important, benefits of visiting a body worker, tantric touch, sensual and erotic massage, help for trauma survivors and much more. Paul Bagge, the guest, is a Sex and Intimacy Coach, Holistic Bodyworker, and Spiritual Minister, a man who helps women become “The Goddess They Were Born To Be“. For details about the many places you can touch and kiss your partner, get your FREE copy of Nikki Leigh’s report – Kissing From Head to Toe. Connect with Ready for Love Radio on Facebook.

Ready For Love – Improve Verbal and Non Verbal Communication With Your Partner

Men and women have trouble communicating effectively and that can cause major relationship problems. Tova Feder, a Clinical Sexologist, is the guest and shares information and tips from her new ebook about communication in relationships. Learn about verbal and non verbal communication skills and improve the way you communicate with your partner and with others in your life. Whether you’re looking for ways to improve your business life, love life or sex life, you will learn helpful tips. Visit Tova Feder’s website and “like” the Ready for Love Radio page on Facebook for more information.

Ready For Love – Develop a Healthy Love For Yourself – The First Step to Get Ready for Love

You can benefit by developing a healthy self-love. Learning to love yourself helps you develop self-esteem, self-respect and confidence. These traits enable you to find and enjoy a healthy, happy and satisfying love. Loving yourself can also lead to a very satisfying love life. To learn more about how to Make it Happen! Discover More Love and Passion, click here. Tune in to help yourself, whether you’re single and looking for love or if you’d like to make an existing relationship even better. You’re also invited to follow my love coach journey.