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Smart Solutions for Busy People


The key any well-run organization is a set of systems that work efficiently. We can take the same principles home! By focusing on clear objectives and then recognizing and prioritizing the elements of a project we can create systems for nearly anything, from cleaning to holiday activities. Being methodical saves time, meaning you have more time for the fun stuff in life! This week, Deanne Marie shares secrets for creating successful home systems, including ideas for holiday cards, baking and organizing that you can implement tonight! Plus get another Holiday Entertaining Tip, this one is focused on you!

Smart Solutions for Busy People – CREATING A HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS

Make sense of the insanity this holiday season with a few simple steps and decorator tricks to make your home shine! From prioritizing holiday plans to decorating the tree step-by-step and easy ways to bring outdoor freshness inside, Deanne Marie shares her ideas and time-saving tips. Learn how to display holiday collections and budget-friendly ideas to use what you already have by embellishing it with holiday flair. Plus, learn a bit of history of the treasured symbol of the season – the Christmas tree and get another great Holiday Entertaining Tip of the Week, this one for the furry members of your family.

Smart Solutions for Busy People – HOLIDAY GIFT GIVING GUIDE

Every year at this time we’re faced with a nagging question: “What should I get for ________ (insert recipient’s name) this year?” What if you could answer that question confidently, knowing that you have found the perfect gift? It is possible, with a few hints from Deanne Marie. This week, discover the 4 steps to gift giving and get her #1 secret to selecting the perfect gift for any person on any budget. It’s surprisingly easy! Even finding a gift for the “hard to buy for” person on your list will be a snap! In addition, a listener question about gifts for a person with Alzheimer’s is answered, and the truth about gift cards is revealed. Plus, find out how to make your holiday table look festive in the Holiday Entertaining Tip of the Week.

Smart Solutions for Busy People – TIPS FOR A STRESS-FREE THANKSGIVING

If the thought of preparing a traditional turkey-and-all-the-trimmings meal this holiday season scares you, you’re not alone. Millions of us hope to live up to the expectations of hungry guests, each of whom has his or her own idea of what the perfect Thanksgiving should be. But with a little help from professional chef Michelle Morgando, home chefs can discover the secret to a perfectly-browned turkey, the key to silky (not lumpy) gravy and what dishes may be made ahead to keep the stress level to a minimum on Thanksgiving Day. After all, you want to enjoy your party, too! Plus, find out how to serve all the food warm (not a cold dish in sight!) and why the turkey needs to rest a bit between the oven and the table … it’s a delicious secret. Also this week, the Holiday Entertaining Tip gives you ideas on staying organized and on time for your holiday event.

Smart Solutions for Busy People – EASY EVERYDAY ETIQUETTE

Is it ever OK to talk on the phone at dinner? Is there a wrong way to butter your bread? Should you tip the hairdresser if she owns the salon? And just how to tell someone they have bad breath? Whether you’re headed to a holiday party or a business luncheon, taking your pet to the groomer or taking a call from your mother, potentially sticky situations can arise. How do you deal with them? By understanding a few basic guidelines and social graces, even the most embarrassing situation may be addressed with grace and discretion. This week, Deanne Marie answers listeners’ questions about topics ranging from talking on the phone during dinner to tipping for poor service, and provides basic rules for handling technology as well as good table manners in a variety of situations. Plus, get tips on getting three kinds of help with your holiday entertaining.

Smart Solutions for Busy People – ESTATE PLANNING FOR BUSY PEOPLE

As the saying goes, two things in life are unavoidable: death and taxes. An estate plan can help you and your family prepare for both, but 65 percent of Americans have no plan in place – not even a will – to decide their final wishes. It can be an emotionally difficult topic, but there are ways to address it that are approachable, practical and financially feasible. Estate planning and probate attorney Rob Graham discusses three ways to have “the talk” with your spouse or aging parents, explains who is a candidate for a living trust (and how it can protect your family), and shares what you can do tonight to help provide some peace of mind. Plus, learn the truth about online wills and why using a lawyer now can avoid headaches in court later. Stay tuned to the end of the show for another holiday entertaining tip that is sure to be a favorite of your guests!

Smart Solutions for Busy People – SOLVING YOUR HALLOWEEN DILEMMAS

Trick-or-treating has been a staple of American Halloweens for more than 50 years, but its roots go back thousands of years. It really is one of those “not to miss” holiday traditions. But, if your intention to complete your Halloween to-do list has been greater than your action, you may be faced with a moment or two of terror this week, from empty candy aisles to well picked-over costume racks as retailers predict brisk sales. Take heart, because it is possible to pull off a pulled together Halloween with some last-minute tricks and treats. This week, discover alternatives to traditional Halloween chocolates, and how to create an on-trend costume from your closet (and your kitchen!). Plus, learn where “trick or treat?” originated and how to create a pumpkin luminaria for your porch. Or, try the mummy luminaria for a cute-yet-creepy look! As a bonus, get another holiday entertaining tip to create memorable celebrations. This week, it’s all about setting the right tone for your holiday soiree.

Smart Solutions for Busy People – HOW TO DECORATE A ROOM IN ONE DAY

They say Rome was not built in a day, but you can decorate a room in a day! Do ever watch home decorating shows on TV and wonder if they really get rooms done in a day? Well, it is possible, and Deanne Marie has the secret—and it’s borrowed from the kitchen! Find out the #1 trick to completely change the look and feel of room in merely hours, instead of months dragging by until the room is complete – if it’s ever complete. Discover all of the elements you’ll need to think about and plan for your new, fresh and inspired room, as well as the 8 steps to decorating success! If redecorating or repurposing a room ever seemed like an unmanageable, daunting task, this show is for you! Plus, Deanne shares another holiday entertaining tip about stocking up for effortless entertaining. To get more holiday essential lists, tips and ideas, check out the e-book, “Holiday Home Essentials.”


October is the most popular month for kitchen renovation, just in time for the holidays. But even a minor renovation can cost $20,000! What if you could change the feel and efficiency of your kitchen – and have a big impact on your life – for little or no money at all! It is often said that the kitchen is the heart of the home, but feng shui expert Mary Swick calls the kitchen the “bank vault” of the home. Find out why in this lively and informative discussion. You’ll discover the two most important areas of your kitchen, what could be wrong with them and how they affect your life – and most importantly, how to fix them immediately! What is that paper-strewn countertop or cluttered utensil drawer saying about your life? Where is the best place to store wine and spirits? And, how exactly can roosters help your prosperity? You will be running to your kitchen to try these fast feng shui fixes!


If you’ve ever stared at an empty pumpkin bin or a candy aisle devoid of candy on October 31, you need this show! When it comes to the holidays, having a plan in place goes a long way to reducing stress and increasing enjoyment for both you and your family. Making time to do just one task a day can almost guarantee a memorable, magical holiday time. This week, Deanne Marie shows you how to create a Halloween plan for everything from decorations to costumes, candy and more – and exactly what to do this week to turn your pre-Halloween time from frightful to delightful. She’ll share insights on this year’s latest Halloween trends and what they mean for you, your time and your wallet. And, if you’re planning to throw a party this holiday season, be sure to tune in for an entertaining tip that is sure to be of service. Find out how to get Deanne’s weekly holiday newsletter!