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The Laugh Anyway Mom Show

The Laugh Anyway Mom Show – Three Reasons Why EVERY Family Should Have a Will

Join us as we talk about the very important topic of having a will. Over 80% of Americans don’t have one. This show will give you three big reasons why you should get one today! Pre-Paid Legal consultant Karine Bucci joins Tracy DeGraaf with some very helpful tips. Grab a pen. You’ll want to take notes!

The Laugh Anyway Mom Show – How to Do Marketing with a Busy Schedule

Calling all entrepreneur moms: We have solved your “I don’t have time to market my business” problem with guests Landy and Janet DeField, Synergy Marketing Agency and pros in the marketing industry for over ten years! Listen in and learn how to get rid of that “I can’t do this” feeling! Learn how to get your on-line correspondence organized and how to maintain a consistent marketing message in only five minutes a day!

The Laugh Anyway Mom Show – Work Smarter and Not Harder by Getting Organized – Win the War on Clutter

Join us as we solve real organizational problems with real solutions from professional organizer and creator of the SmartCut System, Debbye Cannon. She will help you put those piles to rest for the last time. Debbye will help you clear, contain, and continue conquering your clutter!

The Laugh Anyway Mom Show – How to Mentor Your Kids in the Family Business Part 1

Ok, moms, so you have a family business….how do you get your kids involved without pulling your hair out? Our guests, Janet and Landy DeField of Synergy Marketing Agency share tips from a decade of involving their five children in their home based business. And, as usual, Tracy throws in some laughter along the way. Stay tuned for Part 2: How to Effectively Market Your Business

The Laugh Anyway Mom Show – How Families Can Get Affordable Accommodations for Less

Moms know it can be stressful to take a family vacation. Dale and Michelle Bartlett, Authors of “Have Kids Will Travel” have cracked the code on saving BIG money when traveling. Listen in to their practical tips on how to get affordable accommodations through home and hospitality exchange.

The Laugh Anyway Mom Show – How to Beat Holiday Stress and Live to Tell About It!

Have you ever been so stressed out that you forgot something on the roof of your car. Author, Speaker, Stand-up Comedian, radio host and mother of FIVE BOYS Tracy DeGraaf has…..her Christmas tree! And then she tried to go through a carwash! Listen in as Tracy reads an excerpt from her book, Laugh Anyway Mom and encourages all moms to have a happy holiday without the STRESS!

The Laugh Anyway Mom Show – How to Motivate Your Kid to Do Stuff!

It’s human nature NOT to things unless you want to, right? And all moms know that kids have that concept down pat! Join us as Tracy talks to guest Betty Hoeffner, author of Stop Bullying Handbook and
Hue-Man Kind – A Book to End Racism
. Betty will help moms to get the family to help around the house and in the long run, she’ll have daughter-in-laws that will say THANK YOU!

The Laugh Anyway Mom Show – How to Bully Proof Your Kid

The long kept secret has finally been revealed and grandma was right after all! “Names will never hurt you” as long as you know how to respond to bullying behavior. Join us as author of “Love is Greater Than Hate,” one of’s Top Ten Recommended books for teens, motivational speaker to over a million people, and bullying expert Brooks Gibbs shares practical tips for moms on how to bully proof your kids TODAY! And, check out our Tracy Recommends page for all kinds of neat stuff moms will love!

The Laugh Anyway Mom Show – How Moms Can Learn NOT to Worry About Parenting

Join us as we hear from Marriage and Family Therapist, Dr. Paul Hokemeyer, contributing expert to the Dr. Oz website. Dr. Hokemeyer shares practical tips for moms that they can do TODAY to help them overcome worry! Listen in and make sure to email Tracy your thoughts of the show!

The Laugh Anyway Mom Show – How to Take the Stress Out of Selecting Wine

Join us as wine expert Jeff Armor helps take the guess work out of choosing the perfect bottle of wine for the perfect occasion. No more starring at a wall of wine bottles at the grocery store! Jeff will help even the most novice wine buff how to pick like the pros. And, as usual, Tracy will share a few laughs along the way.