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World Awakening Vibrations

World Awakening Vibrations – 051611

Regenerate With Energy From The Sun – Cosolargy is a synthesis of science, metaphysical and the ancient practice of regenerating your spiritual systems with energy from the sun. This practice leads to development of the spiritual Light Body and plays a powerful role in transcending into higher dimensional existence. Gene Savoy Jr., President of Cosolargy International and Jamialian University shares his knowledge and experience of this highly advanced system.

World Awakening Vibrations – Live in Harmony with Universal and Spiritual Laws

Have you ever wished for manual to help you navigate life and connect you with your spirit? Here it is! Chief Golden Light Eagle returns to talk about his book, MAKA WICAHPI WICOHAN Universal and Spiritual Laws of Creator. These laws show us a way to live from our hearts with respect and harmony for each other and the earth. This is taste of the information that will be presented at the 11:11:11 Star Knowledge Conference

World Awakening Vibrations – Experiencing the Divinity Within

What is the greatest longing of your soul? To experience the Divinity that is within. How do we get to that magical moment where we experience a higher state of being and know with out question that this is the Divine. Rasha, author of the book, Oneness, brings us wisdom for this inner sacred journey.

World Awakening Vibrations – Finding the Wisdom of Your Heart

Sally’s experience with energy medicine motivated her to seek deep healing. This requires personal growth and spiritual expansion. We all want to be accepted and loved for who we are. As we learn to accept and love ourselves we honor the spirit of our heart and soul. Learning to become aware of and use our heart’s wisdom and guidance is the very essence of our inner process. Join Sally as she shares her journey with you.

World Awakening Vibrations – Connecting With Your Spirit

What is the process of becoming aware of your inner spirit? How do you connect with the wisdom of your heart? Chief Golden Light Eagle, Chief of the Lakota, Nakota and Dakota Nations, author and respected teacher, shares indiginous wisdom for a life of deep connection with the true peaceful spirit of your heart. Join Sally Page as she talks with with the Chief about our path to an open heart and soaring spirit.

World Awakening Vibrations – Global Love Day – Join the Celebration!

Harold Becker is the President and Founder of The Love Foundation, Inc. as well as an author whose books to inspiring people to love unconditionally. Harold says “Love begins with me.” Consider how celebrating love brings positive change your life and to the world. We invite you to celebrate Global Love and share the power of unconditional love with others.