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“Having a healthy financial profile is all about making smart choices that will help you get in better shape financially as well as personally.

Are you spending too much? Are you saving enough? Are you making the right decisions with your money?

It means approaching your finances from a perspective of balance. Is your debt relational to your income, are you spending money to make yourself happy? Your financial plan should be as custom as your fingerprint . On Financially Fit for Life you’ll hear how to get on track and stay on track through expert interviews and helpful tips, including tools to help you pay down debt. Join us each week for the holistic approach to you and your money, your future depends on it!

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Financially Fit For Life: Fund Your Dreams With a Cash Flow Plan

Fund Your Dreams With a Cash Flow Plan Do you feel like you make a great income and you feel like you should get more out of it? Do you feel like your personal finances are all product, and no plan? Would you like to find a way to fund your dreams and get more […]

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Financially Fit for Life with Mark Hudon

Would you like to be in better shape physically? How about financially?

As a Personal Financial Coach for the past 20 years, I have helped hundreds of clients, contacts, and friends to be Financially Fit For Life™.

Top athletes and business professionals hire coaches to improve their performance, productivity and quality of life. With expert coaching, athletes develop skills and endurance. As an expert Financial Coach. I help people to Clarify, Adjust, and Create a compelling Vision of personal and financial success.

As a three time Ironman Triathlete, I have learned what it takes to succeed through great physical, mental and emotional challenges. I know what it takes to help you realize your greatest dreams. I will be there to help you stay on track to overcome the inevitable obstacles that will arise, as well as to help you celebrate your greatest victories.

Combining my extensive experience with top coaching practices from the fields of business, sport, investment and finance, I have created a unique and powerful program specifically designed to help you be Financially Fit For Life.

I work with no more than 100 clients – and I consider them Clients for Life.


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