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Getting a Grip on Time: Do More With Less!

Robyn Pearce

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Host: Robyn Pearce

The way we use our time is our most critical skill. In business, solopreneurs are often tempted to take on the world, jumping from task to task with no road map or end game. On Getting a Grip on Time: Do More With Less! you’ll learn simple techniques to improve the way you work and have time to smell the roses along the way. Join Robyn and her colorful guests as they share tips on time-saving ideas, apps and solutions to free up your life and help you focus on what it is that you do best – your business.

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Getting a Grip on Time: Do More With Less! with Robyn Pearce

Anyone struggling with overload, burnout, too much to do and never enough hours in which to do it, will find help with this practical and entertaining host.

For 21 years New Zealander Robyn Pearce has been sharing her experiences and knowledge about time management with audiences and readers around the world through speaking, corporate training programs, coaching, webinars, radio, TV, 8 books, hundreds of articles and her Top Time Tips newsletter which goes to over 12,000 people world-wide.

If you’d known Robyn in earlier years, you certainly wouldn’t have picked her for a future international time management specialist. Through the years of raising six kids in the country (including an intellectually handicapped foster son), a few years as a single parent on government assistance and then a highly successful real estate career during and after the ’87 financial crash, time management was her biggest challenge. The good news is – she won.

So, she’s not one of those theoretical experts – she’s made all the mistakes in the book, majored in burn-out multiple times, got the T-shirt! It was only after a frustrated friend pointed her in the direction of a good diary system that, in desperation, she embraced the study of time management. And then, to her utter surprise, others started beating a path to her door asking for help with their time challenges. Her life’s purpose had found her!

These days, with 16 grandchildren, a wide variety of interests (including sailing, learning French and a lot of international travel) as well as being MD of her very fast-moving and growing company – Getting a Grip – she needs every trick to keep on track!

The company’s client base ranges from small family businesses through to major international corporations in several countries and across almost every industry and government sector.

As a keynote speaker, Robyn is one of less than 10% of speakers worldwide to hold the highest professional speaking accreditation – Certified Speaking Professional. She’s also a Past World President of the Global Speakers Federation – the body representing professional speaking associations worldwide (the only New Zealander to hold this position so far).

A range of videos of her in action are at


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