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Owning a business that doesn’t own you IS possible! You got into business to free up your time and make you more money, but somehow it’s taken over your life and isn’t creating the income you want. With Prosper Now!, you’ll discover the fundamentals and action steps you need to take to move from stressed and struggling to relaxed and prosperous. We’ll show you how with tips from experts and proven strategies from those who have made the journey. Relaxed prosperity can be yours!

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Prosper Now! – If you’re ready for more love, more fun, more peace and more cooperation in your home, you’re going to love today’s show!

Karen Phillip, author of Who Runs Your House – Your Kids or You?, joins me to discuss how you can get more time and freedom in your day while gaining cooperative kids who are competent and a joy to have around. Parenting is one of the toughest and most important jobs on the planet, and […]

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Prosper Now! with Tracy O’Brien

Tracy is the proud mother of 3 girls, author of the upcoming book Change The Hand You’ve Been Dealt – Living Life On YOUR Terms, host of the popular radio show Making It, CEO of Tuwanda Corp, a real estate investment company, and CEO of O’Brien Prosperity System, a coaching company that takes clients from stressed and struggling to relaxed and prosperous in every area of life.

Tracy has been through many major hurdles in her life, from abuse, homelessness and starvation, a destructive 21 yr. marriage, the death of her son in his grandfather’s snow blower, divorce and lies that cost her custody of her children, life threatening illness and businesses that were rapidly tanking.

At the lowest point in her life, when everything was crashing down around her, she was invited to a teleseminar. Tracy’s health was so bad at that point that she could barely focus on what was being taught, but when the host said, “Are you ready for life to get a whole lot easier?” it resonated with her.

Despite the lack of money and being so desperately ill she wasn’t even able to make it through a work day, Tracy signed up for the course that was offered, not knowing that it would lead her to a system for success that would quickly turn the whole mess around.

Two weeks later, when a friend told her that just being in Tracy’s energy for a couple of minutes lifted her out of the grief she was in, Tracy realized she was on to something powerful and transformative. This one statement from an old friend changed the trajectory of Tracy’s life.

She realized not only was what she was learning and doing rapidly renewing her health and moving her businesses into producing cash flow, but it was having an impact on the people around her. She knew she’d found the means to help people that she’d been searching for all her life. Now she could guide people to conquer the limitations that were holding them back.

Today Tracy has combined her 30 years of studying human potential and the transformative courses she teaches with her triumphs over many of life’s worst experiences to teach and coach clients how to have prosperous businesses AND prosperous, relaxed, fulfilling lives.


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