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Join Mychael and his guests as they help you discover and develop your own connection to the World of Spirit. Learn to communicate directly with your Spirit Guides, Master Teacher the Ascended Masters and Lady Masters, the Elementals and the Angelic realms. Receive guidance and answers for your life from the Ascended Masters through the Trans-physical mediumship of Rev. Mychael. The Masters offer powerful tools to change your life and the world all in a spirit of learning and fun. Go through to higher dimensions with The Mychael Shane Show.

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The Message And The Masters – The Angels Speak About The Coming Shift

In this episode Rev. Rory fills in for Rev. Mychael. His guests are two beings from the Angelic Realms who inhabit and teach through earthly bodies.  Master Archangel Metatron and Master Dominion Angel Sole were part of the contingent of Ascended Beings who taught and presented at the recent  World Teachers Conference in Austin, Texas.  […]

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The Message And The Masters with Mychael Shane

Even as a child the Rev. Mychael Shane, born July 2. 1963, he showed tremendous psychic abilities. His training began, at age 4, in the spiritualist church of his grandmother. Her Minister, took Mychael under his wing and instructed the talented young psychic in mediumship until family problems tore him this creative and supportive surround. Yet throughout the ups and downs life would dish out through the coming years, his Spirit Guide ‘Bobi’ would always be there for him; counseling him, guiding him, comforting him. And she was not alone.

From the time he was a young boy, Mychael has maintained a clear and steady channel of telepathic communication with the etheric realms and the Great Ascended Masters of Shambahla. He communicates regularly with his personal Master Teacher, Master Jesus, Lady Nada (his beloved ‘Bobi’), the Count St. Germaine, Master EL Morya, Master Koot Humi and many other immortals of the Great Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light. He is also able to read the future and the past through the Akashic records.

After a number of life detours as a soldier, musician and businessman, Mychael returned to his spiritual work in earnest in the 90’s. His development was so dramatic he decided he would seek testing to document his phenomena on a scientific level. In 1996, Dr. Edward Wilson PhD, performed testing on Mychael at the HeartMath Institute in Vallejo, California. Later that same year, Drs. Jerry Pittman MD, PhD and Dan Chartier MD, PhD also tested Mychael at the Treemont Medical Center in Raleigh, North Carolina.

As a Trans-physical Phenomena Medium, Rev. Mychael’s demonstrations of Materialization, Apportation and other phenomena is often dramatic; sometimes mind boggling, to say the least. But he sees the phenomena as less important than his ultimate mission; which is to create 7 Temples around the planet, bringing the teachings of the real Ascended Masters to the world. To enable individuals, themselves to contact the Spirit World, their Guides and Master Teachers and to work directly with the Ascended Masters and Lady Masters of Shambahla. Through his Rev. Mychael’s own organization, the Order of Divine Light and others, the Masters seek to help bring world peace and change by assisting their students to create a connection to the higher realms, whereby the veil that separates the dimensions begins to fade.

Rev. Mychael has said,” The world is a beautiful place created by God in the vibration of love. I feel that we can see this truth by changing the old ways of thinking to the vibration of love.”


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