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Time is our most precious commodity. If you want to know ways to save time each day, then on Time Management Radio, we’ll help you build a solid foundation to help increase your focus, reduce mental chaos and stress, get things done and feel more organized and energized. You’ll learn the secrets of productivity – simple tips you can use right now to prioritize and set goals, reduce procrastination and unlock your creativity to save time and get better results. Set aside time to join us each week for this fresh look at maximizing your productivity!

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Time Management Radio – Kathryn McKinnon, Time Management Radio Host interviewed by Melissa Randall from Organic Marketing Analytics: 3 Tips to Getting the Most Out of Your Day So You Can Stay Productive

If you want to discover how to get the most out of your day so you can avoid the things that keep you from being productive, listen to this show. Melissa Randall from Organic Marketing Analytics interviewed me to discuss the things I do every day to stay productive and on track. We discuss: • […]

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For over 20 years, satisfied clients have been singing the praises of Executive Life Coach Kathryn McKinnon. This Harvard MBA, former Harvard Business School (HBS) Executive, teacher of the HBS Career Management Seminar and HBS Executive Coach, has 32 years of corporate and entrepreneurial business experience. As a coach, Kathryn has dedicated her professional life to helping overwhelmed women executives, professionals and business owners quickly create order out of chaos to improve their productivity and achieve greater success with their life, career and their time.
Through one-on-one coaching, radio interviews, tele-seminars, training workshops, on-line programs and her book, Triple Your Time Today! Kathryn helps clients discover new ways to manage and save time. She shares her Principles of Productivity to develop the inner tools and strategies to stay organized and focused to achieve goals, free up time and end each day with a sense of accomplishment.
Discover how to use these principles as a foundation for all your personal and professional success. Clarify priorities, leverage time and maximize your creativity and productivity to get the most done every day. Learn ways to eliminate the mental chaos and confusion, to promote self-awareness and self-care, to let go of stress, renew your energy, your body, your emotions and your mind every day. Discover simple time management tips, systems, strategies and techniques to save time for the things you need to get done in your life and to get better results with your time.

Kathryn’s work has been featured in local newspapers, magazines and radio shows. She’s been a repeat guest on WBZ Radio in Boston, Massachusetts, where Jordan Rich says: “Kathryn is terrific and extremely perceptive. She guides you through a learning process that allows you to gain insight into what’s going on in your life so you can move forward.”

Kathryn leads a full life. She lives and works in Massachusetts and is the founder and CEO of two businesses, has been happily married to the same man for over 20 years, is mother of two energetic teenagers, is a professional singer, jewelry designer, artist, Reiki Master, athlete, community volunteer and non-profit board member.
Discover Kathryn’s secrets in her book, Triple Your Time Today: 10 Proven Time Management Strategies to Help You Create & Save More Time! Kathryn wrote and published this book on Amazon in 90 days and it made the Best Seller List in its category within 6 weeks. Visit her website and sign up for a free gift and her Time-Saving Ezine where she shares her secret productivity tips, best time management strategies and techniques for creating and saving more time:

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