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American Dreamers

Show Details HostSpend a power hour with, “coach to the coaches,” Berny Dohrmann, founder of the leading entrepreneur organization for small business owners in the world today known as CEOSPACE. American Dreamers features “rags to riches” stories taking place smack dab in the middle of the worst recession in memory – multi millionaires report how they did it and how to create a GPS for your wallet.


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American Dreamers – It’s time to take full advantage of what the social networks and digital marketing can do to hyper-grow your business. Don’t be left behind in today’s fast growing social networks for business

Join Berny and one of the top sought after leaders in Social Media and Digital Marketing, Michelle Price. Michelle easily discusses and guides you in today’s sometimes challenging Internet market and social networking arenas for maximizing your business growth. Michelle’s background includes, Digital Self-Publishing Profit Strategy for Amazon Kindle, iPad., Online Lead Generation & Sales […]

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American Dreamers with Berny Dohrmann

Bernhard Dohrmann is one of the “Stars” of the book, “Tapping the Source”, long time show host of “American Dreamers Radio”, bestselling author, movie producer and Chairman of the largest entrepreneur organization in the world, CEO SPACE, serving small business in over 140 countries. He is also the inventor of “Super Teaching” for public schools, recently included by the United States Congress in Title I Funding. Mr. Dohrmann continues to works with world leaders and the United Nations Ambassadors on the change from competitive capitalism to cooperative capitalism.


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